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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Wearing Contact Lenses



contact lenses

Contact lenses and eyeglasses, both have their unique advantages, but contact lenses sometimes do win the match and that too with quite a few points. If you are still struggling between whether to go for glasses or contact lenses, then read along with us. We are going to tell you the top 5 reasons why you should definitely choose a contact lens over an eyeglass.

The debate between contacts and glasses will always be there, but to understand the benefits of contact lenses is important. There are unfortunately so many misconceptions about them and here we hope to clear some of these prevailing misconceptions for good. If you have ever heard that contact lenses are not safe to wear, then that’s a big myth. They are absolutely safe and solves a lot of problems. Let’s get going.

Active People Choose Contact Lenses Over Glasses

contact lenses

If you were thinking that athletes and active people never have eye power issue, then that’s not true at all. The thing is we don’t realize it, but active people and even sportsmen choose to wear contact lenses. Wearing lenses keep them free from the stress of breaking their glasses. All you need to do is wear your contact lenses, see everything clearly and start practicing. Whether you need to wear a helmet, goggles, or caps, lenses will never interfere.

See Everything Clearly

Another good reason why you should wear them is to see everything clearly. Glasses sit right on your nose, whereas contacts sit on the curvature of your eye. They won’t cause any problem under any weather conditions. It doesn’t matter if it’s foggy or raining. Buy contact lenses from Lens2home today and feel the difference. Unlike the glasses, your contacts won’t catch any scratches too.

Change Your Eye Colour

contact lenses

People with a fashion sense know it very well that they can go wild and creative with their lenses. There are so many different colours available. You can surprise people with your sea blue eye or those stunning hazel eyes.

Whatever colour you want, check out the contact lenses price online today and go crazy.

The Stylish You Won’t Have To Compromise

Glasses have their own benefits when it comes to style, but they can often destroy your all party look too. You know you need them to say hi to all the known faces, but then you don’t want your glasses to come in your way. That’s when you need contact lenses. Wear them and style yourself perfectly.

Contact Lenses Make Your Life Easier

contact lenses

Life becomes easier when you wear a pair of contact lens. Going out on a date and a party becomes a piece of cake when you wear contacts. It’s like a win-win situation for you. You can enjoy the party without compromising on your looks and also see everything crystal clear. Go out and play without the fear of breaking your glasses is such a relief.

We hope we have been able to give you some confidence to buy contact lenses. If you are wearing your glasses already, then don’t throw them away, keep them safe. Sometimes, you will need them too. But, wearing contact lenses is not a big deal at all. You can easily wear them. Contact Lens2home and get your eyes tested before you wear them though. Make your life easier, there are a lot of other things to worry about.

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Glam Onn 2019 Calendar launched among much fanfare…!!!



Parimal Modelling Academy  launched its Glam Onn 2019 Calendar on Wednesday night at Moonshine cafe & Bar, Andheri and all we can say is that we are impressed. The glamorous calendar, that was launched has photographs by ace photographer Amit Khanna who has clicked a total of 38 artists. Celebrities such as Shakti Arora, Neha Saxena, Chetna Pande, Mrunal Jain, Giaa Manek and Ankit Bhatia have been featured.

Talking about the concept of the celeb calendar, Amit says, “The calendar is called “Glam-Onn”. It depicts glamour in all walks of life. It’s all about being comfortable the way you are yet being glamorous. Each shot is different from the other as glamour does not bind itself to any one image. The umbrella is huge hence we have twelve totally different images.”

The launch was a classy one as well with celebs such as Smilie Suri, Amit Khanna , Shweta Rohira, Fizah Khan, Giaa Manek, Mrunal Jain, Gulshan Nain, Parimal Mehta, Simran Kaur Mundi, Khalid Siddiqui, Tarun Khurana, Parichay Sharma, Riya Subodh, Chetna Pande, Rohit K. Verma, Ankit Bathla and Nibedita Pal.

“It is a proud moment for me, to see my students and models being part of Glam Onn, alongside actors and supermodels. This collaboration with Amit, is only the start of something bigger and better for the Academy,” Parimal Mehhta says.

This is the 4th Year Amit has come up with his unique calendar.

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TV Actor Rohan Mehra hosts event at Kompanero flagship store




Kompanero, a leather accessory brand, recently collaborated with the ‘Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ fame TV Actor Rohan Mehra. The collaboration aimed at presenting the brand in front of a younger audience as the brand is focusing on tapping millennials by introducing products to cater to the younger customers who are  choosing natural sustainable brands.

Rohan curated a special collection of his top picks for easy travel! Many other celebrities, showed up to view the collection, like Kanchi Singh, Helly Shah, Tanya Sharma, Mouli Ganguly, Mazhar Sayyed, Sanchit Sharma, Pradeep (Celebrity Trainer), Rocky Jaiswal, Ramji Gulati. 

Indranath Sengupta, CEO-Kompanero, expressed, “Rohan was a great choice to host an event at our flagship store in Bandra. He has a huge millennial fan base, while not losing sight of the Kompanero’s regular target customer base. His presence brought a unique appeal to our vintage bags and young energy to the timeless designs. We were absolutely delighted to see people’s response to our collection, as it validated our plans to be a step in the right direction.”

All in all, Rohan hosted this super evening with fun drinks, food, and some amazing Kompanero designs! 


KOMPANERO’ is a premium leather accessories brand with a distinctive weathered look, vintage appeal, and contemporary designs inspired by the concept ‘Leather Being a Timeless Companion’.


The brand simultaneously launched in India, Australia, and UK markets in the year 2014. Since then Kompanero has grown rapidly with 27 stores across India and a very strong distribution network in Australia [250 stores] and the UK [100 stores].


The brand has a presence in Japan, Korea & Canada as well.


The unique vintage and distressed Kompanero look are available only with Kompanero and no other brand has been able to replicate it so far. Thus, it has been able to create a loyal community of users who swear by our brand and any customers who want this look, flock to our stores.


Kompanero is also available online on 

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Hemwant Tiwari has created history



When it comes to making films, it is all about passion and the art of storytelling. Hemwant Tiwari, a young actor/director from Gurgaon is making the folks in film industry sit up and notice his work. And here is why? Hemwant is the first person in the world to have acted, written and directed a black and white one-shot feature film titled as LOMAD which means fox. From the idea to final execution, it took him more than two years. He says, “with every breath he inhales hope.”
Rehearsals and reading with the whole team took him almost 6 months. It was an experience which is beyond words.
Ask him how he has managed to achieve this feat and he says, “when you have to do it, you have to do it. Period. Be fearless”
The film is in the final stages of post-production and soon he will be in talking terms with various production houses for the release of the film.

Further, the filmmaker has acted with Hollywood stars Eric Roberts and Natasha Henstridge in the international TV series Medinah. The actor says that, while working on this project, he was excited to see a heartwarming example of “diversity”. He is also one of the few actors to bag the role of a protagonist in an international TV show.

Hemwant, who is originally from Bihar acted in a short film – Zindagi Bahut Khoobsurat Hai, which was screened at the Court Metrage, the short film corner of the 66th edition of Cannes Film Festival, in 2013.
I feel my work was appreciated at Cannes because the film delved around realistic content. He said
Also, his short film as an actor “Panaah” was very well received by the critics and the audiences. He has also directed and acted in a short film called “Salaam”.

Future plans for Hemwant include finding his own path and creating his own space. He says, “I am here to be part of films that touch people’s sensibilities and connect with them. Hard work and perseverance is the key. I would love to play all the roles in Bollywood as an actor and I want to do everything from masala, dance, entertainment, thriller, romance and biopics as well,” he said. “Every role excites me as I really enjoy the process of working on my character.”

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