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Accidental Love: Damn, she is Hot..! (Part II)


The actual miracle happened on another side of the call. The lady on another side who was on the edge to burst upon me calmed down to such an extent that I could listen to shiver in her voice.

Trembling, she asked, “Hello? Who is this?”

In the same deep voice, I replied, “Good Evening Mam, this is Rahul from Jio.”

And what came next was the notification on my desktop, ’CALL ENDED’.

Yes, it was her. Absolutely, it was her!

Neither was it a dream or hallucination. It was an upfront escalation call by one of my advisors and there was no chance I could be mistaken by her voice. 11 Mahine din-raat bak bak suni hai uski…

It wasn’t for the first time that we met in such a strange manner. The way we were introduced to each other was even weirder…

A few years back, I used to be a highly active Facebook user, just like most of us. Along with it, I was also aware and concerned about the things going around in the society. I used to participate, comment or share various posts from different pages and friends on various issues. In the same year, a communal riot happened in Nashik, Maharashtra. As expected, people started posting their views on this riot. Among these people was one of my Facebook friends Sumit who posted his views about the entire incident. Unfortunately, his views were completely opposite to that of mine. So just like any other self-motivated asshole aware of this issue I commented on his status. He replied to my comment and again I mentioned my view on that. However, it started a Tug-of-war between us. Later he was joined by other people who had similar views as him on this issue. All I wanted to say was we should not destroy public and private property as everyone is going to need it tomorrow and all they were trying to prove was how they suffered for all these years. Both had a point and no one amongst us was ready to stop.

Hours later I received a notification, Gauri and 8 others commented on Sumit’s post. Seeing that notification I murmured to myself, “Ek aur emotional atyachar…”

As I clicked on the notification, I was redirected to the Sumit’s post. And all I saw was a long post in Marathi with few facts regarding the riot. Normally I ignore such long posts after reading the first two lines but when I went through that post I realized it was something based on facts and logic. So I decided to read it completely. That was the first logical post I saw that day. But as it was on my ego, I still got a few points against that post. Leaving everyone else besides a new debate started between me and Gauri.

Both of us were debating on the point which was not at all related to us and that too to prove ourselves right. The debate went on for two days continuously; more than 900 comments were posted out of which more than 500 were from us both. None of us was ready to step back. Maybe everyone else kept on getting continuous notifications and got irritated. At last Sumit deleted that post. But still, we were in no mood to stop. I texted her in the FB messenger and started the debate there. And it continued for a few more hours.

Our logics were based on exactly opposite ideologies, but as they say, opposite charges attract each other. What I liked about her was at no point she diverted her logic or got emotional. She was just having amazingly deep knowledge of all the social issues occurred in last few years. Along with it she also was crisp and clear about the words she was using during this entire debate. I had no interest in her at that moment of time. I was only interested in proving myself right.

At the end of the day, news came that riots were in control now. So now there was no point in debating on it but, a new debate started about the consequences of those riots. At first, we sent each other the pics and videos floating all over social media. But there were few pics we were unable to inbox. So with no other option left I sent her a friend request with clear motive to tag her. That’s it. I even told her the reason why I’m sending her this request. Even she agreed as she was facing the same issue. And at last, we became friends.

Now we were able to tag each other in every post we came across on social media.

Weeks later, even the images and post related to those riots stopped and so did our tagging. Although we didn’t confess it that time we understood each other’s point later while tagging.

A month passed and she updated her new profile pic. And trust me even after being friends with her for a month it was for the first time I was noticing her profile pic. A dusky girl around 5.5 ft. tall, wearing a camouflage t-shirt and jeans, with brown aviator goggles and nose ring standing at the back of the jeep taking a selfie with Tiger walking at some distance from the jeep. I went through few other pics she uploaded that day when I came to know she went to Kaziranga National Park with her friends. I specifically mentioned her appearance just because I have a huge craze about tall girls, girls wearing a nose ring and girls wearing aviators. And luckily she had all three qualities. I don’t know why but I find tall girls really very sexy. But to be frank I swear to God when I started debating with her I didn’t even thought of her name or to check profile pic. And even if Deepika Padukone debate’s with me on something then winning debate will be more important for me than Deepika herself!

I went through her complete profile, she was an active Facebook user too. A lot of things were shared on her wall. Only thing I didn’t like about her was that she was from Pune. I mean Pune….. Yukkk..! Now I realized where those arguing skills came from.

I just liked her profile pic and closed FB. A few days later I uploaded my profile pic which she liked. Maybe this was a new phase of our friendship. A kind of give and take relation.

Once  I was surfing on Instagram when I got to see Gauri’s name in ‘You may also follow’. On Instagram neither do I have many followers nor do I follow many people. Gauri’s profile was showed ‘This is private account’. There was no other way to check her profile until I follow her and she accepts my request. So I followed her. I don’t know why? A few hours later I got notifications on Instagram, Gauri accepted your request to follow and Gauri follows you back.

I just clicked on that notification which took me to her Instagram profile. First two pics were her recent pics from Kaziranga National Park which she uploaded on FB, rest others were of her outings with colleagues and friends. After scrolling down for a while I found her pic in saree which she wore in some wedding. My God, she was looking damn sexy in that saree. A tall girl typically sitting beside some rangoli looking into the camera while lighting a lamp. She was wearing a purple colour traditional saree with a traditional Kolhapuri nose ring. Damn, she is so hot..!

I wanted to initiate the further conversation but how? BC, bohot debate jitney ka kida tha na? Kya mila debate karke? Bohot bhaav kha raha tha na, ab gu kha gu, I said to myself. I decided in my mind, next time onwards I won’t be debating with any hot girl even if she starts.

I may sound desperate but I’m not. I’m among those few super egoistic boys who find approaching girls upfront really insulting. Yes, I flirt with girls sometimes but only when they are my good friends or if I’m in a jolly mood. Flirting with someone just to impress them is not what I will do in any condition. I just liked that pic and closed my Instagram.

The thing which was bothering me was not her looks but her smartness. Being hot was just another feature of her. But the way we met didn’t allow me to initiate conversation with her. Meanwhile, we kept on liking and commenting on posts shared by each other on our FB wall. Months’ later things came to an ease and we started tagging each other in random memes.

It was Holi that day. I don’t play Holi because of skin issues I have. Three years back when I played with colours, my skin had started itching to such an extent that I had to be hospitalized. Doctor told that I have an allergy to artificial colours. That day onwards I miss celebrating Holi.

It was 11 am, I was sitting on our balcony watching others playing with colours, also going through the news feed on my phone. Going through my Instagram feed I saw Gauri’s pic; completely covered in colours. She must have been wearing some other colour Kurti which was now turned into yellow, green and navy blue. Same colours were on her face and goggles. Damn those aviators never failed to drive me crazy!

I liked that pic on Instagram and moments later a message popped up in my Insta inbox.

“Heyyy, Happy Holi,” it said.


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