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For all those who are wondering How to start a blog ?

‘ How to start a blog?’, if this question is bothering you then you are at the right place.

SayMore how to start a blog

SayMore, Express Yourself, we help people to Say More and Talk Less…

As the name suggests, we are here to provide you with a platform to express yourselves through words!In today’s language we call it blog.But it can be anything you wish to share, be it short stories you have written, be it any opinion you need to raise, be it sharing your views, be it your travel experiences, be it anything that is bothering you, be it anything to feel like telling.

Use the power of words to write what you feel, what you think and what you imagine!

What we have done is :

We have simplified the question ‘how to start a blog?’, for you by creating a platform.

It’s open for all.

Just register with your email id and get a password to login on your registered email id. You can change your password while logging in.

That’s it! The platform is all yours.

And it’s totally FREE!!

Possible reasons could be :

Start Blogging because

  • you always wanted to
  • it makes you happy
  • You can finally tell something without anyone hindrance from anyone.
  • The whole world is interested to know your story.
  • You want the World to know your story.
  • It lightens your heart.
  • You enjoyed your trip so much and want everyone to know.
  • Your perspective matters.
  • The World wants to  know the writer in you.
  • Your heart wants to  pour-out inner feelings hidden deep down in it.

The list can be endless.

So don’t waste your time finding the reason, just go for it!

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