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Different Looks of an Indian Bride: Epitome of Elegance and Royalty!

What is a one thing that comes to your mind when you see an Indian bride? Let us help you in deciding. Indian bride looks more of a heavenly thing or say she is a goddess of beauty on her big day. We all know India is known for its multi ethnicity, different cultures, religions and languages. Be it any culture of India, Indian bride is always an eye catcher! Different customs has their unique style of dressing when it comes to giving a girl her bride look. Let us explore the variety in Indian culture and look at the different types of brides that the country has.


A Bengali bride is more of a goddess and commonly clad in bright red saree. The saree can be of similar hues but most brides chose a Banarsi or say silk red sarees for the occasion. The blouse sleeves of Bengali sarees are different attraction, they have puffed sleeve pattern. They drape their sarees in traditional Bengali way. The head is tied with a white traditional Styrofoam tiara like thing. They use red and white dotted, hand painted sandalwood paste bindis on their forehead.  They use “Altar” a red dye on their palms and feet.

Indian bride


A Punjabi bride looks royal in the attire of her wedding. She wears a red or similar hue lehenga. Punjabi brides wear big necklaces, also called “Ranihaar” on wedding day. The Punjabi brides had their infamous “choora bangles” which are red and white in colour, the bangles have to be worn by them for many days after their marriage as given in their customs. The Bollywood movies have great role in highlighting the role of “kaleeres” they are long, chained in bangles and has a custom that the bride showers them on unmarried girls and on whomsoever they fall, she might get married early in future. Biba suits online at low price.

Indian bride


The Maharashtrian bride or say Marathi bride drapes a saree in a traditional Marathi style. The saree is called “Nauvari”. The saree is bright in colour usually in two shades, with bright golden borders. The bride has unusual nose pin, they have traditional “nathni” which is half moon shape nose pin usually of gold. They use different head gear, traditionally it is called “mudavalya” in Marathi. It is white in colour made up of petals, flowers and pearls which is tied on head by a string attached to it.

Indian bride


The kashmiri bridal outfits are pieces of some great traditional embroidery work. Kashmiri brides wear long kameez suits with “Ari” embroidery on borders and on sleeves. The outfit generally referred as “pheran” in Kashmir. They have a different head gears which is called “tarang”.  A white cloth turban is tied on head called Zoojh. A dupatta is also used to cover the head of bride. Kashmiri brides wear their traditional jewellery including a unique jewellery called” dejharoo” which is worn on ear lobes. Anarkali suits for women online at low price.

Indian bride


A Tamilian bride looks like goddess of wealth and prosperity as she is decorated with gold jewellery all over the body. They wear two, three necklaces at least of different lengths. Gold has special significance in south Indian marriages. The very famous Kanjeevaram sarees are worn by the brides. The sarees are bright in colours like pink, purple hues. The hair of bride is often in braided form with the traditional “jadai nagam” which depicts a cobra which symbolises fertility in Tamil culture. The head is decorated with “Nethi” and a maangtika which also made of gold. The waist is tied with traditional “oddiyanam”

Indian bride


Kerala bride is draped in white saree which have golden borders in it. These white sarees are called “kasavu” in Malayalam culture. They give you a vibe of elegance with lots of white colour used in their jewellery as well. Their hairs are ornamented with gold, flowers like jasmine and Rajnigandha flowers. They use a floral touch in their style. A kerala or say Malayali bride is an epitome of soberness.

Indian bride


The Assamese brides do not go with heavy jewelleries; they go low even when it comes to outfit. Their bridal outfit is very sober saree which is gifted by groom’s mother as per the customs. The saree traditionally called “mekhla chadar”. This is usually in white colour and has golden yellow border in it. The maang teeka, jewellery worn on head is of utmost importance when it comes to Assamese weddings.

Indian bride

So the list does not stop here, in a country like India the ethnicity  goes hand in hand with the clothes as well. Be it for brides or not.  But the different bride looks description might have amazed you! What diversity in clothing!

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