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Short stories

First Crush (Part- XIII) – Bhabhi Mil Gayi



It was 5.30 am when our train reached Thane station. We got down from the train with our bags. From the story, Mrunal told me till now I knew he has reached the point the do some Chutiyapa again. And I wanted to know what it was. Next train for me to return to Ratnagiri was in 3 hours so we decided to wait at the station.


To abb kya naya chutiyapa kiya tune? I asked.


Pehele se bohot bada wala tha iss baar… You remember that girl named Pooja from our batch?” Mrunal asked.


“No, I don’t…” I replied.


“Ok… Not that important… I got a friend request from her in the month of January when I was in Thane. We started chatting on FB for a while when I came to know that she was in Ratnagiri itself. We met once or twice in Ratnagiri and use to chat a little like a friend after which all of sudden the messages stopped. Even I didn’t bother to ask as I never took it seriously.”


“Few days after Tanvi’s call, first of all, I called Sayali on her mobile. She received the call.


“Hello, Sayali… Mrunal baat kar raha hoon,” I said.

“Ohh,(she paused for a moment and said) hey Hi… How come you called me today?” she asked nicely.

“Actually, I called you to say sorry about whatever is going on in college. I realized my mistake when this thing happened with my own sister,” I replied.

“Ohh.. I’m used to it now. Leave it.” she said in the same pleasant voice.

“It’s all my fault. I’m sorry once again,” I said.

“It’s Ok, Mrunal. I know you well. I hope you didn’t do it purposely,” she replied.

“Umm… Alright then. Thanks for understanding. Take care,” I said and disconnected the call.


“This was my first conversation with her in years. But because of guilt, I couldn’t enjoy it. Yes, but I was really pleased after listening to her voice. You know what, the way she used to call my name, I use to feel no one else should call me by my name other than her. Although I couldn’t get enough of her calling my name but still whatever I got I couldn’t forget,” Mrunal said. And trust me he was blushing.


I started bunking the lecture as whenever I use to come for the lecture my back-bencher friends use to tease her by my name, which resulted in 2 KTs for me in 3rd semester.”


“Next semester I started bunking the lectures more often. Even after that call, I was still busy finding the way to get rid of all the teasing. I use to stay in a room doing nothing. In January again I received a message on FB. It was from Pooja. That day we had a long chat after a long time. We exchanged numbers again. After which calls and texting started. Although there was nothing between us, I just had nothing to else to do. Everyone else except me used to be in college for the entire day. However, my friends started noticing the unusual time I use to spend on the phone talking to her. They started asking me about her.”


“Once I was call with her when Pravin said loudly,”Lagta hai Bhaiyya ko nayi Bhabhi mil gayi…”. Even she heard that and started laughing.”


“And that’s it. I got my plan. If Pravin thinks that there’s something between me and Pooja why can’t other?”


“I decided to meet her and ask about my plan…” Mrunal said.


“What plan?” I asked Mrunal.


“Plan was to bring her in my collage and propose her in front of everyone. So that people will think that I have moved on and maybe they will stop teasing Sayali by my name,” he replied.


“Ohhh fuck… Dude… Seriously? All you came up with was this shitty plan?” I was shocked.


“Dude… I had nothing to lose. Sayali was in no way interested in me and almost every person in college knew about my interest in her. They use to tease her where ever she went. I made her life miserable even when I never wanted to. So it was my responsibility to clear this mess. Isn’t it? Also on the first day of our chat, I told Pooja everything about Sayali. And anyhow I was not asking her to stay in an actual relationship with me. I was just asking her to pretend it for a few days in front of my friends. Anyone of my female friends could have done that. And if she had said “No” then I was planning to call Tanvi and would have proposed her in front of everyone, ” he said.


“Yes. But this isn’t the right way. Anyways, how did you convince her to do this shit?” I asked Mrunal.


“I didn’t convince her. Actually the day when I met her I didn’t get a chance to talk to her about it. We just went out for dinner and after that, I dropped her to her hostel. She wasn’t in a proper mood that day. I thought she must be on her periods so I decided to wait for a while. But late-night around 1 a.m, I got a call from her ex-boyfriend which she never told me about. I asked her many times about her past but she was never comfortable to share, so I didn’t stress it much. He told me they recently broke-up and she is hanging out with me just to make him jealous. Now he has realized his mistake and wants her back. He knew many details about me where do I leave? What do I do? Almost everything. Also, he knew everything about Pooja. He also told me that he calls Pooja daily after 11 p.m and this was the time when she used to disconnect my call telling her Mom was calling. I was a little convinced with him but still, I had my doubts. He was also calling me to meet him in person where he was going to show other proofs of them being in a relationship,” Mrunal said.


“So what did you do?” I asked.

Dekh Bhai, main baat har kisise karta hoon, lekin bharosa har kisipe nahi rakhta,” he replied.

“I had two options either talk to Pooja about it or talk to him. I chose both. First of all, I met Pooja the very next day. Without even asking she told me that she was tired yesterday so she didn’t call me. Actually it was past 11 pm when I dropped her. After a while, I told her about last night’s call and asked whether she knew that guy. Even though she denied it completely, her face was telling a completely different story. I got my answer. She was lying or was trying to hide something,” Mrunal said.


Phir?” I asked.


Phir kya? Mere hostel main ek bande ke bohot se dost Pooja ke college mein the… Unse information nikali… Pata chala Pooja jhoot bol rahi hai…. Pehle maine socha mein dono ke raaste se hatt jaata hoon, lekin phir socha, BC, wo apne bande ko jealous feel karane ko mera use kar rahi hai to fir main apni bandi ko bachane ke liye usko use kyu na karu?”


I kept myself calm and started hanging out with her daily after her college till 10.30 pm as she told me that her hostel’s gate closes at 11 pm. Having dinner together became routine. First of all, I introduced her to Sasmit and Raj to check if they will be convinced with this lie of relationship. It actually worked. They liked her and I was ready to proceed with my plan.


I decided to propose to her. But before that, I wanted to give her a last chance, to tell the truth. So I decided to propose her in person first. I wanted her to say “No” and tell the truth about her past relationship. See if she would have said “No” then trust me I would have respected her as a person till my whole life even though tried to fool me but unfortunately she said “Yes” when I proposed. And she lost all the respect I had for her.


Now the only remaining thing was to somehow bring her to my college. A day later I told her that all my college friends want to meet her so I want her to come to my college to which she agreed. Here I told Sasmit that I couldn’t propose her properly so I want to propose her again. As he was already very excited about my relationship with her he bought some roses. And as soon as she entered our floor all my friends greeted her with a lot of love to which even she was overwhelmed. Sasmit handed me the flowers which he bought. But struck the tragedy again. I was about to hand over the flowers to her when I saw Sayali passing by. Even she saw flowers in my hand. We had a brief eye-contact. I just closed my eyes for a second and got onto my knees in front of Pooja. Everyone started clapping and I saw Sayali walking away,Mrunal stopped for a while.


“Bhenchod…….” I exclaimed.


“Kya mila itna Chutiyapa karke? Bematlab Sayali ki najaro mein bhi gir gaya? Tere isi chutiyape ki wajah se usne kabhi tujhe Haan nahi kaha hoga…” I said.



“Meri jagah tu hota to tu kya karta?” he asked.


“Pata nahi. Aur thank god mein teri jagah nahi hoon. Lekin already itna raayta fail chuka tha to kam se kam teri tarah aur raayta nahi failata…” I replied.


“Raayta failaya bhi to maine hi tha… Agar main college mein nahi hota to wo bechaari college mein aati, chup chaap padhai karti aur kisi ko kuch pata lage bina passout hoke nikal jaati. Joki usko karna tha. Bematlab meri ulti seedhi harkato ki wajah se wo sabke saamne galat reason se Highlight ho gayi…” he said.


“BDW tune wo Pooja se peecha kaise chhudwaya?” I asked.


#Mature By Mind Kid At H3art Rude From Outside Caring From Inside..!

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Short stories

First Crush (Part XII) – Lost Mobile



“Entering the class I directly went and sat on the last bench. A few minutes later I actually started feeling like an alien in that class. Literally, everyone was unknown to me. Others were sitting with their friends and I was sitting alone. After a while, Raj entered the class and sat beside me even when other benches were empty. We introduced ourselves to each other. He seemed to be a nice guy. After a few minutes, Sasmit entered the class sat in front of me. As we use to meet during exams by now started knowing each other a little. Thank God, there was at least one known face with whom I could talk without any hesitation,” Mrunal said.


“After two lectures we had a short break after which we had practicals for which different batches were made. I and Sasmit were in the same batch because of our surnames while Raj was in Sayali’s batch.”


“After practicals me, Raj and Sasmit went to canteen where I was supposed to meet Pravin. Till now none of them knew about my connection with Sayali. Even I didn’t trust them enough to share.”


As soon as I entered the canteen, Pravin came rushing to me and said,” Bhai, Sayali bhabhi dikhi kya?”. And that’s it. Now even both of knew. I was busted on the first day itself. I knew Pravin didn’t do it intentionally. He always used to be super excited about me and Sayali.”


“Sasmit knew Pravin as they joined the same tutions in Ratnagiri while I was in Thane. He kept on asking him more and more about Sayali and Pravin couldn’t stop telling him. I knew it was of no use stopping him as now or then they were going to know about us.”


“You remember I told you about her first day in college? When I was with Sasmit and Suraj and I say her near that notice board but didn’t talk to her so that no one teases her. That was in vain now.”


“I knew Sasmit. Previous year in our batch we use to tease other couples a lot. Puraane paapo ki saja to milni hi thi mujhe…


“Days went on passing. We didn’t have a single conversation except for a few accidental eye contacts. She used to sit on 2nd or 3rd desk and I use to sit on last or second last desk in the same row. I use to attend a lecture just to see her and I don’t know why I use to have some kind of smile on my face while looking at her. Many of the times lecturers caught me smiling and threw me out of class. But still no change. Sasmit used to bunk lectures but I didn’t.”


“Once after the first two lectures we left for practical labs and our seniors entered the class to occupy the desks. The same batch I used to be part of last year. It was just when I was leaving the class Ajinkya who was my friend, came running at me. He gave me a mobile and told me that he found it on the 3rd bench. He told me to hand it over to whomever it belongs to. I checked the phone but it was locked. I thought that mobile belonged to Chichu or Sid, who were Sayali’s friends by the way and were sitting on the 3rd desk while that day Sayali was sitting on 2nd desk. As I said it was our practicals and everyone was in different batch, instead of searching them in every lab I kept that mobile in my bag and later on forgot about it during practicals. After practicals, it was a lunch break and during this entire time the phone kept on ringing but as it was on silent mode I couldn’t hear that. It was when Pravin asked me for some change and I started looking for my wallet, I realized I had a mobile in my bag. I checked, there were more than 10 missed calls on it. I waited for someone to call back but no one called back after that. I started walking towards the class. As soon as I entered the class, I made an announcement that “I have found a mobile. Whoever it belongs to please come and take it back”.


I was expecting Sid or Chichu to come. However, I saw Sayali walking towards me with some angry look on her face.“


“Ohhh, dear God… It was her mobile… She kept calling and I didn’t pick up. She was angry, worried and maybe she was about to cry… I didn’t even confirm if it was her mobile. I just handed it over to her… I thought she will thank me for returning her mobile and it might be our first conversation in years…”


“Nope. She just took that mobile and rushed to her desk. Later on that day, I met her roomie, Shital on bus stop when I came to know that she thought I stole it from her just to pull some prank or be a hero in front of her. I didn’t explain anything to her. But when Samiksha asked me about it I told her everything that happened.”


“I was a little hurt as I wasn’t expecting such a reaction from her. I decided to stay away from her and maintain a safe distance. But as they say ‘Opposite Attracts’, the same thing happened to me. That day as I made that announcement, everyone saw the way she came rushing towards me and literally pulled back that mobile. Many of them noticed the tension between us. They enquire about it to Raj and Sasmit. Raj kept quite but Sasmit couldn’t. He had an entire story to tell. At first, I use to avoid explaining them, but later I realized it was better for me to tell them that I had a crush on her and end that topic instead of Sasmit telling them the entire story.”


“There were reasons that this thing between us got a lot of attention-

  1. I was an ass with many of them. I use to troll them, tease them, bully them. And all they have got against me was this one thing.

2. The differences between us. She was the first bencher while I was last, she was topper while I had a drop, she was way too smart in looks and I was just interested in being me. I still don’t have proper dressing sense and I still don’t care about it.”


“At first I didn’t bother about it much but later I realized she is being teased by my name literally everywhere in the college campus. However, everyone teasing her was either my friends or was being bullied by me at some point of time. So again things went against me and she thought it was me who was telling them to tease her.”


“Days passed and I thought these things became normal for both of us, but then I got a call from Tanvi after a really long time. She was pursuing her BBA at KIT, Kolhapur. During our call, she told me there was some local guy who was harassing her. And she was being teased everywhere she went. But later he moved on and got into a relationship with some other girl and now no one teases her. And I swear to god, till that moment I didn’t utter a single word about what was going on in our college.”


“What stuck my mind was the word ‘Harassing’. Does even Sayali think that I am harassing her? Does even she take all this teasing seriously? Did all this affect her anyhow?”

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First Crush (Part XI) : A Known Stranger



“Atish,” Mrunal replied.

“Atish? Who?” I asked.

“I met Atish in Mr Tripathi’s class at Vidyalankar. I still remember that doomsday of my life when he entered late in the class completely drenched in rain. I was as usual seating on the last bench so he came and sat beside me.”

“Mr Tripathi was a genius, he was teaching Semiconductors which was the last chapter from Basic Electronics and Electrical,i.e, BEE. As Mr Tripathi had his PhD thesis on Semiconductors and Transistors he started to teach us those chapters in order to make us comfortable with the subject. However, Atish was fresher and had no idea about what was going on as he was late.”

Ye F.E ki B.E.E ki hi class hai na?” he asked wiping the water on his face.

I nodded yes.

To ye Zaatu kya sikha raha hai? Ye sab to maine college mein suna bhi nahi hai,” he said.

I just pointed finger at the chapter’s name on the index page.

Muhh mein tambakoo hai kya?” he asked looking at me.

I just gave him a look and opened my notebook and wrote,” Goonga hoon, Bhai. Kyu majaak uda rahe ho?

Reading this the smile on his face faded away into guilt. He just took the pen from my hand and wrote,” Arey Bhai, I am really really sorry yaar. Main Chutiya hoon. Bakwaas karta rehta hoon. Sorry yaar.

Reading this I took the pen from his hand and wrote,” Abe Chutiye, goonga hoon, behra nahi. Likhne ki jaroorat nahi thi…” and both of us started laughing.

After a while he said,“Bhai, kuch samajh nahi aa raha. Baad mein samjha dena…

I nodded again.

Nahi chhod, tu to goonga hai, to kya Dumbsheras me samjhayega?” he said.

I just smiled at him but didn’t reply anything. That day both of us went on break together but I didn’t utter a word. Atish himself placed an order for me. I could see he was really feeling very guilty.

After a while lecture was finished and we were leaving for home when I asked,”Tujhe abhi samjhau ya baad mein?

Listening this he was shocked,”BC, Bhadve Saale… Tune sach mein mujhe chutiya banaya…Tujhe pata bhi hai main kitna guilty feel kar raha tha..?

And I couldn’t stop laughing. This is how we became good friends and started spending time together. I still remember his reaction when I told him about Sayali.

BC, log pyaar mein Zeher kha lete hai, Building se kudd jaate hai, train ke niche aa jaate hai. Lekin saale tu to unka bhi baap nikla. Tune to engineering hi leli wo bhi ek baar nahi 2-2 baar. Aur itna sab karne ke baad bhi koi guarantee nahi hai ke wo tujhe milegi,”he said and I had nothing to say about this as I have heard same thing from many of them.”

“If you were so good friend with him then why do you call him the biggest mistake of your life?” I asked Mrunal.

“Because of one his suggestions which I should have ignored, but I didn’t,” Mrunal replied.

“What suggestion?” I asked.

“Once he asked me out for a movie.

Chal , Anjaana-Anjaani dekhne chalte hai…” Atish said.

Nahi yaar, kal Tripathi ka test hai. Padhna hai.” I replied.

Arey BC, kya dimaag ki Maa chod raha hai? Tripathi kaunsa tera sasur hai jo usko marks se impress kar raha hai?”  he said. “Dekh Bhai. Hum log hai last benchers, jyada marks humein suit nahi karte. Aur agar tu uss ladki to impress karne ke liye jyada marks laa raha hai to tu bhool jaa. Ye to hone wala nahi hai. Wo ladki ne tujhe marks dekh kar naa nahi kaha tha, to seedhi baat hai marks dekh kar haan bhi nahi bolegi. To kyu bekaar mein  mehnat kar raha hai? Tujhe bass 40marks chahiye agli class mein jaane ke liye jo tu bina padhe sirf class attend karke bhi laa sakta hai itna to smart tu hai main jaanta hoon. To ye test ka Randi Rona band kar aur mere saath movie chal. Main tera ticket nikalta hoon.””

“I wish that day I could have gone for that movie without refusing him at first,” Mrunal said. “Unfortunately, the next day I scored 18/20 in the test without studying and this proved Atish right. This was his first advice which I took seriously, which now I wish I shouldn’t have listened. ”

“Later on I returned to Ratnagiri for Semester exams but still stayed in touch with him. Somehow unknowingly I started applying his suggestion and started studying less, to be more precise I started studying for passing marks. Again I cleared my semester exams with good marks and again returned back to Vidyalankar for Java classes. In the same exam, Atish failed in all subjects except BEE which I taught him during PL. So this time he was very much sure that I should teach him Mechanics and Physics. So he contacted me for that and even I agreed. We use to meet at some restaurants or garden as his home was far away in Ambernath and I couldn’t take him to Nani’s place as he had no control on himself and he couldn’t speak a single sentence without using bad words.”

“It was the summer of 2011 and if you remember it was Cricket World Cup which India won. During that period just like every other teenager, Atish was very much inspired after watching Jannat and wanted to try betting. He got that chance once. Atish got tickets of a club in Mulund where they were showing Live Telecast of the ongoing cricket match. So he took me with him. Actually, I’m not at all huge fan of cricket but I never miss India v/s Pakistan matches, so I went with him. After some time we realized that a group of bookies was sitting just beside us and Atish couldn’t stop asking them if we could play. However, in the first 6 bettings itself, Atish lost almost 6,000Rs. After losing all his money he came back and sat quietly beside me, seeing his loser face even I started rolling on the couch laughing.”

He may have realized that he won’t be able to live with me such with such embarrassment, I will keep on trolling him every now and then. In order to counter this, he challenged me, “Gaandu, itna hi hai na toh tu khel ke dikha.

Mujhe khelna hi nahi hai,” I replied.

Saala Fattu, khud ki to fatati hai aur mujhe hass raha hai,” he said.

Chupp, BC,” I said. After a while, I gave it a thought and said,”Agar main jeeta to mujhe kya milega?

Saale paisa milega aur kya? Ab kya gaand doon tujhe maarne ke liye?” he asked.

Yukkk, itne bure din nahi aaye hai mere. Ok, sunn, agar main jeeta to tu wo samnewali jo black t-shirt mein baithi kabse idhar dekh rahi hai usey ye chit deke aayega,” I said.

Bass itna hi? Chalega,” he replied.

Cool, jaake mera 1000Rs. Laga. Nehra ki next ball pe Umar Gul out,” I said. See I had no interest in betting till that time but I was more interested in annoying him. Somehow I got lucky again and I won 9000Rs. I remember Atish face that moment. He was shouting at the top of his voice as if India won the match. As you know a few overs later India actually won that match.

He came smiling at me,”De kaunsa chit kisko dena hai?

I handed over chit at him,”Wo blackwali.

Oohhhoo, lagta hai Bhai wo college wali ko bhool gaya,” he said teasing. I just winked at him and he went, had a brief chat with that girl, handed over that chit to her and came back. During all this I paid the bill and was ready to leave.

“All done Bro, waise wo tujhe nahi mujhe dekh rahi thi,” Atish returned.

“I know,” I replied.

To tune apna number kyu diya usko?” he asked.

Maine kab apna number diya?” I said.

To chit mein kya tha?” he asked.

Ohhh accha wo, tu mujhe gaand dikha kar puchh raha tha na”…. to kya gaand doon maarne…?” tab usne dekha tha. Isliye maine chit mein likha, ‘Don’t stare at me Bitch, I’m Gay’” I said and ran out of lawn in the parking.

Saale, maadarchod…. Khud ka ghar to bass nahi raha.. mera kyu ujaad raha hai?” he came running behind me. We had a little talk for a while and then we left.

Next day when we met he was still staring me in anger,”Tu socha tha usse jyada harami nikla.

Tu kabse sochne laga?” I asked sarcastically.

BC. Accha bhai sunn na,” he said.

Abb kya Chutiyapa karna hai?” I asked.

Tujhe kaise pata main kuch chutiyapa karne wala hoon?” he was surprised.

Tu mujhe jab bhi Bhai bolta hai, uske baad humesha kuch na kuch chutiyapa hi kar deta hai…,” I answered.

Arey Haan, wo bhi hai. Wo chhod, main kya bol raha hoon, parso India v/s Sri Lanka final hai. Mere liye betting karega?”  He asked.

I just stared at him for a moment.

Tension matt le, pura risk mera. Jeete to 50-50 karenge,haarne pe paisa main bharunga. Tu bass khel,” Atish cleared.”

“See I had enough pocket money for my needs at that moment but still no game is boring if you are winning without any risk,“ Mrunal said.

“So you won?” I asked him.

“I won, I even lost many games. But at the end of that match we had World Cup Trophy and 23,000Rs,” he said.

Tu sach bol raha hai?” I asked.

Kis bare mein?” he replied.

Betting aati hai tujhe?” I said.

Nahi re, bass guess kar leta hoon. Kabhi sahi hota hai, kabhi galat. 70-30. Maine apne last year mein bhi  betting ki thi, Sasmit se puchh le.,” he cleared.

“Then why do call Atish as your mistake,” I asked curiously.

“Because of these two of his suggestions, I changed completely. Firstly I realized I don’t need to be at the top now. In short, I don’t need to study much. I just need 40 marks to pass, that’s it. Secondly, betting was the first illegal thing I did without any harm. So the appetite to take a risk in illegal things increased obviously,” he said.

“So what happened next?”

“Unexpectedly, even after studying much less I again cleared my 2nd-semester exams and this proved Atish right once again. Although the result came much later after re-joining college but as I told you the earlier result was just a formality for me,” he said.

“So, now you and Sayali were in the same class?” I asked.

“Yeah, I still remember the first day to second-year class. While visiting the class I had the feel of revisiting our school once again except now no one was in uniform and I had only one known face in that crowd for which I took engineering for the 2nd time in the same lifetime. But only thing was, she was everything for whom I came back again and I was just a known stranger for her now…” he said that last line with an unknown sad smile.

“Back to hell,” I said patting his shoulder.

“Yeah, back to hell for the second time for no good and obvious reason,” he said.

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First love – Last Part



After a few days I got my slambook back, Unnati handed it back to me. I was pleasantly surprised by what was written within. A friendly tone on that page meant that she had accepted my friendship, but ****** (7 stars) in the ‘Person I love’ field, left me bamboozled. Happy and confused at the same time, I decided to leave the fate of our relationship to time.

College Time
Most of us decided to join the science stream after 10th. I had no idea where Sayli would take admission for 11th. “Sarang aale hote aaj college la.” (Sayli’s Dad visited today at Kankavli college is what my dad conveyed me). I thought she would join Kankavli College, but destiny had something else in store for us. As it turned out, she joined S.M. College, and I joined Kankavli college.

As our colleges were different, we were out of touch. One day Ali – our mutual friend, came up to me and said,” mere pass Sayli ka number h, chahiye kya?”. I didn’t know what to say, as it turned out I said no. Why? I don’t have an answer for that even now.

I used to talk with Sayli over Orkut. One day I gathered some courage and asked her number. She gave the number, and our conversations started. We talked a lot, and I guess that’s when we connected and got along well.

Like most people, I joined engineering (looking back it was not meant for me), and she went for MBBS. Finally one day, I clearly expressed my feelings to her; awkward silence. We talked after that but she always avoided the answer, so I never forced the issue again.

One fine day I don’t know what happened, maybe love gods were by my side – she said ‘yes.’ I was on cloud nine.

Best Phase
Yes, this was the best phase of my life. We started hanging out (although ensuring that no one we knew saw us) but didn’t find enough time for each other as days went by. I was being loved by the person who understood and cared for me like no one else – what more could I have asked for.

When it all went Wrong
It had to go wrong somewhere because nothing is perfect. We were teenagers when we fell in love. The possessive nature of both led to uncalled for arguments. What followed was more dreadful – silences. Our relationship started going downhill, and we called it quits, as we knew it wasn’t working.

She remains Special
Although all things are not meant to be, you wish they were. Our relationship was one such thing I wish would have lasted for long. Today we are on good terms and wish nothing but best for one another. Last but not least – she will always remain special.

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