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Accidental Love: Ping me! (Part III)

It was Gauri’s message.

“Happy Holi to you too,” I replied.

“So? Enjoyed today?” I asked upfrontly.

“Ohh, yeahh. A lot 😀 ” she said.

“Yeah, I could see that on Instagram :P” I said.

“Hahaha,” she replied.

“So you from Pune?” I asked.

“Nope, I’m here for job. My parents stay in Dombiwali. So almost on every weekend I visit them,” she said.

Ahhh, such a relief. She is not from Pune. I can proceed further without hesitation.

“So which company do you work for? What do you do?” I asked.

“I’m Advocate,” she said.

“Oooo,” I replied.

“What Oooo?” she asked.

“So here’s why you are so good in debate. You do it professionally, my Lord,” I said in filmy style.

“Hahaha, yes. But the court rooms aren’t that filmy,” she replied.

“Is it?”

“Yup, court rooms are usually small and only the people related to the case and other advocates attend the hearings. No extra crowd”

“Do you argue in the same manner with your boyfriend? I mean you must be winning every time..”

“Hahaha, I used to until we broke up few years back,” she replied.

Ohhh my god, she is single. I’m in the right place at right time.

“Ohhh, sorry to hear that. I think the reason for break up must be he couldn’t handle the arguments. Am I right?”

“What does that mean?” she questioned.

“See, normally we boys don’t argue much. We are Okay with almost anything. Even if we lose the argument we sympathize ourselves saying, “I let her win just because there was no point. She was making no sense”. But the way you argued last time when we were debating, you were making sense and were talking the facts. If you have argued with him in same manner then, that must have been hurting his male ego. Not all boys are capable of handling such a high level of smartness in girls,” I replied.

Yes, I started typing three para messages even when I was not in a debate.

“Is it?” she asked.

“Yeah, Aai shappath” I replied.

“Hahaha, you are making sense to me now. We were in relationship for almost one year but not a single time I was satisfied by the way he answered me,” she said.

“See I told you, he either must be lying or was not capable of handling such a high intelligence,” I replied.

“I’m feeling much better now. All these years I kept on blaming myself for being responsible for our breakup. But now I realized he didn’t even deserve me,” she said.

“Absolutely, now stop blaming yourself for whatever happened,” I said.

“Thank you so much,” she replied. “Anyways will chat later. I’m starving as I didn’t have my breakfast yet,” she said.

“Cool, would you mind chatting on Whatsapp?” I said.

“Ahhh, atlast,” she said.


“You are the only person I met on Facebook who took five months to ask for the WhatsApp number. Aapka sabun slow hai kya?” she asked.

“Few things come with the tag ‘Warning: Beware Danger ahead’,” I replied.

Pehli chat mein hi warning padh li?” she asked.

Warning to pehli debate mein hi padh li thi” I said.

“Still you walked into danger?” she questioned.

Lutane waale agar itne haseen ho toh, Hum toh duniya lutaane baithe hai,” I replied.

“9082****06 J J. Ping me,” she replied.

I saved her number at that very moment, but still didn’t message her for next 15mins. Later I messaged, ”Hi, it’s me. Your meme partner.”

“Hahaha, I know,” she replied.

“Sorry for making you wait for 15mins,” I said.

“I was not waiting,” she replied.

“Oppss, I wish I could have missed something then,” I replied back.

“Something?? What?” she asked.

Mam, iss baar apka sabun thoda slow tha. It took almost 8 secs for me to save your number. Unfortunately, it took almost 13secs for you to change your Whatsapp DP. Maybe you were searching for the best pic in your gallery. So I saw old DP along with latest one. At least you should change the privacy settings for your WhatsApp,” I said.


‘(Blank)’ for a moment.


“Are you trying to impress me?” she asked sarcastically.

“Do I still need to?” I replied.

Kitni ladkiyo ko iss line se impress kar chuke ho?” she asked.

“Kitni ladkiyo ke impress hone ke baad tu impress hone wali hai?” I replied.

“Are you trying to flirt with me? :D” she asked.

“Keep guessing,” I replied.

“Okay, Bye. Mumma calling for lunch.. TTYL…” she replied.

“BBye…” I replied back.

So this is how the debate started from Facebook reached to innocent flirting on Whatsapp. Tagging each other in memes and trolling each other on Facebook was still on. We started chatting continuously throughout the day.

Once she sent me one link which said, ‘How much you know about Gauri?’. I clicked on that link,

  1. What does Gauri likes the most to eat?
  2. Pizza Samosa           c. Chhole Bhhature         d. Panipuri

I answered, d. Panipuri.

  1. What does Gauri does in free time?
  2. Sleeps Eats   c. Shopping         d. Movie.

As per her dynamic personality and being a girl what else she would like to do other than ‘shopping’.

  1. What is Gauri’s fav drink?
  2. Wine Beer c. Tea    d. Coffee

I chose, c. Tea.

  1. What is more important for Gauri?
  2. Family and Friends Money            c. Love                  d. Herself

Of course it’s, a. Family and Friends.

  1. Is Gauri afraid of dogs?
  2. Yes No.

No matter how brave girls may be they are afraid of dogs if they don’t have their own. Aur waise bhi jin Ladkiyo ke paas kutte hote hote hai, unke liye Kutte bhagwan aur baki sab Kutte hote hote hai.

I scored 5/5.

Kuch jyada hi jaanane lage ho,” she pinged me after few minutes.

“HAHAHA. Questions were easy. Anyone could have guessed,” I replied.

“Ohhh, Accha, tell me my Fav. Colour?” she asked.

“Sky Blue. I guess,” I replied.

“Why?” she asked.

“Lucky Guess. Am I right?” I replied back.

“Of course you are. Why did you guess blue?” she asked.

“Saw one of your Instagram posts,” I said.

“Ohhh, nice observation,” she replied.

“Veg or Non-Veg?” she asked.

“Non-veg,” I replied.

“Why?” she questioned.

“All the food pics on Instagram are Non-veg dishes,” I said.

“I am gonna block you on Instagram :p :p,” she replied.

“Hahaha,” I replied.

“Ok, tell what do I like in Non-veg? Guess this correctly and I will do anything you say,” she said.

“Chicken and Lobsters,” I replied.

“OMG, Tell me who you are? How do you know all these things? Are you my ex-bf’s friend playing prank with me?” she asked with shocked emoji.

Pagal ladki, agar tere ex-bf ka friend rahu bhi to tujhe kyu batauga?” I asked.

“Then how do you know all these things?” she asked.

“Because these are my fav. Dishes,” I replied.

“Are you sure? Now I’m afraid of you,” she said.

“HAHAHA, I guess I won the challenge,” I just replied.

“There was no challenge. It was just a quiz :/ ,” she said.

“Hahaha, never mind,” I replied.

“Bye,” she said.

“BBye :* ,”I replied back.

“:/ :/ ,” she replied.

Even our first call was unusually strange.

She once called me thrice in a row. It was for the first time she was calling but as I was Advisor in some other BPO at that time we weren’t allowed to take our mobiles on work floor for obvious security reasons, I couldn’t receive her call. After my shift when I went to locker room I saw 3 missed calls at 11:05am, 11:08am at 11:12am from her. On Whatsapp I had a message from her ‘Please call’ at 10.30am.

I realized it must be some emergency. I called her that very moment to see what happened.

“Heyy, Hi.. It’s me,” I said.

“Heyy,” she said in shivering voice.

Listening her voice I actually panicked.

“Heyy, what happened? Are you crying?” I asked.

“Yes, I am,” she replied.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Nothing. I was just feeling low,” she said.

“Feeling Low? Why? Yesterday itself we had a chat and you were fine. What happened to you today?,”  I asked.

“Nothing serious,” she said.

“Alright, don’t tell me. And don’t even bother to call and message me again,” I replied.

Arey Baba, nothing serious. My ex bumped into me today at railway station when I was returning back to Pune. He wants me back. He was asking if we could date again?” she said.


The one phone call….

Their first interaction : Facebook friends

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