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Hug Day: Here’s who these TV actors want to hug



Hug Day TV world

Hug Day is here! Our telly actors tell us who they would want to give a hug to in the industry.

Shivin Narang : 

A hug is a very warm feeling. The people you trust, the people you love, the people you want in your life, are the ones who you hug. I have a habit of hugging people but not everyone. I only hug the people I like or the people who are close to me.

When I came to Mumbai, I really wanted to meet SRK and fortunately, I met him and he hugged me. I guess that was a very warm gesture from his side. So, I guess I have already hugged him and there is no one else I would want to hug.

Jason Shah :

A hug from my mom or my friends makes me feel good. I hug my friends when I meet them, whenever I meet the people that I know, I greet them with a hug. I would like to hug Shahrukh Khan because I just feel he needs a hug.

Moon Banerrjee :

Hugging is a form of expressing love and is, in fact, a very powerful one. It exchanges energies in the purest and most compassionate way. A hug straight from the heart can fix a lot of things. I don’t really have the habit of hugging people and I’m very particular about it. It depends on my comfort and connect level but I hug my son all the time. His hug feels home and settled. A Bollywood celebrity I want to hug will be MR SHARUKH KHAN not because I’m a big admirer but I am curious to know what energy he carries with him.

Rehaan Roy :

A hug is certainly an expression of your love and affection towards someone. For me, I love to hug people who I love, be it my friends, my parents or someone special. Hugs release a lot of stress. When I feel low, I really expect my loved ones to just come and hug me and it goes vice versa. One hug that always makes me feel how blessed I am is when I come back home after work and hug my bachha Murphy (My pet).

If given a choice to hug someone from Bollywood, it will certainly be Alia Bhatt as I think she is the cutest amongst all.

Saurabh Pandey :

The value of hugging is precious, it’s very natural, organically, biologically and in every way. When you are full of emotions or love, all you want to do is become one with your loved ones by hugging them tightly. So hugging is something really important as it keeps joy and humanity alive. I am huger, I hug as many people as I can. A Bollywood celebrity whom I would love to hug is Salman Khan.

Ansh Bagri : 

A hug is an expression of exchanging positive energy. It feels really good when someone hugs me when I am feeling low. I do have a habit of hugging people who are close to me, for example, my family members or friends. A Bollywood celebrity I wish to hug will be Mr. Amitabh Bachchan because he is a legendary actor and I have always admired him for his work and the kind of person he is.

Tarun Khurana :

The value of hugging in my life is spreading love and a feeling the warmth of a person’s aura. I do have a habit of hugging people but only with them who are close to me, the people I know.

A Bollywood celebrity that I would want to hug would be Deepika Padukone because I adore her. I just want to hug her and tell her how beautiful she is.

Geetanjali Singh :

Sometimes, all you need is a warm hug and all your problems, your stress disappear. It’s actually a therapy. You can tell the people you love that you love them without saying a thing, through your hugs. I want to hug Irrfan Khan. I want him to be perfectly fine and resume work with more power. One hug is for Kangana. It’s said that ‘In a room where people unanimously maintain a conspiracy of silence, one word of truth sounds like a pistol shot’. She says what she feels like and maybe because of that, she appears very lonely at times. So, I want to give her a big hug and say, ‘I really like you for speaking up your mind with such faith, more power to you girl and don’t worry things will be fine.’ The last hug is for Shahrukh Khan because he is super cute.

Abhishek Tewari :

I value hugs a lot, I’ll tell you all the reasons. Hugs teach us how to give and receive warmth and also how to be in the present moment to celebrate the flow of love energy. Also, hugs encourage empathy and understanding. They connect us to love and care. The cuddles that we receive from our mom and dad and closed ones while growing up helps us develop our ability to self-love and share. Hugs boost our oxytocin and serotonin levels which result in elevating our mood and creating happiness. Hugs strengthen our immune system and are antidepressants. They relax us and release stress. Hugs balance out our nervous system and are parasympathetic.

The Bollywood celebrity I want to hug or give jaadu ki jhapi would be

Mr Amitabh Bachchan. I’ve always felt his presence to be extremely warm and humbling.

Smiriti Kalra :

My hugs are very precious to me. I keep mine in a little silver box with a huge lock. People have to earn my hug. Once I think they are worth it, I unlock my box and give a hug.

People who have earned my trust and love have got my hugs. So, for my close group of people, I am a hugger!

Krishna Bharadwaj :

The day goes great if you get a hug from your loved ones. This is what science says because it generates some hormones. Well, in my life, hugging has a huge value. That warm touch when you hug somebody heals you, cures you and for a moment, it takes away your problems. My friends say I give super warm hugs. And I always hug people. When I reach the set also, I hug my director and co-actors, and the day is all positive and smiley. We should hug people as it spreads the love. I would love to hug every celebrity from Bollywood as we actors spread love through work, through our stories, our films, serials.

Adaa Khan :

The value of hugging someone you really have a special bond with is like pure happiness. It makes me feel like everything is okay and anything is possible. It calms my mind as I am very restless all the time. I would want to hug Ranveer Singh because I love his energy and positivity so I can guzzle up his energy.

Khalid Siddiqui :

It’s a very beautiful expression of emotion. It’s an expression of making the other person feel close to you, comfortable, wanted and loved. I always hug people who are close to me. I don’t believe in shaking hands, I believe in hugging. I would like to hug Sonali Bendre and tell her that she has been great and everyone is so proud of her.

Tinaa Dattaa :

Hugging always makes me feel good but I am very selective. I only hug people who are close to me, for example, my bestest friends. The feeling which I get by hugging mom and dad is the most perfect feeling. The Bollywood celebs who I would like to hug are Shahrukh Khan and Ranveer Singh because they are my favorites. Their energy is quite infectious.

Ssharad Malhotra :

I like to receive energy via hugs from people who matter, especially my friends. I hug my dog Musky a lot and he feels delighted and loves me unconditionally. Shahrukh Khan is someone I would like to hug.

Jasmin Bhasin :

I don’t hug people randomly. I am extremely selective. I give the maximum hugs to my pet Mia. If I have to hug anyone in Bollywood it has to be Ranbir Kapoor as his aura and acting are amazing.

Arjun Bijlani :

Hugging someone close to your heart gives you a very beautiful feeling. I hug my son Ayaan daily. If given a choice to hug a Bollywood celebrity, it would be Alia Bhatt as she comes across as a very positive and vibrant person and she is a very good actress as well.

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After Stuttgart & Indo-German Filmweek, Lihaaf all set to premiere as Opening film in MIFF (USA)



After Stuttgart & Indo-German Filmweek, Lihaaf all set to premiere as Opening film in MIFF (USA)

Indian International Filmmaker Rahat Kazmi’s film, Lihaaf (The Quilt), which successfully premiered in 16th Indisches Filmfestival (Germany) and in Indo-German Filmweek (Babylon, Berlin) has received yet another news for World premiere in USA as opening film in an International film festival.
This time, the team has received invitation to screen their most acclaimed film as opening film of the festival in the prestigious Montgomery International Film Festival (USA) which is being held from August 18 to 25, 2019 in USA.
Based on Ismat Chughtai’s most celebrated story (published in 1942), the film is garnering appreciation worldwide. The director of the film took special permission from Chughtai’s family to make this film, which gives it supreme authentication. Nonetheless, housefull screenings in Germany and Berlin is a proof of the team’s hardwork and dedication to give justice to the story.
Montgomery International Film Festival (USA), popularly known as MIFF, will begin its screening with Lihaaf, which means the film has been chosen as the opening film of this glamourous international film festival. It is a proud moment for the entire team.
The theme of this year’s festival is-Return to Art House Films, which aims to foster a community of free-thinking filmmakers, who are pushing the boundaries of sound and vision into a new frontier. The director of the movie, Rahat Kazmi has opened a new window for the audience to peep into Ismat Chughtai’s life through Lihaaf as the story is based on true events.
Ismat Chughtai (1915 to 1991) was believed to be one of the most powerful voices in Urdu literature of the 20th century. She was known for her free and fearless explorations of feminine sexuality and middle-class morality in her writing.
Not to forget that the poster of the film was launched in Cannes 2019 which caught attention of international press. Since then, the team is being invited worldwide for special screenings and Q&A rounds post premiere. The response is overwhelming.
The talented casts of the film include Tannishtha Chatterjee who has played the role of Ismat Chughtai, Anushka Sen as younger Ismat, Sonal Sehgal as Begum Jaan and Namita Lal as Rabbo. Kashmir based actor Mir Sarwar who came into limelight after playing main antagonist in KESARI is playing the nawab (male antagonist) while shoib Nikash Shah plays the character of Manto in the film whereas veteran actor Virendra Saxen will be seen as famous urdu writer M. Aslam. The film is co-written by Rahat Kazmi and Sonal Sehgal, directed by Rahat Kazmi and produced by Rahat Kazmi, Tariq Khan, Zeba Sajid, Namita Lal, Umesh Shukla, and Ashish Wagh and co-produced by Oscar-winner Marc Baschet and Cedomir Kolar.

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Sukhmani Sadana enjoys a much deserved break in the US



Tv Host and Writer Sukhmani Sadana who wowed audiences with her role in Sacred Games and Manmarziyaan this year finally went on a holiday to the US and spent quality time with her brother. She first visited Texas and later several cities like Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Buffalo, Chicago, Arizona and Washington DC. “I needed a break because I had been continuously writing and acting for some project or the other for almost a year. And because I host travel shows, I thrive to visit different cities and understand its culture and traditions. I found my visits to the museums in DC very informative and I thoroughly enjoyed the grand fireworks on July 4. NASA in Houston was a learning experience since I just wrote a film script called Rocketry which is on this subject.” While she went to these beautiful places, she also visited the Niagra Falls and Grand Canyon with her family.

The actress reminisces how her culinary skills got better after her trip to the US. She says, “My brother taught me how to cook and I can now finally say that ‘maybe’ I’m a cook.”

Sukhmani was also seen in web series Love Bytes, Parchayee, Sacred Games and has worked as a writer on the scripts of Bollywood films like Creature, Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum, Phir Se and 1920 London. The actress who started off as a writer and model, worked in TV shows like Khotey Sikkey on Netflix, with Abhishek Bachchan in Anurag Kashyap’s film Manmarziyan. She enacts the role of Lovely, a sweet, homely dentist, who Abhishek’s mother wants him to marry.

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Bollywood film ‘Oxygen’ gear up for first-ever World Premiere




It is a proud moment for the entire ‘Oxygen’ team as the film has been selected for World Premiere in Caleidoscope Indian Film Festival of Boston, the USA from September 5 to 8, 2019.
Caleidoscope Indian Film Festival is organized by Indian Arts Boston Inc, a non-profit Massachusetts organization and is the largest Indian Film Festival of USA. It provides a unique platform for upcoming art-house and differentiated films from the Indian sub-continent to be discovered and appreciated by a mainstream global audience. Over the past five years, Caleidoscope has screened, even premiered several defining films of the Indian film industry including Chittagong, Teenkahon, Lipstick Under My Burkha, A Death in the Gunj, An Argumentative Indian and so on.
Directed by Shoib Nikash Shah, the film is a portrayal of the moral ambiguity of corruption among low paid government employees. The dilemma of low salaries and tempting deals offered to grossly underpaid and under-employed officials and the resultant struggle of honest officers with the established system forms the central plot of the film.
This would be the first-ever world premiere of the film Oxygen and the team is extremely happy since the Festival, which receives around 300 submissions every year from filmmakers around the world, has selected this film for the Competition round as well, apart from screening. Caleidoscope is one of the few festivals that provides monetary awards to filmmakers for its top competitive section.
On this occasion, we had a word with the female protagonist of the movie, Namita Lal of Lihaaf fame, who was absolutely delighted with the news. Sharing her excitement, she said, “I’m amazed to know that our film has been chosen not just for the screening but also have been invited to participate in the Competition round. Besides, for an international Film Festival to pick up a movie based on such a theme is also overwhelming.”

Showering light on the film’s theme, the director-cum-lead actor, Shoib Nikash Shah of Mantostaan fame said, “The film talks about environmental preservation and enlightens on ground level corruption which is the basic conflict around the globe and also about conservation of nature which is the ultimate need of the hour. Nevertheless, the film raises a lot of relevant questions throughout.” He expressed his gratitude towards the Festival organisers for selecting his film to premiere in a prestigious Film Festival.
The cinematography of the film, which has been shot in the beautiful and small region of Poonch and Surankot (J&K) has been done by Luxmi Chand Chauhan while the music has been contributed by Shubhdeep Singh. Produced by Rahat Kazmi Films, Nutzaboutme Pte Limited, Singapore and Shoib Nikash Shah, the shooting of the film completed in January but its release date is yet to be announced.
The film would be screened on September 7 at 2:30 pm in Rhode Island College and the entry ticket is free but available only on prior registration. For more details, please visit:

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