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Here’s what these TV actors expect from the new government



The election results are our and as the ruling party gears to take its position in power, here are what these TV actors expect from it.


Nishant Malkani :

I expect and hope for three things first is the employment rate should increase. I want more people to be employed because there is a youth sitting at home unemployed. I want them to get work so that they can contribute to our GDP. Secondly, I want the GST rules to be made simpler, we have a very complicated one right now and one more rule to control the population of our country because after a point the resources will get limited in our country. If a family has a third child, there should be some kind of drawback to that family because we need to control the population in our country, as that would also affect the unemployment rate and resources in our country.

Sahil Anand :

Our PM Modi sir is only doing good for the extremely rich or extremely poor, the middle class suffers, be it GST, property or anything. I think he should now work for the middle class since the prices of things are rising and it’s not easy for a common man to survive. He worked hard for the black money to be out but has not been successful but he should pay more attention to that.

Ssharad Malhotra :

We are known as a parliamentary democratic republic and the expectations are the same as they always were…The elected government representatives should be for the people because they are by the people. Before the elections and post results, the attitude towards the country and its citizens should never alter. Our country doesn’t need a dictator but an efficient leader with skills that can promote and encourage growth in various sectors and at all levels. Unemployment, poverty, roadside sanitation, less power supply in rural sectors,  inadequate amount of safety for women are some of the basic issues that need to be worked upon and strictly dealt with by the new government.

Delnaaz Irani :

As a citizen of the country, I am looking at a very peaceful India, everybody comes and promises things but one cannot keep up to it though I am looking forward to a very peaceful country. There should be no discrimination amongst the people, the rule should be equal to everyone, be it the rich or the poor and that would make a better India live and a peaceful country to live in without any discrimination. Expectations from the new government are too many but to start with, I would just want my country to be a place where people come and say that it’s a very peaceful country to live in and I don’t know when it’s going to happen?

Rehaan Roy : 

I’m so happy for the verdict of our nation and I wish our honourable Prime minister heartiest congratulations. I expect the government to work with honesty and impartiality. I’m expecting more progress, cleaner India, more opportunities for the youth, gender equality, more protection for women and kids.

Ramman Handa :

I expect a better India in terms of educational support and employment. Also, I will appreciate if our law and order get reviewed and let the Indian citizens sense the feeling of security. We need much attention to the quality of life and I expect my new government to bring a change instead of just giving false hopes.

Tinaa Dattaa : 

I feel that the government should work on the roads, there are so many potholes and as monsoon is arriving, it will get worse. So, I hope they work on it.  Traffic rules should be more strict. Other than that, they should work on the problems which we are already facing rather than focussing on inane issues. Cleanliness drive has to be more. Plastic ban initiative is good but still, plastic is being used so the law needs to be strict.

Jasmin Bhasin : 

The most important thing for our country is that the peace of the country is maintained,  its relationship with foreign nations improves,  we become economically a very strong country. As we are a third world nation, people often look down upon us. So, I feel the economic growth of the country is very important. And I expect the government to work on these endeavours only because when the economic structure and growth of the country improves automatically a poor person who is not financially stable, will have a better living standard.

Krishna Bharadwaj : 

My expectations from the new government start from basic amenities to common people. India is still a developing country and a lot of people are still below or at the poor line of living of standard. That needs to get balanced. Safety of women is another thing. Third, enough of these riots or lynchings in the name of religion. We don’t need statues of freedom fighters in our country, we need to use that money for the betterment of the Indian citizens. People should feel safe and secure.

Jason Shah : 

My expectation and my hope are that Modi Ji continues to do a great job for India. We can already see the signs of greater progress, making India great for the first time. I hope he continues doing the job that he is doing and does it with sincerity.

Rahul Sharma : 

I expect progress, India to have an established economy. It should become one of the world’s greatest powers. It should grow in a way that people should be surprised. It should be corruption-free.  Everything is very expensive right now, I feel they should work on it because poor people are suffering. Some things which were left incomplete like there was a project where they were supposed to connect all the rivers all over India, I feel if a project like that is completed, there would never be a situation faced by Indians where there will be a shortage of water. They should get such projects which would be good for our country. Infrastructure should be strong. They should work on the education system as well, so these are the changes I want the new government to do.

 Angad Hasija:

Expectations from the new government are that it should manage corruption, empower small business and provide equality to all! Complete at least 40% of what you promise. Political parties always have wonderful manifestos but they hardly fulfil those.

Bhanujeet Singh Sudan:

The expectations from the new government are for a better India. We have so much potential as a nation but due to corruption, everything is ruined and the world has taken India for granted. The new government should come up with better leaders and good ministers who can channelise their strength in a better way.

Rajesh Kumar :

My expectations with the government are very basic. The seeds they have planted in the first term, this is the time we want to see the fruit of it. 10 years is a good duration to make the world acknowledge the fact that we have gone for a change for the better. The whole idea is about basic things. They have targetted basic things which were ignored for last 65-70 years post independence like Swacch Bharat, etc.  I think this is the time they should look more after the ecology, environment and the farmers.  We should focus on producing quality food, they should start looking towards the environment and planting more trees. Things like a rally for river should be given priority.

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Happy Friendship Day: Here’s who these TV actors are best friends with

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Angad Hasija 

My best friend from the industry is Sara Khan. It’s been 10 years now and we are still good friends. No matter where she is, she has always stayed in touch with me. She was doing a Pakistani show in between and from there, she used to FaceTime me. We talk almost every day with each other. Many people say that a guy and girl can’t be friends but my friendship with Sara is very pure. We don’t meet much but whenever we do, it’s the same bond and connection. It’s been 10 years now, we have even done 2-3 shows together and I feel there are only a few friends who maintain friendships for so long. Once I was feeling unwell and my family was out of town, so Sara left her shoot for two hours and came to my place, took me to the doctor and dropped me back home, I am so grateful to her.

Rajesh Kumar 

My best friend is a person who has been with me when I was no one. My classmate, roommate, batchmate who has been with me since 1995; his name is Kranti Prakash Jha. He is also an actor. The best part about him is the gratitude towards his discipline, the way he lives his life, the way he has maintained himself,  the way he does yoga, everything is such an inspiration for me. He has always been an inspiration. Coming from a small town, getting the title of Grasim Mr India Best dressed male and eventually landing up in films, what a journey it has been. I have seen him throughout his journey. A guy from a small town who did not even have a sense of fashion and then to become Grasim Mr India best-dressed male is very inspiring. We are actually brothers from another mother. The first time we met in Delhi during college days, I remember him looking at my thin moustache and saying in a Bihari accent ‘Arey Baap re Aap Toh Bahut Sundar Hai’. I just laughed at him at that time. He had come in formal clothes and sports shoes and from then to now, the way he has worked on himself is incredible. He is such an inspiration.

Rahuol Lohani  

I have had many best friends since childhood, but in Mumbai, the first-ever good friend I made was Kirti Kelkar. We were in a show together called as Har Mod Par where I was playing her brother. I believe friendship happens automatically and no efforts need to be made. I have done so many TV shows and worked with many people but I have made only some friends and Keerti Kelkar ji is on the top of that list. I call Keerti my punching bag because whenever we fight, I am the one who gets angry and she understands me. I feel that the people who understand you are the ones who are your friends and that’s what my relationship with Keerti is all about. She is always there whenever I need her. Vikas Kadam is also a dear friend who was part of the creatives before and is now an actor.

Tinaa Dattaa

My best friend is Aashka Goradia because she always boosts my morale, she always motivates me. I have an attitude of gratitude for her. I shall always be thankful for her because she is that one industry best friend of mine who is not jealous of anybody. Who does not have ego issues? She will always show you the right path and never make you feel insecure unlike any other actors on set. She is a fabulous person and that’s why she is my best friend.

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