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Accidental Love: First Date (Part IV)



date saymore

“Ohh and what did you say?” I asked.

“Thank God, my train came on time and I ran into the train,” she said.

“Oh, then why are you crying?” I asked.

“Nothing, it just made me remind of those old days when I was trying to get over him. It was really difficult for me, I was totally involved in him and didn’t even bother to think how we’re gonna be together. He was never ready to take any kind of responsibility of relationship and I was so irresponsible to even bother about it. He was a B.Com student and I was pursuing my B.A. He proposed to me at the college farewell party. I knew he was seeing me for the last couple of months and even I had feelings for him. So I said ‘Yes’. After B.A, I moved here to Pune for studies. I lived in a college hostel at that time so he used to come to meet me on almost every weekend. Overnight outings to Matheran, Lonavala, Khandala were common for our new relationship but months later he was done with me. He just ignored me and also without a reasonable explanation for it. His phone rang busy at late hours in the night and he even lied about it saying it was just “a friend”. I still kept ignoring.”

“It was his birthday, so I came to Dombivali to give him a surprise. When I asked about his plans while chatting a night before, he told me that he can’t take off from his work as it was March ending. When I reached the place where he and his friends use to meet, his friends were more shocked than surprised to see me there. I realized something fishy was going on over there. As I know his friends, it can never be happening that they won’t be celebrating his birthday. So when asked no one had a proper explanation. I tried calling him but he didn’t receive my call. But as they say Karma is Bitch when I was on the way back home, luckily I met one of our common friends who was not much in contact with us after college, also he didn’t know about me and Abhi. When I told him about Abhi’s birthday, instantly he took his mobile number from me to wish him. Unfortunately, Abhi received his call. I already told him not to tell Abhi that he met me as I was there to give him a surprise. When he asked Abhi, where is he? Abhi replied “Lonavala”. If all his friends are here in Dombivali then obviously he must be there with some girl. Listening to this I actually lost my consciousness for a while. I realized I was being cheated. All hell broke loose. I literally ran towards the station to board the next train headed to Pune. I didn’t even go home that day. I returned to my hostel and kept on crying straight for 3 days. Abhi called me twice in these 3 days, but it was just a formality. His friends must have told him about me. Later on his new girlfriend Suchita, uhhh that bitch, uploaded and tagged him in a pic on FB. I blocked him from FB, Instagram and every social media platform.”

“Are you asleep?” she asked as I was not saying anything.

“No, No. I’m listening,” I replied.

“Sorry for disturbing, yaar. I’m so much irritating na?” she said.

Dekh bhai ladkiyon ki jyada jaankari to nahi hai mujhe, lekin itna pata hai jab ladki tumhare saamne khud ko koss rahi ho, samajh jaana usko tumhare muhh se apni taarif sunani hai. Aur main kaunsa Raja Harishchandra tha?

“No dear, what you did was correct. If I was in your place I could have done the same,” I replied with that Harami smile on my face.


We didn’t realize when both of us came so close. We started sharing each and everything with each other. From which is her favourite restaurant in Pune to what are her sexual fantasies, I was aware of everything and so was she about me. The day when we didn’t talk to each other was the day we felt something was missing in our life. Every evening we called each other and talk for hours. None of us realized when the debate turned into chats, chats turned into talks and now it was time for talks to turn into a meet.

Once I asked her, “Would you mind to have a dinner with me?”

“Where? In Mumbai or Pune?” she questioned.

“I’m not aware of anything in Pune, so let’s meet in Mumbai,” I answered.

“Actually if I come to Mumbai, I will have to go home and mom won’t let me out for late hours. How about lunch?” she asked.

“I don’t mind. Let’s go to China Town, Bandra and then a walk at Bandstand,” I replied.

“When?” she asked.

“How about this weekend?” I said.

“Sounds good,” she replied.

“So should I come to Dombivali to pick-up you?” I asked,

“On the bike?” she asked.

“Yup,” I replied.

“Does your father own a petrol pump?” she asked sarcastically.

“No. Why?” I asked.

“Then why are you wasting so much money? I will come to Thane station by train at 11.30am. Pick-up me from there,” she replied.

“Ummm, alright,” I said.

“By the way, is it a date?” she asked with a curious tone in her voice.

“If everything goes well we will consider it as Date, if not we consider it as a lunch. Anyways, why did you ask?” I said cunningly and both of us burst into laughter.

“Because do not expect anything else except lunch. Hahaha,” she said with a naughty laughter.

“Nothing or absolutely nothing?” I asked with same naughtiness in my voice.

“Hahahaha. Ummm, I don’t know,” she replied with an awkward blush.

“Decide it before coming, else you are not going get enough time,” I said.

“I believe in spontaneity, Mister,” she replied.

“Well Okay then,” I said.

“Anyways, what are you expecting?” she asked.

“Lolz, agar bata diya to Saturday ki jagah kal hi aa jaaogi..” I answered.

“Hahaha. Kameena,” she said.

Woh to main hoon,” I replied and we burst up again.

Although we did chat with each other for a long time now but meeting someone in person for the first time can make anyone nervous. So were we. But today when I think about that day, I realize that our meeting was inevitable. She was so magnetic and spontaneous that I couldn’t think anyone else better than her. There was no such point when our convos, our chats or our talks went dull. And how could anyone stay away from the girl who is funny, smart and spontaneous moreover hot especially? But now it was too late to think, as by this time I was already attracted towards her.

I purchased a new sky blue shirt (Yes, her favourite colour) and brand new Levis jeans for date. I even bought new chronographic watch and leather shoes. Overall I actually spent 7000 bucks before our date even started. Wo kehte hai na pyaar mein aadmi apni limits extend kar hi leta hai.

At last, the day of our meet was arriving tomorrow. I called her to confirm about our date.

“Heyyaa,” I greeted.

“Heyy, I was just thinking about you,” she said.

“Liar,” I replied.

Sacchi,” she said.

Itna kya soch rahi thi?” I asked.

“Have you ever thought maybe tomorrow onwards things won’t be the same?” she said.

“Yeah, I know. Cancel karde kya?” I asked.

“Nooooo,” she almost yelled at me.

“Hahaha, Pakka?” I asked.

“Hmmm,” she mumbled.

“Alright call me once you board the train,” I said.

“Yup,” she replied.

At last, it was going to happen. Something special, something much awaited. I was waiting for this to happen since the day I saw her profile pic on Facebook.

It was 2.45 am, I woke up to go to the washroom when I checked my Whatsapp saying, 1 new message.

Promise me, tomorrow if we couldn’t get along, still we will remain friends, it said. No doubt it was her.

I just replied, “indeed”.

She left early morning at 5 am from Pune and reached Kalyan around 8.30am after which she took a local train from Kalyan to Dombivali. She pinged me after reaching Dombivali at 9.18am. At that time I was sitting in a salon getting my beard trimmed. I just looked at her message and smiled, at last, we were actually meeting.

I returned home and took shower longer than usual that day. From the previous day itself, I was thinking about her. How is it going to be? Will she like me? Was it just a curiosity about each other or we were actually attracted towards each other? Will we be feeling the same attraction even after meeting? Although we decided to remain friends but still that feel we had while talking to each other could have been missing.

It was 10.50am when she pinged me again, ”Train is late by 15mins. I will be reaching around 11.35am”. I still had enough time.

I decided to get dressed up properly. I applied my favourite Old Spice Deo, combed my hair to perfection (which I do rarely!) and applied gel to it. Wore my new shirt and jeans. For boys, life is easier. This was maximum what any boy could do before going for a date. At last, I was ready to leave.

I had cleaned my Avenger earlier that day, so I just started it and left for the station. 90% of the time when I am about to meet someone I am late because of some idiotic reason but that day I came early. I was standing just outside the main gate of Thane West Railway Station when I received her call,

“Heyy, where are you?” she asked.

“Umm, I’m standing just outside the main gate on west side below that skywalk,” I replied.

“Alright. Just wait, I will be there in 2 mins,” she said and disconnected the call.

She had not even arrived yet but still, my heart started beating faster just after her call. I know life is unpredictable but there are few moments about which you are absolutely unsure. And sometimes these moments may change the course of your life. For me, this could have been one of them. Yes, I have met many people online whom I didn’t know before. But none of us bothered to meet each other in person. But about Gauri, it was different. She was different. I know, Har Chutiye ko apni wali alag hi lagti hai. But she was smart and hot both. What else could anyone of my age at that time ask for?

Sitting on my bike wearing helmet I was still lost in my thoughts when someone tapped me on my shoulder.

“Oye,” she said.


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First love – Last Part



After a few days I got my slambook back, Unnati handed it back to me. I was pleasantly surprised by what was written within. A friendly tone on that page meant that she had accepted my friendship, but ****** (7 stars) in the ‘Person I love’ field, left me bamboozled. Happy and confused at the same time, I decided to leave the fate of our relationship to time.

College Time
Most of us decided to join the science stream after 10th. I had no idea where Sayli would take admission for 11th. “Sarang aale hote aaj college la.” (Sayli’s Dad visited today at Kankavli college is what my dad conveyed me). I thought she would join Kankavli College, but destiny had something else in store for us. As it turned out, she joined S.M. College, and I joined Kankavli college.

As our colleges were different, we were out of touch. One day Ali – our mutual friend, came up to me and said,” mere pass Sayli ka number h, chahiye kya?”. I didn’t know what to say, as it turned out I said no. Why? I don’t have an answer for that even now.

I used to talk with Sayli over Orkut. One day I gathered some courage and asked her number. She gave the number, and our conversations started. We talked a lot, and I guess that’s when we connected and got along well.

Like most people, I joined engineering (looking back it was not meant for me), and she went for MBBS. Finally one day, I clearly expressed my feelings to her; awkward silence. We talked after that but she always avoided the answer, so I never forced the issue again.

One fine day I don’t know what happened, maybe love gods were by my side – she said ‘yes.’ I was on cloud nine.

Best Phase
Yes, this was the best phase of my life. We started hanging out (although ensuring that no one we knew saw us) but didn’t find enough time for each other as days went by. I was being loved by the person who understood and cared for me like no one else – what more could I have asked for.

When it all went Wrong
It had to go wrong somewhere because nothing is perfect. We were teenagers when we fell in love. The possessive nature of both led to uncalled for arguments. What followed was more dreadful – silences. Our relationship started going downhill, and we called it quits, as we knew it wasn’t working.

She remains Special
Although all things are not meant to be, you wish they were. Our relationship was one such thing I wish would have lasted for long. Today we are on good terms and wish nothing but best for one another. Last but not least – she will always remain special.

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Accidental Love: Bike Ride (Part V)



bike ride saymore

“Oye,” she said.

I was absolutely stunned seeing her so close in person. Open hair turned on one side around her neck, pretty smiling eyes with perfectly lined eyebrows, natural carved lips with lip gloss on it, navy blue top and sky blue jeans. I have seen her before on Facebook but trust me she was more stunning in person.

I got down from bike, looking at her and smiling I said, ”Heyy”.

We hugged each other. Even though we were close online but still it was just an awkward friendly hug as we were meeting for the first time.

“So how did you recognize me in helmet and goggles?” I asked with curiosity.

Helmet and goggles mein the isiliye to pehchaan gayi, khud se jyada to bike ke pics uploaded hai Instagram pe,” she replied with a smile. I don’t know why but she had an awkward blush on her face that day.

“Yeah,” I replied scratching my head with a stupid smile on face.

“So shall we move?” I asked while sitting on the bike.

“Yeah, sure, but I will ride,” she replied.

“What?” I was surprised rather shocked listening to this.

“Yeah, give me the helmet,” she said.

“Are you sure?” I asked in confusion.

“Of course I’m. I love riding bikes,” she replied.

Tumne kabhi bataya nahi,” I said passing my helmet to her.

Kuch chize batayi nahi, dikhayi jaati hai,” she replied with a smile while wearing the helmet.

I got off my seat and said clearing my throat, “First gear in front rest other in back.”

She just looked at me and replied while sitting on the bike, ”Mileage 40kmpl, 150CC, single cylinder, twin spark, DTS-I Engine, maximum speed 110kmph, tubeless tyres. Umm, is there anything I missed?”

I almost fainted with surprise and some shock.

“Do I even know her?” I asked myself.

I just kept on looking at her with surprise. She just turned the key under the fuel tank with the right hand, pulled the clutch and gave the self-start,”Uhh. Smooth firing. Did servicing this week itself.”

“Now you are freaking me out,” I replied looking away from her. She was right by the way. I gave my bike for servicing last week itself.

“Hahaha. Alright.  Come on. Let’s go,” she said.

I sat on the back seat holding the backrest. It is not that I have never sat on a back seat with a girl taking the reigns, but going on a date with a girl who is riding your bike and you are taking a back seat was something totally unexpected. I was shocked to the core.

It would have been just 2 mins, we were riding and I started feeling really uncomfortable. I never knew that the back seat of my bike was so uncomfortable. I was sitting in such an awkward position that vehicles passing by were looking at us. Maybe I was getting too conscious that day being shocked.

“Am I riding well?” she asked looking into side mirror.

“Hmmmm,” I replied nodding.

“Then why are you so uncomfortable?” she asked.

“Because your hair are going into my nose,” I lied purposefully as I  didn’t want to sound like a bitch.

“Oops, sorry,” she said and turned her hair around her left shoulder.

Damn, that ‘Infinity’ tattoo on her neck.

Ok, let me tell you, I’m very choosy and picky about my choice. May it be things or may it be people. Few things in a girl that actually make me take interest in her are beautiful eyes, dimpled cheeks, neck tattoo, aviator goggles, etc.

Completely forgetting about the discomfort I was facing while sitting on back seat I kept on looking at her tattoo.

“Sexy tattoo by the way,” I said.

“Haha, thanks,” she replied.

“Are you going to propose me today?” she asked. Yeah, it was normal for us, we did flirt a lot.

“I was thinking to. why?” I asked.

“I will say ‘Yes’ only if you allow me to ride this bike every time we meet,” she replied.

“Never, this is first and the last time I’m sitting on the back seat,” I said.

“Please na, I’m in love with this bike. You have really maintained it well,” she said.

“Thanks but No,” I replied.

Halkat,” she said.

On our way to Bandra we decided instead of China Town we will go to Rude Lounge on Hill Road as the parking was not available in China Town.  I should say she was riding really well. At last, we reached Rude Lounge. I have been there before. It was not at all a romantic place but anyhow neither was I. It was just 1.30pm by now so the place was almost empty with the loud music playing around. We got the table just at a corner where we could sit and talk. After spending such a long time talking with each other there was nothing really left to talk. I didn’t even remember how many times we proposed to each other while flirting.

A waiter brought the glass of water with menu cards.

“I will have Whisky and you?” I asked her.

“Vodka,” she replied.

“Bro, one large whisky and one vodka,” I told to the waiter.

“Anything in snacks?” he asked.

“Yup, one prawns chilly and one shashlik chicken,” I said.

“Uhhh, impressed,” she said looking at me and started laughing.

I just smiled at her, leaning towards her on the table I asked,” Do I still need to impress you?”

“Ummm, not really,” flying her shoulders she replied with an exotic smile.

I don’t know why but I actually started feeling that I was falling for her. To be frank, I was not at all here to propose her, I just wanted to meet her in person. I just wanted to see how anyone can be so awesome. Anyways I think the proposal was just a formality for us by now.

What I find genuine about us was at no point we purposefully tried to impress each other. It was just time that brought us close.

Even she was leaning on the table toward me. We were continuously looking at each other for last few seconds in those dim lights of that lounge.

“Isn’t it getting awkward?” I asked still staring at her.

“I’m actually afraid, why isn’t it getting so?” she replied with a continuous stare.

“Maybe we have lost all our senses even before getting drunk,” I said smiling but still looking into her eyes.

“Yeah, I have never been insensible in my life,” she replied.

“Well now I feel more sensible then,” I blinked at her with a broad grin.

And the waiter brought our order.

Shashlik chicken, prawns chilly and our drinks.

He kept that Shashlik plate near her and Prawns plate near me. We told him that we will prefer self-service.

I put 4 cubes of ice in my whisky and asked if needs any, which she denied and poured some 7UP in Vodka herself.

We were about to have our drinks when the waiter came again with the same drinks in his hand.

“We didn’t order this,” I said to the waiter.

“Actually sir, you placed your order at 1.55pm and by the time I entered it in our system it was 2.03pm. Happy Hours start at 2 pm. So now you have 1 plus 1,” he replied.

“Wow, lucky us. No problem place it here,” I said.

We picked up our glasses smiling at one another and clinking the glasses together, “Cheers! For us…”

Both of us had a sip and kept the glasses beside.

I took the fork in my hand, got one Prawn stuck in it and holding it in front of her said, “Ok, Gauri…”

“Huhh… Ek peg mein chadh gayi?” she asked smiling.

Tujhe dekh kar hi chadh gayi thi…” I replied.

Haay, mein marr java Vodka maar ke,” she flirted back.

Kameeni,” I said smiling.

“Accha haan bolo, kuch kehne wale the tum?” she asked.

I just looked into her eyes holding the fork with the prawn clinging on it in front of her, “Haan… So I was saying, Gauri, I don’t really believe in destiny. Yes but I do believe in coincidence. Some are good, some are bad. But let me tell you, ‘You are the best Coincidence I ever had’. I’m not asking you for a lifetime commitment. Not even for you to be with me forever. I’m just asking you to be with me now and then never. I just want to live ‘This Moment’ with you…”

I could see the euphoria of joy in her eyes. I knew she is going to say ‘Yes’, but how?

“Ohh come on, be creative, Honey. Say something I will always remember,” I said to her in mind even though I was still looking into her eyes.

What she did next actually stunned me.

She might have thought a little and then just stood up from her chair, held the fork in my right hand with her left hand, leaned forward completely towards me, pulled me towards her with my shirt collar and planted a KISS on my lips.

I was so stunned that I couldn’t do anything. That kiss might have lasted for a second or two but it was like an era for me. Even after the kiss, I was still looking at her with my eyes wide open holding the fork in one hand and the side of the table with another. She just got back into her place, had a look at my hand holding the fork with a piece of entire Prawn on it, pulling it towards her she said, ”Anything for the Prawn”, and grabbed a bite.

I was still unable to get out of it. I just kept the fork back into the plate and started looking at her with a mild blush on my cheeks.

Seeing me, even she held the hand on her face started laughing, ”Oh my god, I can’t believe what I did just now.”

“You are responsible for whatever happened just now. The last thing I heard was, ‘this moment’ and all I knew was I wanted to kiss you,” she continued.

I tried getting back to normal. Taking a sip of my whisky again, I said, ”Nice Lipstick by the way. Strawberry flavour?”

“Yuhhhhhh. I am gonna kill you,” she stood at her place again and started slapping me on my shoulder.

While she was beating me I just held her arm and pulled her closer and asked,”So if I want to taste it again, will I have to propose to you again?”

Pulling herself away from me and getting back in her seat she said,”Nope, you can taste it anytime you want.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah, I always keep this lipstick in my bag. You can borrow the entire lipstick if you like it so much,” she said.

“Uhh, this sarcasm…” I said.


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moments saymore

It was a usual evening. I was returning from the office.The best part about the rainy season is the weather. The dark clouds and the pleasant breeze is something the rainy season will always be cherished for.
Have you ever noticed the weather when it is just about to rain heavily? The sky is filled with dark clouds, and it becomes slightly more windy than usual.The trees around you will be swinging as though expressing their happiness about the rain arrival.The weather around me was exactly the same that day. ‘It’s about to rain heavily’, I thought and it began raining heavily the second after that.
I opened my umbrella, but the rain was too heavy for my umbrella to survive, so I rushed to the nearest bus stop.While I was a relief for me to be under the shed, I saw an unusual quarrel going on, in between this heavy rain.A car was standing near the bus stop and a man, may be was in his forties was pleading an old man to come with him.The old man must be in his seventies, was very weak and fragile and could barely manage to walk properly even after holding stick.
The young man said, “ come on Dad, let’s go it is raining too heavily.It might not stop as well.How will you come home ?” and the old man said very harshly, “ I will come on my own.”
“But I am here to take you along.What will you do sitting here?”, the young man said trying his best to make his dad understand.
“What do you mean what will I do? I have many things to do.”
“Then please do them at home.Why here , at the bus stop?”
“You people don’t give me my privacy at home.”
“Dad first of all, you have your own room.And second are you seeking privacy at a public bus stop?”
“At least people here don’t keep on nagging me.Look at that girl..”, he said pointing towards me, “Is she bothering me?” I immediately started looking at the road as if I found something more interesting in the heavy droplets of rains that were pouring.”See people at public places respect your privacy unlike you people.”, he was quite determined to prove his point.
“Okay okay! We will give you all the privacy that you need.Now please will you come?”, the son was still pleading.
“NO!”, said the adamant father.
“Dad, please look how heavily it has started raining.The water might get clogged.You won’t find any autos, buses to come back.”
“You don’t teach your dad what to do and what not to do! I am capable of coming home”, he said rebelliously holding his stick.
“There is no sign that the rains will stop anytime soon.It has started getting dark outside. Please try to understand.”
“No.I will come after sometime, why don’t YOU understand! Am I kid to get lost somewhere?”
“No you aren’t a kid.But it’s not safe for adults even.And Mom won’t take me in the house if I go without you.And maybe she won’t take you as well if you come afterwards.”
“You told her that I was out!!Such a chamcha.”, the old man said.
“Dad won’t she understand it , as you were not at home.Now please can we go?”
“What else can I do now.Let’s go!”
‘Oh! The Lady rules the house!’, I thought.

I found the whole incident very strange and funny.The son seemed very responsible and it shouldn’t be the case where parents aren’t treated well.It was just the old age.Old age indeed is second childhood. This incident was justifying it perfectly.
The rain was showing no signs of stopping.So I just took the auto and went home.
Those were the days when it had started raining heavily after every 1 or 2 days.
The next day again it had started raining heavily from the afternoon itself.I took the auto from office directly.On my way towards home I saw the same old man walking towards the same bus-stop.It was not only raining immensely but it was windy as well.He could barely manage holding his umbrella in the wind with one hand as he had stick in the other hand.
I thought I must drop him home and asked the auto-driver to stop the auto, but I thought, will he listen to me ?That day he was fighting with his son, why will he listen to stranger like me? While my thoughts were trying to draw a conclusion, I saw a car stop nearby him.I recognized immediately that it was his son.I was relieved and headed home.
Few days passed.Rains were on and off during all these days.I had completely forgotten about the old man as I did not see him again.
One Sunday evening around 5-5 30, I happened to walk-by the same road.Need not mention that it was raining heavily.But I had no intention of waiting for the rains to stop because it was raining like crazy.I was desperately looking for the auto, but all in vain.So I thought let me keep walking eventually I’ll definitely find the auto.While I was passing by the bus stop, I heard a Marathi song playing, “Phulale re kshan maze phulale re…”It is one of my favorite song.My curiosity didn’t let me go by my way and I had to stop and see who was listening to this song in the age of EDM.As I went closer I realized that it was not the original song, but it was the recorded in someone’s voice and I must admit it took me a while to understand that.It was that close to the original.
As I reached closer I saw an old man listening to song on his mobile and I immediately recognised him.He was the same old grandpa fighting with his son that day.But today, he seemed a totally different person to me.He was listening to that song with all his heart.He did not seem a childish old man fighting illogically with his son, but a person enriched with experiences, listening keenly to the song, trying find something in it.
He played it thrice in a row.When he was about to play it for the fourth time, I interrupted. “Namaste grandpa! Are you waiting for someone?”
“No.”, he answered.
“It is raining heavily and it will soon start getting dark too.It would be difficult for you to go home afterwards.Do you want me to drop you home?”, I asked again.
He said, “No child, I’ll manage.Don’t worry.”
I was wondering about what would be the reason this old man is sitting here in this heavy rain and listening to songs if he is not waiting for someone!I think he is successful in his attempt of getting privacy.But why does he need it? To listen songs on speaker? Everything seemed bizarre.And I couldn’t just let go of that curiosity.I asked him, “Grandpa, few days back I saw you at this same bus stop quarrelling with your son.He was taking you home, but you didn’t want to go.And….”
“So has he sent you to take me back?”, he interrupted and instantly the mature look was replaced with that of an innocent kid who won’t listen.
“Arey, no grandpa.I was wondering why do you want to sit here? Why do you come and sit here in this heavy rain? And why are you listening to this song on loop?”, I finally poured out my mind.
There was a slight smile on this face then.
He said, “Years back, me and my wife were waiting for a bus at a bus stop.And it was raining too heavily. My wife is an excellent singer. She started singing this song, “Phulale re kshan maze phulale re….”She has sung many songs before that and even after that. But that day, those words and her voice felt magical. It was an experience which I didn’t have before. I didn’t understand what was so different or special about that day. We both were actually irritated because of the continuous rains.Another pain was waiting for the bus to come.She has the habit of singing anytime,while doing something or while doing nothing at all.And just like that she started singing and everything felt perfect at that moment.”
He continued, “I had loved it so much that I recorded her singing the same song.And I listened to it so that I would be able to enjoy that magic again, but child, it didn’t feel the same.I tried listening to it calmly after few more days, but no, it didn’t create that magic.Then I thought it must be because of that same environment and weather that song must have sounded so good, so I come here during heavy rains and try listening to it, but it doesn’t feel the same.”

He was lost in some thoughts for a long time after that and then said,”You know what child, I think it’s all in the moment.You can never feel the same like you felt in that particular moment.When it’s gone , it’s gone.We can’t create them again. We can only live them.”

I could totally relate to it.My mind started flashing with all the moments I enjoyed and wished would come happen again. But they did not happen, even if I was around same people.

Yes, that particular time is important.You can never recreate it.This must be reason they say live every moment to the fullest.

“Child…”, I came out from the my thoughts with grandpa’s words, “ Will you drop me home? I won’t be able to go.” The mature oldie again became an innocent kid!

And mind you I totally enjoyed that moment!

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