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Every actor craves fame, say TV actors



Fame is an important part of being an actor and these TV actors tell us why!

Tinaa Dattaa 

I think we all craze for public recognition or fame. Fame to me means success. I wish to do good projects where people actually recognise me for my work. I just want to keep on working, I just want to be there, visible. I am a workaholic so I just want to work more. I want people to recognise my work. I want them to know me not for my face or name, but for my work. Like how people know that I am Iccha from Uttaran, till today people know me that way. So, I want that kind of recognition and fame throughout my life.

Rehaan Roy 

I think every actor wants fame. If an actor says that he/she hates fame, then I think that’s a lie. But yes, that fame should not be the prime focus behind your work. For me, I love acting, I feel good when I’m acting. Fame is a by-product of my work and I really enjoy it. At the same time, life is not the same all the time. So, every actor should be prepared for the best and the worst.

Jason Shah 

I act because this is what I like to do. Everybody has a different job in life, mine is acting. And I think that it’s the way you interact with people that will make them keep you forever in their memory. I think that’s the best kind of recognition to look for. Fame comes and goes, memories last forever.

 Rajesh Kumar

Fame is just part and not the only goal of my life. Good work, good deeds, superfamily, financial security comes above fame.

Yesha Rughani

A person should be satisfied with what he has achieved in life. And be grateful for those achievements and keep spreading love. If you are a good person and you are loyal to your work, fame automatically comes to you.

Adaa Khan 

Sometimes it works in our favour that people recognise us and they know who we are. Family and friends definitely feel proud, it’s a good feeling. But sometimes I feel like going to a place where no one knows me or my name, where I can just relax and unwind like a regular citizen. So, it actually depends on the situation.

Delnaaz Irani 

Yes, I do believe that for every actor, fame or being famous or popular is very important. I guess if an actor says that he does not like people coming up to him, he is lying because I just feel that as actors, we all work for the love and adulation, the admiration we get from people. This is something really important and I do agree that without fame and recognition, no actor is complete. Definitely there is a difference between an actor and a star but that is not in the hands of the actor. Having said that, there are a lot of huge box office stars who are non-actors but they are stars. So you call it destiny, power, people’s love for you…it’s being in the right circle at the right time.

Shubhaavi Choksey

Fame and recognition is something that most people crave for. The difference in the show business is that it’s all out in the open so stakes are higher monetarily and emotionally. When I started working, it was purely for passion and not for fame. I wanted to be recognised as an actor and I still do. So, I actually never realised how famous I was or am. But having said that, I would also like to mention that it is a very integral part for an actor because somewhere deep within it does boost your enthusiasm to work better.

Sumit Kaul 

I would be lying If I say I don’t enjoy or even yearn for recognition as an actor. But what is definitely more important to me is to get appreciation for my work. Recognition can also be garnered by doing something frivolous or being controversial but appreciation only comes when there is complete involvement in the work you do. Once you are a known figure or a celebrity, it’s natural to have the fear of losing it. I, fortunately, am not that affected by it as I don’t take it too seriously. I understand that this recognition is temporary.

Ira Sone 

To me, fame is a reward for the work I do and how well I play a character in each show. It’s the recognition for the hard work and dedication towards every role I choose. Every actor desires to become a “star” and to me, the only way that happens is when your audience loves your work so much that they start to feel a sense of attachment with who you are and appreciate your body of work without judgment and criticism. It’s a wonderful feeling to be loved by many without them actually knowing you.

Sudha Chandran 

Public recognition and fame mean everything to me. It will be so terrible if you go out in the public and people don’t recognise you. I think the actor within me will be finished that day people stop recognising me.

Gaurav Sharma 

It’s true that every actor craves for fame but for me, the biggest satisfaction is that role I am playing. That should stay with the viewers. My biggest motivation to continue to perform well is when people call me by my character’s name. Stardom isn’t permanent for everyone but if you are a good actor, people won’t forget you ever. Fame is temporary and it only stays as long as you are continuously working.

Vivian Dsena

Fame is not something you pursue, you get it as a byproduct of your profession which is acting. Fame is not something you chase. Appreciation of fans drives you to give your best. You feel more responsible and are expected to do everything in a certain way setting a benchmark for yourself.

Helly Shah

Every actor wants recognition. Fame is a by-product of being an actor. And I don’t think there is anything wrong in wanting to be recognised by the audience you cater to.

Krishna Bharadwaj 

I am from the theatre and have done a lot of theatres right from my childhood. So, I consider myself as a hardcore actor and not a star. I don’t even want to become a star. I think if you ask this question from a theatre actor, they are least bothered about who is recognizing them and who is not and I am the same. It doesn’t matter to me at all. In fact, I get really bothered when too many people come and talk to me and recognise me. When I need my own space, I really need my own space. Then, I don’t want people to recognise me. I am not in this profession to get recognised by other people. I am an actor because that’s my passion.

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But, will Murari ever accept their marriage?

Fans have been waiting for just this moment of seeing the dynamic lead couple Elaichi and Pancham get married. Since the beginning of the story in the show, even though Elaichi was aware of Pancham’s bachelor status she acted uninformed about it while he continued playing a married man. Through the year, mischievous that Elaichi is, she kept on troubling and nudging Pancham by putting him in hilarious situations. Having a soft spot for him, she would also rescue him out of these situations.

Eventually, when Pancham’s unmarried status was out in front of Elaichi, they could express their true feelings and confess their love for each other. Now, the time has arrived for their happily ever after, but with too many hurdles at home and with their relationship being a big secret, they have decided to get secretly married!

Nikhil Khurana, essaying the role of Pancham said, “It is finally happening, Elaichi and Pancham are getting married, but secretly! They have been dreaming of this moment for a long time and it will finally come true. But the real question is; how will Murari react to this? And how will Pancham and Elaichi convince him? I would like to take this moment to let our audience know that we are so grateful for the support and love they have given to the show.”

Hiba Nawab, essaying the role of Elaichi said, “Elaichi’s life is about to change. She is so close to making her dream, to marry Pancham, true. It is a challenging moment for Elaichi as she does not want to upset her father, so they decide to keep the wedding a secret. It will be exciting for the viewers to witness the couple’s efforts to get Murari’s approval.”

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Romit Raj Prasher is back on TV with Kulfi Kumar Bajewala



Actor Romit Raj Prasher is back on the screen after four years. The actor has been working on himself during this time and also has been giving time to his daughter. “In the long break, I studied Cinema, did acting workshops with actors and directors, kept myself busy watching world cinema and regional cinema. Also, I have been a stay-at-home dad as I have a daughter,” he says, adding, “I have been learning Marathi language and learning how to play the piano.”

Talking about his role in the show, he says, “I am playing the parallel lead, a new dashing smart dean of a school. He has his shades and is a very challenging character.”

The actor says that the TV show needs to come up with better content. “I have been saying no to mythological shows for the longest time and also shows which have stupid stories. I am not surprised why people are watching web series and shows on apps because most of the TV shows have lost their plots and they usually copy from film scripts,” he says.

The actor says that it’s a real struggle to find good work on TV today. “Unfortunately, there is not enough freedom given to writers and creative people on TV. The channel wants to play safe, be dependent on the research team and every show mostly looks the same. Also, there are many actors in the TV business and now writers want to act ad producers want to act….everyone wants to act, so for good actors, there are very few opportunities left,” he says.

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Jason Shah on losing 14 kgs without going to the gym



Who says losing weight is all about working out in the gym. Actor Jason Shah, who has lost a ton of weight recently, and has been maintaining himself by just eating right. “I have actually lost almost 14 kilos on the sets of Jhansi Ki Rani due to extreme heat and a lot of perspiration,” says Jason, who plays the role of Captain Ross in the show.

He adds, “I wish I still had all that muscle, but there’s not much that I can do. I stopped gymming at the start of the show because I travelled quite far, about 3 hours a day. And after that its 12-14 hrs of the shoot, there’s not a lot of time to the gym and because of the amount of perspiration, my body is quite tired at the end of it. I am just waiting for the show to end and I am going to build back up, it doesn’t take any too long, give me two months and I will be good again.”

However, the actor has been eating right and has cut down on his sugar intake. “My parents always taught me that sugar rots your teeth and that it’s a killer and a thief. So keeping that in mind, ever since I was young, I have always tried to avoid it. Of course, I get tempted. It’s not like I don’t eat ice creams and desserts. I do, I spread out and do not eat these on a regular basis. You have got to watch yourself because, in India, they put sugar in almost everything that you eat,” he says.

He adds, “I am not going to the gym and that’s why I am lean. I have been maintaining myself with just a good diet, healthy food, healthy snacks throughout the day- oats, salads, fruits, eggs, chicken. That’s pretty much how I do it.”

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