Gulzar songs

Gulzar Poetry

India literature was blessed with the gem, Sampooran Singh Kalra, on 18th of August 1934.He writes with the pen name “Gulzar”.The name itself brings the feelings of simplicity and deepness together in our minds.Such is the style of Gulzar, simple ...

Agar Aisa Bhi Ho Sakta

We many times wonder what great people dreams would be like ? They already have what they want, they are living the life of their dreams.They must be getting a sound sleep at night! Well, it seems that’s not the ...
ऐ दिल थम जा तू जरा।

ऐ दिल थम जा तू जरा।

कुछ आहटें थी अनसुनी , कुछ सपने थे अन देखे। न जाने वो क्या पल था जिस वक़्त नसीब था मेरा बदला। जब दिल मेरा कहने लगा थम जा अब तू जरा। बरसात होने लगी जब खुशियों की में मचल ...