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Amiben Modi: Diwali should be embraced fully



Spiritual healer Amiben Modi says that make this Diwali all about love, colours and family this year. “Diwali is the king of festivals, it has everything, it has colours, lights, food, family as well as rituals and traditions. Diwali marks the end of the dark period or end of one year and marks new beginnings. Hence doing Lakshmi Ji Pooja on Diwali enables you to start your year with bowing down to Goddess Lakshmiji welcoming wealth and well-being for the upcoming year,” she says.


She adds, “Diwali should be embraced fully, you should start by cleaning your homes thereby removing negativity and clutter and making room for positivity. Secondly and more importantly, you should make room in your heart and mind for new people, new experiences and positivity and celebrate Diwali in your hearts.”


Get the negativity out of your minds, says Amiben. “You should avoid avoiding people, let go of previous grudges and embrace all of life’s positivity thrills, colours and festivities,” she adds.


The healer also says that charity on the day will also be a good gesture. “The best vibes on Diwali come from a number of things; one is doing charity during Diwali. This will enrich your soul. I urge you to celebrate Diwali with your family and tighten your bond with them,” she says.


Chester Bennington (1976 – 2017)




Chester Bennington



I still remember listening to One Step Closer when I was in Mid – School and Chester Bennington left me with a curiosity of listening to the  rest of the album.

Chester Bennington, the lead man of the world famous Rock Band Linkin Park is now only a memory. Chester was someone who made us feel every word they band made and played, they healed many lost individuals, they made history by giving us hits like Castle Glass, New Divide, What I’ve Done, Papercut, and I could go on and on…

On 20th July, 2017 few months after his close friend Chris Cornell’s death we were shocked by the news that Linkin Park’s Lead man Chester Bennington was found dead in his Los Angeles house at around 9am. This news left the world stunned because Linkin Park released their  song’s  ‘Talking to Myself’ Music Video the same day and we’re lined up for a Huge Tour in the upcoming weeks.

He was a normal kid from a small town with a bad childhood. He went through Sexual Abuse, got bullied around, had divorced parents and all this lead him to do drugs at a very young age. He was working at a Burger King Restaurant when he first got his break and since then he has turned all his misery into a work of art.

Chester Bennington gave us a numerous songs to hear from the year 1992. He initially didn’t start off with Linkin Park, its was in 1999 he ended up joining the Rock band then called ‘Xero’ by the recommendation of Jeff Blue, Vice President of Zomba Music. In 1993 he and his friends performed by the name Sean Dowdell and friends later changed to Grey Daze which was more of a Post-Grunge Band. With 3 albums in 5 years Chester finally decided to leave Grey Daze but unfortunately he struggled to keep his music career alive. In the year 1999 was his turning point when he was almost going to give up he was introduced to ‘Xero’ then ‘Hybrid Theory’ and now known as ‘Linkin Park’ and since then he has been the lead Vocalist of the Alternative – Metal – Rap Rock Band ‘Linkin Park’ who managed to get their first Break in 2000 after a more than a year of rejection from several Record Labels.

Their first Album ‘Hybrid Theory’ gave us hits like Crawling, One Step Closer and In the End. This album earned them a numerous awards like the Grammy and their songs were featured in several Movies. The topped the Billboard’s Charts and since then they have been Giving us back to back Hit Albums like Reanimation (2002), Meteora (2003), Minutes to Midnight (2007), A Thousand Suns (2010), Living Things (2012), Recharged (2013), The Hunting Party (2014) and One More Night (2017) and also they featured in the Transformers Series.

Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda were the Voice of the Band and left us mesmerized with their music and kept us listening to their initial songs even today.

It’s been years since I’ve started listening to Linkin Park and everytime I find myself connected to the lyrics and the music giving me peace.

Chester Bennington

Chester Bennington passes away at the age of 41. (1976 – 2017)

But sadly, after Chester took his life, Linkin Park will never be the same or as Epic they have been. Another extraordinary musical journey has been brought to an end. And as I sign off listening to ‘Leave Out All the Rest’,  all I have to say is We’ll miss you a lot Chester Bennington, RIP

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” The Summer of ’17 “





Well the ‘Summer of ’17’ is something we all should make it a memorable one. We we all are through with exams or done filing Tax Returns and so, we all need something new and also take a break.

So, we at WildHat just decided to help you out with something which can be Fresh, Tempting and of course Cheap!

This Summer take a Hobby or Explore tour with us and you’ll surely never forget this Summer ever…..

We have a variety things to offer and at a suitable range.

Try Surfing with the Experts


West Coast Surf Zone

So, India we  do have a good number of beaches and of course we all love doing something new…. Surfing is something you can do and this sport will never let you down. On the western coast of India, the beautiful beaches, perfect waves and Summer breeze is the one thing which worth experiencing and Surfing? Is just a bonus.

Book a tour with us from a range of 2-15 days at the most reasonable package which will include everything, yes everything means, your food, accommodation by the beach, your Surf Lessons and local sightseeing.

Cycling like the good old days


Cycling is Exploring

Apart from the health benefits of Cycling, you could explore any place in the eco-way. It’s safe, it will get through any traffic jam, any street and climate and the best part is No License is required.

We have a bunch of places to choose from. You could cycle down the streets of Bangalore, Mumbai,  Fort Cochin , Goa, Konkan and Pondicherry

The best hill cycling routes we offer are in Munnar, Mahableshwar, Ooty, Codikannal, Mount Abu, Munnar, Leh-Ladakh, Kashmir, Kasool, Rushikesh and many more

Hiking and Trekking all the way


BackPacker Trekkers

Well walking is something we all do it every day of our lifes, wd even do it a lazy Sundays. So why not make it worth the walk and explore something new.

May be we could help you explore a city, a forest, the beach,  a hill or even a mountain.

We are walking our way to Munnar, Port Blair, Goa, Ratnagiri(MH), Mumbai, Fort Cochin, Ooty, Codikannal, Mount Abu, Leh-Ladakh, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pondicherry, And many more….

Well these are among the few tours we are offering and Guess what we also offer a DISCOUNT if you bring along your

‘Gang of Buddies’

Book a tour with us from a range of 2-15 days at the most reasonable package which will include everything, yes everything means, your food, accommodation by the beach or on the hill top, your Surf Lessons or your safety equipments along with the cycles and the local sightseeing.

Range starts off from Rs. 3000/-

So here’s what you can do, email us what you want and we’ll plan out a crazy-worth-it tour just for you!!!

You could leave a comment with your email ID what tour planning to do this summer and we’ll get in touch with you


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