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Unsolved Patterns Attract.!



attract opposite

Attract opposite? or The patterns?

She likes to dance, He hates to…

She drives Audi, He rides Harley…

Do opposites really attract ?

Is it good if they do ?

It’s actually the unsolved patterns in life that attract,

What most people call falling in love is really falling these patterns,

Relationship are about getting your own needs met…

We try to find someone who is complementary to us & can help us learns heal and grow….

She like to dance, But he hates to…

But he does like to see someone dance & he can do this all his life to see her dance,

She like to drive out in a car he likes to move out on bikes…

But there’s one thing common, they love to ride..!

(This is what you really do when you attract opposite)

Another glimpse of what love can be..Check this out…..

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First Crush (Part XI) : A Known Stranger



“Atish,” Mrunal replied.

“Atish? Who?” I asked.

“I met Atish in Mr Tripathi’s class at Vidyalankar. I still remember that doomsday of my life when he entered late in the class completely drenched in rain. I was as usual seating on the last bench so he came and sat beside me.”

“Mr Tripathi was a genius, he was teaching Semiconductors which was the last chapter from Basic Electronics and Electrical,i.e, BEE. As Mr Tripathi had his PhD thesis on Semiconductors and Transistors he started to teach us those chapters in order to make us comfortable with the subject. However, Atish was fresher and had no idea about what was going on as he was late.”

Ye F.E ki B.E.E ki hi class hai na?” he asked wiping the water on his face.

I nodded yes.

To ye Zaatu kya sikha raha hai? Ye sab to maine college mein suna bhi nahi hai,” he said.

I just pointed finger at the chapter’s name on the index page.

Muhh mein tambakoo hai kya?” he asked looking at me.

I just gave him a look and opened my notebook and wrote,” Goonga hoon, Bhai. Kyu majaak uda rahe ho?

Reading this the smile on his face faded away into guilt. He just took the pen from my hand and wrote,” Arey Bhai, I am really really sorry yaar. Main Chutiya hoon. Bakwaas karta rehta hoon. Sorry yaar.

Reading this I took the pen from his hand and wrote,” Abe Chutiye, goonga hoon, behra nahi. Likhne ki jaroorat nahi thi…” and both of us started laughing.

After a while he said,“Bhai, kuch samajh nahi aa raha. Baad mein samjha dena…

I nodded again.

Nahi chhod, tu to goonga hai, to kya Dumbsheras me samjhayega?” he said.

I just smiled at him but didn’t reply anything. That day both of us went on break together but I didn’t utter a word. Atish himself placed an order for me. I could see he was really feeling very guilty.

After a while lecture was finished and we were leaving for home when I asked,”Tujhe abhi samjhau ya baad mein?

Listening this he was shocked,”BC, Bhadve Saale… Tune sach mein mujhe chutiya banaya…Tujhe pata bhi hai main kitna guilty feel kar raha tha..?

And I couldn’t stop laughing. This is how we became good friends and started spending time together. I still remember his reaction when I told him about Sayali.

BC, log pyaar mein Zeher kha lete hai, Building se kudd jaate hai, train ke niche aa jaate hai. Lekin saale tu to unka bhi baap nikla. Tune to engineering hi leli wo bhi ek baar nahi 2-2 baar. Aur itna sab karne ke baad bhi koi guarantee nahi hai ke wo tujhe milegi,”he said and I had nothing to say about this as I have heard same thing from many of them.”

“If you were so good friend with him then why do you call him the biggest mistake of your life?” I asked Mrunal.

“Because of one his suggestions which I should have ignored, but I didn’t,” Mrunal replied.

“What suggestion?” I asked.

“Once he asked me out for a movie.

Chal , Anjaana-Anjaani dekhne chalte hai…” Atish said.

Nahi yaar, kal Tripathi ka test hai. Padhna hai.” I replied.

Arey BC, kya dimaag ki Maa chod raha hai? Tripathi kaunsa tera sasur hai jo usko marks se impress kar raha hai?”  he said. “Dekh Bhai. Hum log hai last benchers, jyada marks humein suit nahi karte. Aur agar tu uss ladki to impress karne ke liye jyada marks laa raha hai to tu bhool jaa. Ye to hone wala nahi hai. Wo ladki ne tujhe marks dekh kar naa nahi kaha tha, to seedhi baat hai marks dekh kar haan bhi nahi bolegi. To kyu bekaar mein  mehnat kar raha hai? Tujhe bass 40marks chahiye agli class mein jaane ke liye jo tu bina padhe sirf class attend karke bhi laa sakta hai itna to smart tu hai main jaanta hoon. To ye test ka Randi Rona band kar aur mere saath movie chal. Main tera ticket nikalta hoon.””

“I wish that day I could have gone for that movie without refusing him at first,” Mrunal said. “Unfortunately, the next day I scored 18/20 in the test without studying and this proved Atish right. This was his first advice which I took seriously, which now I wish I shouldn’t have listened. ”

“Later on I returned to Ratnagiri for Semester exams but still stayed in touch with him. Somehow unknowingly I started applying his suggestion and started studying less, to be more precise I started studying for passing marks. Again I cleared my semester exams with good marks and again returned back to Vidyalankar for Java classes. In the same exam, Atish failed in all subjects except BEE which I taught him during PL. So this time he was very much sure that I should teach him Mechanics and Physics. So he contacted me for that and even I agreed. We use to meet at some restaurants or garden as his home was far away in Ambernath and I couldn’t take him to Nani’s place as he had no control on himself and he couldn’t speak a single sentence without using bad words.”

“It was the summer of 2011 and if you remember it was Cricket World Cup which India won. During that period just like every other teenager, Atish was very much inspired after watching Jannat and wanted to try betting. He got that chance once. Atish got tickets of a club in Mulund where they were showing Live Telecast of the ongoing cricket match. So he took me with him. Actually, I’m not at all huge fan of cricket but I never miss India v/s Pakistan matches, so I went with him. After some time we realized that a group of bookies was sitting just beside us and Atish couldn’t stop asking them if we could play. However, in the first 6 bettings itself, Atish lost almost 6,000Rs. After losing all his money he came back and sat quietly beside me, seeing his loser face even I started rolling on the couch laughing.”

He may have realized that he won’t be able to live with me such with such embarrassment, I will keep on trolling him every now and then. In order to counter this, he challenged me, “Gaandu, itna hi hai na toh tu khel ke dikha.

Mujhe khelna hi nahi hai,” I replied.

Saala Fattu, khud ki to fatati hai aur mujhe hass raha hai,” he said.

Chupp, BC,” I said. After a while, I gave it a thought and said,”Agar main jeeta to mujhe kya milega?

Saale paisa milega aur kya? Ab kya gaand doon tujhe maarne ke liye?” he asked.

Yukkk, itne bure din nahi aaye hai mere. Ok, sunn, agar main jeeta to tu wo samnewali jo black t-shirt mein baithi kabse idhar dekh rahi hai usey ye chit deke aayega,” I said.

Bass itna hi? Chalega,” he replied.

Cool, jaake mera 1000Rs. Laga. Nehra ki next ball pe Umar Gul out,” I said. See I had no interest in betting till that time but I was more interested in annoying him. Somehow I got lucky again and I won 9000Rs. I remember Atish face that moment. He was shouting at the top of his voice as if India won the match. As you know a few overs later India actually won that match.

He came smiling at me,”De kaunsa chit kisko dena hai?

I handed over chit at him,”Wo blackwali.

Oohhhoo, lagta hai Bhai wo college wali ko bhool gaya,” he said teasing. I just winked at him and he went, had a brief chat with that girl, handed over that chit to her and came back. During all this I paid the bill and was ready to leave.

“All done Bro, waise wo tujhe nahi mujhe dekh rahi thi,” Atish returned.

“I know,” I replied.

To tune apna number kyu diya usko?” he asked.

Maine kab apna number diya?” I said.

To chit mein kya tha?” he asked.

Ohhh accha wo, tu mujhe gaand dikha kar puchh raha tha na”…. to kya gaand doon maarne…?” tab usne dekha tha. Isliye maine chit mein likha, ‘Don’t stare at me Bitch, I’m Gay’” I said and ran out of lawn in the parking.

Saale, maadarchod…. Khud ka ghar to bass nahi raha.. mera kyu ujaad raha hai?” he came running behind me. We had a little talk for a while and then we left.

Next day when we met he was still staring me in anger,”Tu socha tha usse jyada harami nikla.

Tu kabse sochne laga?” I asked sarcastically.

BC. Accha bhai sunn na,” he said.

Abb kya Chutiyapa karna hai?” I asked.

Tujhe kaise pata main kuch chutiyapa karne wala hoon?” he was surprised.

Tu mujhe jab bhi Bhai bolta hai, uske baad humesha kuch na kuch chutiyapa hi kar deta hai…,” I answered.

Arey Haan, wo bhi hai. Wo chhod, main kya bol raha hoon, parso India v/s Sri Lanka final hai. Mere liye betting karega?”  He asked.

I just stared at him for a moment.

Tension matt le, pura risk mera. Jeete to 50-50 karenge,haarne pe paisa main bharunga. Tu bass khel,” Atish cleared.”

“See I had enough pocket money for my needs at that moment but still no game is boring if you are winning without any risk,“ Mrunal said.

“So you won?” I asked him.

“I won, I even lost many games. But at the end of that match we had World Cup Trophy and 23,000Rs,” he said.

Tu sach bol raha hai?” I asked.

Kis bare mein?” he replied.

Betting aati hai tujhe?” I said.

Nahi re, bass guess kar leta hoon. Kabhi sahi hota hai, kabhi galat. 70-30. Maine apne last year mein bhi  betting ki thi, Sasmit se puchh le.,” he cleared.

“Then why do call Atish as your mistake,” I asked curiously.

“Because of these two of his suggestions, I changed completely. Firstly I realized I don’t need to be at the top now. In short, I don’t need to study much. I just need 40 marks to pass, that’s it. Secondly, betting was the first illegal thing I did without any harm. So the appetite to take a risk in illegal things increased obviously,” he said.

“So what happened next?”

“Unexpectedly, even after studying much less I again cleared my 2nd-semester exams and this proved Atish right once again. Although the result came much later after re-joining college but as I told you the earlier result was just a formality for me,” he said.

“So, now you and Sayali were in the same class?” I asked.

“Yeah, I still remember the first day to second-year class. While visiting the class I had the feel of revisiting our school once again except now no one was in uniform and I had only one known face in that crowd for which I took engineering for the 2nd time in the same lifetime. But only thing was, she was everything for whom I came back again and I was just a known stranger for her now…” he said that last line with an unknown sad smile.

“Back to hell,” I said patting his shoulder.

“Yeah, back to hell for the second time for no good and obvious reason,” he said.

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आठवणीत तुझ्या



मनाचा तर निर्धार आहे
सांगायचं आहे खूप काही,
तुझ्या नकाराचा विचारच 
मला सांगू देत नाही.

होकार दिलास तरीही तू मला
लपून-छपुनच भेटणार,
एकाठिकाणी बसल्यावर आपण
औपचरिकच बोलणार.

विचार केल्यावर वाटतं
त्या प्रेमाचा काय फायदा,
जर आडवा येणार असेल
समाजाचा कायदा.

येउन जाऊन काय तर,
जातीचीच भिंत ऊभी राहणार.
नंतर साहाजिकच तू मन मोडून
समाजाच्या नजरेने पाहणार.

मग प्रेमाविषयी लिहिणारा मी
प्रेमभंगावर लिहू पाहीन,
दिवस-रात्र प्रेमाला मग
नावं ठेवत राहीन.

म्हणून माझ्या भावनांना
अव्यक्तच राहू दे,
तुझ्या आठवणींनी प्रत्येक क्षण
जातोय तसा जावू दे.

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Humans, not Superhumans.



parents saymore


No, they are not superhumans, they are just as vulnerable as us. Yes, I am talking about our parents. Just imagine the amount of pressure we knowingly or unknowingly put on them, by forming a strong image about them. Yes, they are strong, but also humans like us. They have their weak moments, they feel like crying their hearts out, but how can they? Because you have already declared them as superhumans, right?

The immense burden of that image won’t let them cry or open up. So the next time you notice even the slightest change in their behaviour, don’t ask them whether everything is fine because it is not. Just sit with them, talk it out and ease their burden in whichever way you can.

So let us not burden them by forming such a strong image, even if they go beyond their human capacities to meet our each demand.

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