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‘ Indian Foothills of Himalaya ‘



“Indian Foothills of Himalaya”

Part – 1


Traveling is something we all experience it in someway or the other. Some travel to work, others just to take a break from their regular routine. Traveling is a hardwired habit of a human being. We have been exploring this planet and now the galaxy just to satisfy our curiosity and learn something extraordinary from the journey.

INDIA is a land of many influenced cultures and religions and India has never failed to impressed travelers from around the globe to amaze them.

I’m a frequent traveler and I’ve been exploring every corner of this country from a very young age. Traveling has taught me how to have fun and enjoy a certain place in their local ways.

Well lets get our basics cleared. India is in the South East of Asia and has an amazing topography and thus, there is a vast variation in climate, culture and traditions.

Up North of India is surrounded by the Himalayan Ranges and it stretches from the west to east of the northern India. The most well-known state are Jammu, kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand which are on the foothills of the Himalayan Ranges. They offer one of the best experiences for Adventure, Religious and Leisure tours. This region is highly influenced by the mythological stories of various Gods. People from the world travel down here to enjoy and experience Hinduism and Buddhism. And few trek down these beautiful valleys of these regions.

Place, Cuisine and More


Srinagar is famous for is scenic beauty of the mountains, the Dal Lake, the Shikara boat rides and ofcourse sipping ‘Garam Chai’ (Hot Tea) and enjoying the view anytime of the day.

Leh Ladakh

Dal Lake of Srinagar

One of the speciality of Kashmiri Cuisine is Wazwan which is a multi-course Kashmiri Muslim influenced menu.

Leh Ladakh

The Kashmiri Cuisine influenced by the local Muslims

And the Noor Chai is also something is worth ordering.

Leh Ladakh

The Pink Tea


To Do List

  1. To explore Srinagar it takes minimum 2 days to 4 days
  2. Accommodation is available from various ranges
  3. There are a variety of food to taste for both vegetarians as well as non vegetarians
  4. The Shikaras or commonly known has the House Boats is a must try
  5. Place to visit are Shankaracharya Temple, Shalimar Bagh, Jamia Mosque, Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden, Pari Mahal, Zero Bridge, SPS Museum, etc
  6. Best Time to visit is From April to October (Summer)




Leh Ladakh is situated the southern Ranges of Himalaya in the Jammu and Kashmir at a height of 11,556 – 18,875 FSL. The must visit places Pangong Tso Lake, Tso Moriri, kardungla Pass, Shituk Gompa Monastery, Magnetic Hills, Nubra Valley, Shanti Stupa, Zanskar River and many more….

Leh Ladakh

Pangong Tso Lake

Amongst the favorite dishes of Ladakhi people is the Thukpa, a noodle soup with boiled vegetables, chunks of chicken, pork, beef or mutton served with spicy ‘chutney’ to enhance the zing. A hot bowl of thukpa served with ‘khambir’, locally baked bread,is the best way to beat the chilly weather. It is available in every little cafe or street-stall.

Leh Ladakh

Chhupri or Yak Cheese Himalayan delicacy, its made by adding lime and other citrus fruits to Yak milk and it is churned. A tedious process, but the end result is a this yummy cheese.

Leh Ladakh

Chhurpi – Yak Cheese

Momos is also one of the most common food. Their staple, food, their bread, it’s shaped, and almost tastes  like a thicker roti. It can be had smeared with jam, butter or pair it with the butter tea-and it fills up your stomach,  readying you for a day of hard work ahead. Try an omlette with it, goes well too.

Leh Ladakh

Fresh Ladakhi Bread

Seabuckthorne bush was previously used only for fencing, when quite recently the properties of these “leh berries” were discovered. They have two bottling plants in Nubra and one in Leh. And are Rich in an Omega 7 fatty acid called palmitoleic acid, sea buckthorn is particularly beneficial for the skin, nourishing and moisturizing from the inside out. You must must try this.

Leh Ladakh

Seabuckthorn Berries


To Do List

  1. To explore Leh-Ladakh it takes minimum 3 days to 5 days
  2. Accommodation is available from various ranges from 500 INR to 3000 INR
  3. There are a variety of food to taste for both vegetarians as well as non vegetarians
  4. The Yak Rides is a must try.
  5. Best Time to visit is From April to October (Summer)
  6. Road trips are best from mid June to September end


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What us to write about a place you want to know more about? Leave a comment below and also let us know how you liked the article.

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In the God’s Own Country With Friends




places to visit in Kerala SayMore


places to visit in Kerala


Well, in August my friends and I decided to take a long break from work and the busy city for a span of Eight days. We were a group of 4 who were looking forward for a leisure, adventure and reviving vacation. We were looking for the right place during this season to fit the right budget and to enjoy food and experience something new together.

So, our choice was Kerala!!

Yup, we had an amazing time relaxing, travelling, grabbing healthy meals (most of the time) with a whole lot of adventure for a Duration of 08 days under a budget of 10,000/- only per person.


places to visit in Kerala

The Train Journey

Day 1 & 2:

Well we decided to take a train to Ernakulam with a 3 tier a/c reservation from Mumbai via Garib Rath Express

Travel Duration: 26-28 hours

Cost: 1100/-

Food: best to pack snack and dinner for the train journey



places to visit in Kerala

At The train station before Departing

The seats are small in length and breadth but overall fine. We arrived at Ernakulam and took a transfer to Fort Cochin via Ola Cabs

Accommodation: Tantra

Cost per day: 700/- (per Room)

places to visit in Kerala

Facility: basic rooms with attached bathroom, amazing common sit-out on the roof with lots of art, music and travelers influenced place. Has a common well equipped kitchen and the owners are really helpful and an amazing company.

Day 3 & 4:

You can explore Fort Cochin, Ernakulam, Visit Lulu Mall, and Marine Drive. There are also plenty of Church, temples and museum in fort Cochin as it is a completely mixed culture zone where shopping for spices and visiting authentic cafes is something no-one should miss. You could enjoy another day to catch-up with Fort Cochin


places to visit in Kerala

Lunch At Aavi – Ernakulam

Day 5:

We Booked a cab to Munnar for a 3 day trip to Munnar Hills. You’ll have to leave early in the morning and have breakfast on the way. But 1pm you should reach your destination and enjoy lunch. I and my friends had decide to have an adventures stay in Munnar where we booked the tent accommodation.


places to visit in Kerala

Drive to Munnar


Cost: 2000/- (per day for two person a tent)

The cost  included 3 meals (veg/ non-veg), stay with basic facility of bathroom and a spectacular view of nature and the Western Ghats and also a lucky chance to spot wild elephants.

You could relax the day and enjoy tea and bhajis from the local town in the evening.

places to visit in Kerala

Camp Site View


Day 6:

We opted for a trek day around the place which was tiring but a breath taking view after the climb. It will consume the whole day so don’t plan for anything but shopping for Tea, Chocolate, spices and etc.

Trek and Guide Charges 250 per head

places to visit in Keralaplaces to visit in Kerala

Mid-Trek Scene


Day 7:

Pack and Leave camp early to enjoy a day at the tea factory where you can see the process of tea making and plantation. Also you could visit a spice garden to enable you to understand more about Spice. This two tours will be done by afternoon and after lunch we could depart Ernakulam Station to catch a train back to Mumbai which we

reached the next day.

places to visit in Kerala

Tea plantation



So here’s the conclusion:

Duration: 8 days

Cost: 10,000/- INR (Approx.)

Gang of Friends: 04 members

Cost Includes: Travel via train and car, accommodation and food. Well food cost may vary as per your choice. And also Trek guide charges.

Cost Excludes: Tea and Spice tour entry free (differs as per season) Liquor, Tips if any) and Cochin and Ernakulam cab Charges (varies as per distance and Ola/ Uber)

Well the extras were that, we did make a lot of memories and learnt a ton of new things.


places to visit in Kerala

And anyone of you who is looking forward to take a trip with your friends and need some help and ideas you could drop me a mail on

places to visit in Kerala places to visit in Kerala

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The Magic of God’s Own Country




The Magic of God’s Own Country



Well we all have an idea that Kerala is in South India, it is one of the famous Honeymoon Destinations and a place to rejuvenate ourselves with the authentic,ancient methods of Ayurveda.

But, here’s the thing, Kerala is really not only about Ayurveda treatments, backwaters and a honeymoon destination. Kerala is a place where you can actually see and learn something extraordinary from the basic thing you’ll ever get to see. The place where herbs are consumed in everything, elephants and humans live happily around each other, the nature, the tea, the spices, the climate, the culture, the history, the welcoming nature, and trust me this list can go on and on…  it’s that Kerala is not a disappointment.

Kerala is not just a costly place where you have to have a large budget to visit and experience. It’s that you should know what’s worth it and what’s right for you.


The best places to name a few are Cochin, Varkala, Periyar, Munnar, Thekkady and Fort Cochin. It a depends, what are you looking to do, only sightseeing, or a mix of everything.

We at WildHat take our curious guest to experience Kerala under 12,000/- INR with all inclusive* and that to for 7 days. With WildHat, you could experience the backwaters of Kerala, the majestic Shola Forest, a peaceful walk through the spices and tea gardens. Maybe site a wild elephant while trekking, enjoy authentic kerala cuisine, watch an elephant take a bath in the morning, enjoy the evenings on a island, talk to the locals like you knew them forever and enjoy the satisfaction that kerala was worth visiting.

What you can do……

Well WildHat have something for everyone, if you are the easy going kind of person well, you could enjoy the evening and the day by the backwaters and walking down the tea and spice gardens. A hot yummy meal, amazing tea to refresh yourself and of course a amazing company will be on your itinerary. All you have to worry is about absolutely nothing.


If you’re a adventure lover, here’s what you could do, kayak in the backwater, cycle around the Mountain region, hike into the mysterious Shola Forest and camp the nights under the million stars around a tea plantation.


Spice Tour


If you’re up to explore the culture of Kerala, you could enjoy the traditional dance forms, traditional artwork, visit ancient holy places, historical monuments walk down the old ports and trade markets right from the time of Vasco Da Gama’s visit.


Dance Form

And if you’re a little bit of everything, well we’ll merge things together and we’ll take the best out of it, so that you can make the trip count and you could take back loads of stories to tell your family and friends you experienced.


Here’s what we do……

Well we don’t like taking pushy-rushy tours, We like to give our guests enough time to take in the moment and we make sure they have a good night sleep after their busy day.

We have nothing hidden, we understand what are your requirements and we explain what we will be offering well in advance.

We’ll guide you to pack right so it’s light and so that you could return with goodies for your family and friends from your trip.

Well give us a try before it’s too late to grab your discount*!!!!!


You could get in touch with us through


Call Us: +919916377040, +917758811899

Message us on Whatsapp or Direct message :+919916377040

We are on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Saymore

*-is for terms and conditions applied.

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Bangalore’s Spirit




Bangalore city’s Spirit

Bangalore city

Lalbagh Botanical Garden’s Glass House

Well, I’m a Bangalore Girl and it always made me feel grateful being apart of Bangalore city. Bangalore is a city which has never disappointed me. I’m a compulsive Traveller and I have traveled across the country. And I’ve learnt that every town has its own unique originality which you can’t find the same in any other town in the country. So Bangalore city is also the same.

Bangalore city

Yummiest Dosas

Best know as the Garden City, Silicon Valley and the IT capital of India the spirit and the place is what makes Bangalore. The amazing climate year round, the evening showers which makes every sip of coffee, tea or liquor taste good. The variety of food available, the people migrated from across the globe is what makes Modern Bangalore livable.

Bangalore city

Refreshing Filter Coffee

There has been this thing in Bangalore, the weekends are taken seriously here. People take the weekend off and enjoy it to its max.

Some hang around the MG Road, Brigade Road or Commercial Street shopping, or at a café or a pub. So enjoy a movie, and a nice meal. Others enjoy visiting friends and family or just lay lazy at home.

Bangalore city

Morning’s of Cubbon Park

The best thing I love is Sunday mornings. People around the city get up early and come down to Cubbon Park with families, friends, and some even with their dogs. genuinely enjoy a morning walk, a picnic under a tree with their loved ones or just sit there and do nothing! Cubbon park is a beautiful park right in the heart of Bangalore city where Even though the park is surrounded by the busy city roads, its a rare sight to hear the traffic. The nature around you is a pleasing site to see and feel. The right place to rewind and remind yourself of the best of you.

Bangalore city

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium

Well, Bangalore is not thats it. There is the Vishveshwara Science Museum where you could meet a mechanized T-Rex amusing visitors, amazing basic science experiments which has been tour lesson all throughout tour school days. History is worth learning in this museum. And there is many more to experience…

Bangalore city

The planetarium, the War Memorial, the Lalbaug, The Vidhan Saudha, Wonderla Amusement Park are few of the places you could visit for the weekend.

Bangalore city

Bangalore Palace

Apart from places, food is something everyone loves giving it a try. The Cheap Coffee House for amazing filter coffee, crispy yummy dosas, and egg and toast on Church Street , the Classic Woody’s on Commercial Street, The Only Place Restaurant for Steaks, burgers and pastas on the Museum Road, Nagarjuna for Andhra Meals and Briyani, Nilgris, a bakery worth visiting and Church Street Socials on Church Street for a amazing evening with friends.

Well these are only few of the things one can enjoy over a weekend, but trust me the weekends are not disappointing.

If you are in Bangalore and your looking for some help, advice and good company to show you around., just leave us a message or give us a call and we’ll give you a time of Bangalore you’ll be glad to experience it.

Contact Information

Email :,

Call : +9916377040

Message or whatsapp : +9916377040

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