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Happy Father’s Day: TV actors tell us what they have learned from their dads



Father’s Day is here! TV actors tell us what they have learned from their old man!

1.Nishant Malkani 

My father’s name is Deepak Malkani.

One advice I got from him was that whatever you want to do in life, do it. Just make sure that you strive to be the best in that profession..that is what gave me the courage to leave my promising set management career and join the world of arts and media. I strive to be the best each day thanks to his advice. 

This year I’ve booked my parents to visit me first in Mumbai and then giving them a luxurious stay in Goa so they can both spend some time with each other away from home and daily responsibilities. It’s my way of thanking them for being such great parents.

2.Krishna Bharadwaj
My father’s name is Dr Aniket Bharadwaj
Whatever little acting I know is only because of my dad, as he himself is an actor, writer n director based in Ranchi. Being a PhD in Hindi, my training of shuddh Hindi started in my childhood only. That’s how I’m able to pull off a character like Tenali Rama well, where I’ve to speak in shuddh Hindi language. So there’s no one advice but a whole lot of acting mantras he has given me which will help me all my life in my acting career. I’ll be away from him this father’s day as I’ll be shooting in Mumbai but I’m going to send him a lot of gifts.
3.Rehaan Roy
My father’s full name is Rabin Roy.
My father is not just my best friend, but also someone whom I can go up to and ask for any kind of advice or a suggestion.

The best thing that I learned from my father is to stay real and stay honest to yourself. The world will speak about you irrespective of you doing good or bad. But staying real to yourself will always lead you to success.

I honestly don’t believe in celebrating Father’s Day on one day. I stay far from home. So I can’t meet him very often. But I make sure I speak with him every day. Not only on this particular day, but I also try to make him feel the best every day. He is my motivation and will always stay the same forever.

4. Gaurav Sharma
My father’s name is Mr Maghvendra Sharma. The first and the most important advice My father gave me was ‘Never work for money work for respect money will follow’.I’m planning a family trip to Uttrakhand. My father loves travelling. And we ‘ll be taking a road trip which covers scenic places like Haridwar, Hrishikesh too.
5.Rahul Sharma 

My father’s name is Shri Mahesh Kumar Sharma.

He is the only idol in my life and the advice which I have received from him is ‘Karmath Bano Karmat Nahi’, he believed that hard work is everything,  give your 100% and do it,  god will definitely help you. You don’t have to just say please help me,  you do your work, concentrate on it,  believe in it and it will happen definitely and I follow his advice till date.

My parents are in town and I am planning a trip with them somewhere nearby,  to some hill station or something. So I have planned to have a good time with my family. Maybe I will give a surprise gift to my father a watch or something. Cutting a cake and gifting him which will surprise him because he is not at all aware of fathers day, so I will tell him that day and I am sure when he gets to know about it he will be very happy.

6.Rahuol Lohani
My father’s name is Kewalanand Lohani. To be very honest my father is filled with a bag of advice’s and in spite of not getting that kind of fame or mileage which I could have got, my father handled those situations very nicely. My father believes in meditation and he has not just followed Osho but has followed many other people too. He always says that a person can be right or wrong but teaching can’t, so whenever you tell something to somebody or somebody tells something to you, it depends on you as to how do you take that advice. I used to see him meditating for hours so I started meditations, and I believe in it a lot. Today’s generation genuinely needs meditation because the stress level has increased in terms of studies, in careers as well as in day to day challenges and the only thing which can save them is meditation. He used to tell me that we should always pass good things to our kids as when a bird’s child starts to fly the bird never looks back to see what will happen. So you have to be independent because when you realize that you are independent you don’t look back to see that your parents are there to help you or not. He taught me that we have to accept everything and every challenge of life and to make oneself strong to handle the situations alone. I follow his lessons till now and today there’s no success which takes me higher and no failure that can beat me. For me, everything is momentary, if something is there today than it would not be there tomorrow.

My father stays in Ghaziabad so I won’t be able to go there as he is travelling right now.  He sends me bouquets and cakes and videos of how they celebrate. On his birthday we gifted him a scooty which we planned very well as I involved my chacha and it was a big surprise for him and he was very happy to see how we planned and arranged all the things. This time there’s no surprise as such as he will not be here as he is travelling so I would just call him and wish him.  
7. Helly Shah
My father‘s name is Gautam C. Shah. There are a lot of things which I have learned from him and the things which I have learned will always be there with me. One is punctuality, I have always taken that effort of being punctual always. He has always advised me how to use money in the right way and not randomly waste it. He made me understand the importance of education and it’s a role in our lives.
It’s not going to be a great kind of celebration because he stays in Ahmedabad so I would send him something.  
8. Tinaa Dattaa
My father’s name is Tapan Kumar Datta.
One advice which he has always given me is that karma speaks and what is destined for you shall always be yours no matter what no one can take that away from you and you should not envy anyone.
9.Aastha Chaudhary
 My father’s name is Mr Banesingh Chaudhary. One important lesson which I have taken from my father is that we should never forget our roots. Be humble and grounded. When I was leaving home and coming here in Mumbai he specifically told me to stay grounded. This industry is full of glitters and all that glitters is not gold. And this name fame, money are all temporary. Your real treasure is your roots, family.

I haven’t plan anything on this Father’s Day. But my only intention is always to make him proud.

10. Adaa Khan
My father’s name is Abbas Khan.
One thing which he has always adviced me is that we should not trust everyone blindly and since I am a spender he always keeps telling me to save, but I believe to live for today.
11. Aniruddh Dave
My father Vitin Dave has given me an excellent upbringing. The values he has given me has made me the person I am. He always told me that good work follows the money and never hurt anyone on your way up in your career. I follow what my father taught me. My father lives in Jaipur. I would talk to him on the phone as I can’t go to Jaipur as I am shooting for my TV show Patiala babes. 
12. Asmita Sood

My father’s name is Ashwani Sood

The advice my dad gave me which I follow till date is that nothing is impossible. He is someone who calms me down whenever I’m stressed out. He stands out there like a rock for me every time even when feeling low or stressed out.

I will be in Mumbai on fathers day but I will send something for him from here itself, thinking about a nice gift and some chocolate cake as he loves chocolate just like I do.
13.Kinshuk Vaidya

My father’s name is Nitin M Vaidya. The advise he always gives me is be a good human being, the rest will follow. I will spend some time with him on this Father’s Day as we both are very busy with our respective professions and don’t get much time.

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Bollywood film ‘Oxygen’ gear up for first-ever World Premiere




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Caleidoscope Indian Film Festival is organized by Indian Arts Boston Inc, a non-profit Massachusetts organization and is the largest Indian Film Festival of USA. It provides a unique platform for upcoming art-house and differentiated films from the Indian sub-continent to be discovered and appreciated by a mainstream global audience. Over the past five years, Caleidoscope has screened, even premiered several defining films of the Indian film industry including Chittagong, Teenkahon, Lipstick Under My Burkha, A Death in the Gunj, An Argumentative Indian and so on.
Directed by Shoib Nikash Shah, the film is a portrayal of the moral ambiguity of corruption among low paid government employees. The dilemma of low salaries and tempting deals offered to grossly underpaid and under-employed officials and the resultant struggle of honest officers with the established system forms the central plot of the film.
This would be the first-ever world premiere of the film Oxygen and the team is extremely happy since the Festival, which receives around 300 submissions every year from filmmakers around the world, has selected this film for the Competition round as well, apart from screening. Caleidoscope is one of the few festivals that provides monetary awards to filmmakers for its top competitive section.
On this occasion, we had a word with the female protagonist of the movie, Namita Lal of Lihaaf fame, who was absolutely delighted with the news. Sharing her excitement, she said, “I’m amazed to know that our film has been chosen not just for the screening but also have been invited to participate in the Competition round. Besides, for an international Film Festival to pick up a movie based on such a theme is also overwhelming.”

Showering light on the film’s theme, the director-cum-lead actor, Shoib Nikash Shah of Mantostaan fame said, “The film talks about environmental preservation and enlightens on ground level corruption which is the basic conflict around the globe and also about conservation of nature which is the ultimate need of the hour. Nevertheless, the film raises a lot of relevant questions throughout.” He expressed his gratitude towards the Festival organisers for selecting his film to premiere in a prestigious Film Festival.
The cinematography of the film, which has been shot in the beautiful and small region of Poonch and Surankot (J&K) has been done by Luxmi Chand Chauhan while the music has been contributed by Shubhdeep Singh. Produced by Rahat Kazmi Films, Nutzaboutme Pte Limited, Singapore and Shoib Nikash Shah, the shooting of the film completed in January but its release date is yet to be announced.
The film would be screened on September 7 at 2:30 pm in Rhode Island College and the entry ticket is free but available only on prior registration. For more details, please visit:

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According to our source close to the production house, “The series is titled ‘The Bull Of Dalal Street’. It is about the journey of a poor man, who comes to the city of dreams Mumbai and rose instantaneously to become one of the most influential brokers.”

When contacted Vibhu Agarwal, CEO at Ullu Digital Pvt Ltd, told us, “Yes, we are coming up with yet another interesting series. It is the story about a common man, who had risen to a position of prominence in the stock industry, his flashy lifestyle, multi-crore frauds and his fall from grace.”

‘The Bull Of Dalal Street’ will be co-produced by Falguni Shah’s Dreamzz Images Studio and directed by Deepak Pandey.

Seems interesting! Stay tuned to this space for more updates.

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