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Chocolate boys of TV celebrate Chocolate Day



Chocolate boys of TV celebrate Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day is here and we ask the chocolate boys of TV to give us their take on the day!

Abhishek Tewari

A lot of times when I had just entered in the industry and even till now, I am called a Chocolate Boy. When I used to model at that time as well, I used to receive such compliments. They used to call me with different names as well such as chocopie, etc . Chocolate days are your teenage days when you are in this age of innocence and there are so many experiences you are exploring as you’re growing up. So those are very sweet, chocolaty days in which you get to know about different parts of life and about yourself.

Shashank Vyas

It’s a compliment to be called a chocolate boy and I have been told so often that when I maintain a clean shaven look, I am the perfect chocolate boy. As far as Chocolate Day is concerned, I don’t mind receiving chocolates but I eat chocolate only some times and I am not chocoholic

Vivian Dsena

I have been called a rustic chocolate boy and I have no idea what it means. As far as Chocolate Day is concerned, I don’t believe in such days.

Shivin Narang

Giving chocolates to anyone is the easiest way to make them feel good or just to start a conversation with someone. Girls love chocolate, they are fond of them. So that’s the easiest way to start a conversation and it’s a very sweet gift as well. To start love I guess chocolate is very important.

Ansh Bagri

Chocolate Day stands for sweets. Universally, it happens that whenever you start anything good, you start by having sweet. Love and chocolate has a strong connection because love is also sweet so you start with chocolate and chocolate is everyone’s favorite as well.

Rehaan Roy

I have received this compliment many times and I always reply to this saying, ‘I love people who eat chocolates’. Well, to be very honest, I think when you love chocolates, then everyday is a chocolate day. But yes, when I’m on diet then certainly on this “chocolate day” I can have an excuse to eat a bunch of chocolates.

Ssharad Malhotra: I have been called a chocolate boy since forever. I have enjoyed the adulation of the tag. I love chocolates. Any day, anytime, works for me. I am choholic but eat in limited quantity always. I like to gift chocolates too. I will surely gift some chocolates to some close buddies.

Jason Shah : I have been often called chocolate boy always and it is a compliment. Because of fair looks it was bound to happen. I don’t celebrate it but I like chocolates. I don’t mind receiving chocolates on chocolate day. I will buy bar of chocolates and distribute to friends.

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Ketki Wedding pics from Rajan Shahi’s Ye Risthe Hai Pyar Ke- YRHPK



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Vivian Dsena, Adaa Khan and Shashank Vyas added star value to Ssharad Malhotra & Ripci’s engagement and Sangeet !



Ssharad Malhotra and Ripci Bhatia’s engagement ceremony followed by Sangeet took place on Friday night.

Ssharad and Ripci made a perfect couple.They danced and guests were enthralled with the couple performance.

The surprise was the guitar playing and song performance by Ssharad on Do Dil Mil Rahe Hai.

Celebrities who attended the engagement included Vivian Dsena, Adaa Khan, Shashank Vyas, Rishina Kandhari, Saurabh Pandey,  Nivedita Basu, Vikas Kalantri, Kratika Sengar Dheer, Yesha Rughani, Tarun Khurana, Mahima Kottary, Vibha Chibber, Zubair Khan, Moon Banerjee, Pawan Kumar and Rashmi Sharma, Abhay Vakil, Ssumier Pasricha, Ankur Nayyar, Saurabh Pandey and his wife.

Heads turned when Vivian Dsena entered as he looks extremely handsome in blue suit. Shashank Vyas was traditionally dressed and his presence was a delight to media.

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Ssharad Malhotra tied the knot with Ripci Bhatia!



It is safe to say that actor Ssharad Malhotra’s wedding (on 20th April 2019) to Delhi-based designer Ripci Bhatia was no simple affair. From Ssharad carrying his bride-to-be in his arms, to the varmala happening amid firecrackers, the wedding was quite filmy.

The two looked beyond spectacular with Ripci wearing a red lehenga choli and Ssharad sporting a cream and gold sherwani in the evening wedding.

“it feels amazing to be married! In fact, I have started feeling so responsible suddenly,” says an elated Ssharad, adding, “The wedding was everything that Ripci and I had hoped for and more. I am so glad that everyone could make it.”

The guest list comprised of the couple’s close friends and family. From the industry, biggies such as Zain Imam, Shashank Vyas, Rishina Kandhari, Shivin Narang, Rashami Desai, Mrunal Jain with wife Sweety, Harshad Chopra, producer Rajan Shahi, producer Rashami Sharma and Pawan Kumar, filmmaker Aneeta Patel, Anushka Ghorpade,  Kshitij Baldota,  Eijaz Khan, Actress and anchor Charul Malik and India TV head), Vibha Kaul Bhat (ABP entertainment head), Amit Tyagi (Aaj Tak entertainment head)were in attendance.

Ssharad and Ripci looked stunning at their Anand Karaj ceremony also that took place Saturday morning (20th April 2019) at the Four Bunglows Gurudwara. The couple twinned in pink for the ceremony. Ripci wore a pink lehenga, while Ssharad sported a white sherwani with a pink pagdhi. This ceremony was quite an intimate one and was attended by very close family.  Ssharad Malhotra is currently seen in Muskaan as the main lead and his fans are very happy.


Good looking Rashami  Desai made a fashionable entry with Shivin Narang

Shashank Vyas the most eligible bachelor made a solo entry

Filmmaker Aneeta Patel looked stylish and was spotted talking with Anushka Ghorpade

Shivin Narang looked dapper and was spotted chatting with Kshitij Baldota

Rishina Kandhari looked beautiful in a Saree

Harshad Chopra looked quite lean

Mrunal Jain was the first one to arrive with wife Sweety and they made a perfect couple

Zain Imam would be seen as lead in Dipti Kalwani’s Ek Bhram-Sarvagun Sampanna and everyone was congratulating him.

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