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First Crush : Part X Crazy – Roommates

“F.E results were out,” Mrunal replied smiling at me.
“Sattyanash, ye bhi abhi hona tha?” I said.
“Kabhi na Kabhi to ye hona hi tha,” he said.
“You should have gone for revaluation or rechecking at least when you knew now Sayali was in your college,” I suggested.
“See there are very few people I respect and that too for their smartness. One of them is Mr Ukidve, who taught me at Suyash classes. I still remember one thing told by him,” If you attempt 50 % paper then make sure no one can give you less than 45% “. I still follow the same. By now results became just a formality for me. I use to know my probable score after getting out of exam hall itself. So this result was no different or shocking for me. I knew that I was going to fail,” he answered.
“So what came next?” I asked.
“Now the first thing that came to my mind was, what was I going to tell Dad? Because it was my own decision that if I fail I will leave engineering and will go for Hotel Management and now I was in no mood of leaving the college. I was searching for some reason to stay and in such confused state, I got a call from Dad.
“Hello,” I answered the call in a fresh tone so that he should not question me about results.
“Heyy, where are you? Why didn’t you called today?” he asked.
“Oh, Sorry. I was busy with some college stuff,” I replied.
“ I thought results were out and you cleared it, so you must be busy with the celebration,” he said as I gave him the idea prior to the result that results will be out in few days.
And this clicked my mind there itself. I asked,” What if I tell you the same?”
“Well then I owe you a lavish dinner at your favourite hotel,” he replied.
“Well then book the table for this Sunday. I am coming home,” I made my decision in those few seconds itself. I was not leaving Engineering.
“What? Why didn’t you tell me this before?” he questioned.
“Actually, I wanted to give the surprise after returning home but I couldn’t keep it till then,” I answered.
“Are you serious?” he asked.
“Yes, I am,” I replied.
“Ohh! great my Son. Let me tell it to your Mom,” he went to the kitchen. He was so happy that he may have forgotten that there was no network in the kitchen and the call got disconnected.
After that even I kept my phone in Flight mode for a while in order to avoid more of his questions. I knew I need to think more about this decision of mine,” Mrunal went on.
By this time train reached Panvel and people got down from the train. Now the train was almost empty so even we went to occupy seats. We got two completely empty seats.
“Don’t you think it was a completely shitty plan?” I asked him.
“Why?” he questioned.
“What were you going to tell Dad after 4 yrs when he could have asked you about your graduation?” I replied.
“See, it was never a plan to lie to him something but it was the worst possible outcome of my confusion. So I had nothing specific in my mind what I was going to tell him after completion of B.E but later on got an idea about an internship. So I decided that I will tell him that I was doing an internship in college itself,” he said.
“Wahhhh,” I started clapping,”You know na, you are a certified asshole?”
“Yeah, I know it very well,” he replied smiling.
“So what you did during that whole year?” I was getting curious.
“Nothing, I came to Thane,” he said.
“Why? You could have stayed in Ratnagiri itself and spent time with Sayali. Isn’t it something you always wanted and decided to continue Engineering?” I asked.
“Bhenchod, idhar wo meri taraf dekh bhi nahi rahi thi aur tu uske saath time spend karne ki baat kar raha hai,” he said.
“Haan ye bhi sahi hai, teri harkatein hi aisi thi,” I replied.
“Kya pata wo sochti hogi, wo baat nahi karta to main kyu karu? Aur main sochta raha wo dekhti bhi nahi to baat kaise karu?” he said.
“So what next?” I asked.
“Next is one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made in my life,” he replied.
“So still there are biggest mistakes of your life left?” I questioned him.
“Bitch, I can smell your sarcasm,” he gave me an angry look.
“Lolzz, fuck you. Don’t waste time in those shitty looks. Carry on,” I said.
“Alright, alright,” he continued. “I packed my bag and was leaving for Thane when I told my roomies to look after her, in case if she needs any kind of help. This boomerang on me.”
“Why?” I questioned.
“ Maine unko kaha tha, apni Bhabhi ka khayaal rakhna, lekin me bhool gaya tha unko Khayal rakhna aur Nazar rakhna inme farak nahi pata hai,” I answered.
“ohh teri… Kya kiya unhone?” I started laughing at him.
“Arey BC, wo jidhar bhi dikh jaati thi pehle mujhe call aata tha, “Bhai, Bhabhi saamne hai. Library ke andar gayi hai. Applied Physics ki book dhund rahi hai shayad. Main dhund ke doon kya?””Bhai, Bhabhi bus stop pe khadi hai, bohot time se khadi haiauto karake doon kya?”” he said this in such a way that I couldn’t stop laughing.
“Hold on, hold on. Worst is yet to come,” he said.
“What? Worst is still coming?” I was surprised.
“Of course. Once she came to our hostel building to have some Xerox maybe as our owner had Xerox shop just behind my room. And Pravin saw her. That guy called me so many times but as I was busy with something so I couldn’t receive the call, by the time I called him back she already left the shop. As soon as he received the call the first thing he said was,
“Arey Bhai, pata hai kya Bhabhi tujhe milne room pe aayi thi? Kya yaar tune call nahi uthhaya?”
“Kyaaaa?” I so much surprised that maybe I was blushing that time. But somewhere I knew this was not possible, so I said,” Kuch bhi, BC?”
“Arey sach main, Ganya se puchh. Sab ne dekha. Hum log Bhabhi Bhabhi.. Mrunal Mrunal… chilla bhi rahe the… Wo Sharma ke chali gayi…Arey wo jaa rahi, abhi nikli yaha se, ruk teri baat karaata hu. Miss kar rahi hogi tuze, bohot din se dikha nahi na tu…Apne owner ke shop me gayi, shayad tere bare main pucchha aur chali gayi… apni dost ke saath aayi thi…ruk main usko call deta hoon, baat karle…”
The moment when Pravin said,”apne owner se baat ki…” I came to know the entire scenario. So I asked him,“ Pravin, kya uske haath mein paper tha?”
“Haan, Haan. Paper leke aayi thi. Shayad tera number leke gayi hogi,” he replied.
I had no patience left to clear him entire scenario. So I kept it to myself. Maybe Pravin was already following her while talking to me, he even may have handed over the call her if I haven’t stopped him that she is calling me directly, so now he can go home,” I could see the embarrassment on his face clearly.
“Yaar, this guy Pravin is so embarrassing,” I said.
“No Yaar, he is the most simple, loyal, emotional person I have ever met. Maybe until last year,, I was in contact with him until I lost my mobile. I was the only friend of him. No one else had his number. Even he used to contact only me rather than contacting any of our other roommates. He was far, far, far away from all this Duniyadaari and Bakchodi. Whenever I feel down I use to talk to him, not because he gave me a solution, but just because his life was lot more messed up than me,” Mrunal said.
“Chal ab uski matt shuru kar. Pehle teri khatam kar… What happened next?” I cut him before he could start with Pravin’s story.
“I came to Thane. I told my parents that, as now I’m in S.E attendance is no more compulsory in academic and I do not understand what they teach in college so I will be joining Vidyalankar and will be staying here in Thane. I actually joined Vidyalankar so that I could justify my reasons for coming. Dad was a bit doubtful at first, he questioned me a lot about it. But somehow I managed to escape from him RADAR.”
“At Vidyalankar I met another mistake of my life…!”


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    Fiction Short stories

    First Crush : Part X Crazy – Roommates

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