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When M S Dhoni retired from Test Cricket



M S Dhoni retirement

Our test captain, M S Dhoni retirement from Test Cricket must have brought tears in the eyes of many. But now he has additional time to himself. Of course, since the country plays very less test cricket, this additional time is not much. He has decided that this additional time will be dedicated to practice for the one-days, for the T-20 internationals, for the IPL , for Champions league. And hopefully in the same order…not in the reverse order. But alas, man proposes…god disposes…or rather the better-half disposes. We hear the better-half has started demanding more time from the ex-captain. After all, for all these days she had to do the domestic work…where she was the captain of their domestic team. Now the star batsman with the helicopter shot and with safe wicket keeping gloves and great captaincy skills was a great potential addition to her domestic team. So she laid out a list of training tasks for the great one himself. He was put in charge of training the domestic staff-

Task 1) Sweeping the floor – what better way than to employ the helicopter shot where the dirt can be deposited from the place where it is, directly to the dust bin . Advantage – saves time.
Sometimes the sweep shot can be employed to remove dirt from below furniture. Advantage – with the strong arms of the captain the dirt can be easily displaced from its current position to somewhere near the dustbin.

Task 2) Fetching the eggs or tomatoes , potatoes or onions – with the safe hands of a wicket-keeper, the respective shopkeeper can be asked to directly throw the required items from across the street to the balcony where they will be safely caught and then deposited to the containers. Advantage – saves the necessity of going all the way to the market.

Task 3) Washing clothes with the clothes pin – whose technique will be better than the best bludgeoning batsman himself!! After all the the clothes pin certainly resembles the bat. Advantage – the clothes are now very cleanly washed…of course sometimes the cloth gets frayed …but it’s a part of the biz.

Task 4) As you all know, the captain sometimes likes to chance his arm over and bowl…so what better way to use this skill than to put it to use in cleaning the overhead fans. Advantage – the fans now circulate cleaner air.

Task 5) As you all know, the captain plans out all the field placements and directs the fielders to their places by pointing out the locations – this skill is used by asking him to direct the domestic helps to their proper positions – Advantage – new josh in the domestic staff in doing their designated duties
So this is how the freed up time of the captain and his well known cricketing skills are put to good use by the better-half.
And advantage to the captain in all this, did you ask? Well he certainly gets a good workout and practice to come out on the top of his game, whenever he will next play for the country and that too without leaving the comfy confines of his house. And on top of that he keeps his better-half in good humor, which is very important in this epoch.
Do you agree with me, friends…?
– Yatin


M S Dhoni birthday special, why he is known as the king of trophies! Read to know…

This one for test cricket fans…

A heartfelt letter by a fan for the brand called M S Dhoni Captaincy….

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1 Comment

  1. Cpt. Jack Sparrow

    October 5, 2017 at 1:43 PM

    Excellent Article @tyatin…

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The Real Gentleman in Gentleman’s Game!



Rahul Dravid

There are two kinds of batsmen in this world.

1. The one who know where is their off stump

2.The ones who don’t know.

And he belongs to rare breed, the one who fall into the first basket.

Cricket is gentleman’s game that is what I have heard over the years, at least since I am born.
The realization of this came in 2001 Australia-India series, where this Gentleman scored absolutely magnificent 181 in Kolkata Test, one of the innings regarded highly in calmness , composure and perseverance.
At the other end there was stylish , flamboyant , artist who was doing all his magic tricks with the golden wrist , Hyderabad Kalian, very very special Laxman scored fabulous 281*( highest test score by that time by Indian later Viru broked it).
It made us believe as an Indian cricket fan , that nothing is impossible. If you have will and right approach to things you do, you can defeat even untouchables.’The untouchables’, yes that was the word associated with mighty Aussies those days.21 test wins on the thought. Only Windies had better record than them, then.
So much has been written and said about that innings!
It changed whole together the attitude and approach of Indian cricket.


START Brick By Brick:

Rahul Dravid

The hanky, slim, shy Karnataka batsmen who Debuted in England 1996 tour at the LORDS. Does anyone remember?  I doubt, most us might not. Let’s see the other story of the same day. On same match another young rookie made his debut in completely different style of batting. Character named Sourav Ganguly! He made astonishing century (131). Debuted at other end was Rahul Dravid, who made 95 on the same day. Unfortunately missed century on his first match by mere 5 runs.
Unlike many occasions very few notice Rahul’s contributions to team India.


The wall story:

Rahul Dravid
Not sure when it was exactly associated with Dravid, but it is worth the name, ‘The wall’.
It was inaugurated by Sachin in the presence of Venkatesh Prasad, Srinath, Kumble and other KSCA players in 2008.
It is made up of 10000 bricks which symbolizes Rahul Dravid’s more than 10k runs in Test matches.

It had a digital display which would tell us live status of his run tallies as he was still playing that time.
Coming back to nick name The Wall. It is Truly magnificent conceptualization by skyline group.

Jammy the name would have suited the most of the starry superstar in the team those days, but It was for our own Rahul Sharad Dravid.
His dad used to work in Kisaan Jam , hence the name Jammy.He has the characteristics of jam which binds two portion of bread , roti whatever we eat with it.
He used to play like that, holding an innings together on his own, absorbing all the pressure at the top, so that VVS, Sachin, Sourav later on Yuvi, Mahi, Raina can have all leisure to play in their natural style.

He was genuine team man in all the senses. If you remember Dada needed an extra bowler to play in 11, but never wanted to scarifice a batsman for that cause. What he did was, he turned to his deputy for advice. Actually to say that dada had gone for a advice would be a bit anxious.
The result was Rahul Dravid became Keeper and stood behind the stumps.This man did whatever his team asked him to do. You need these kind of players on your side.


Everyone knows India went on to reach finals of the World Cup 2003 and eventually lost to mighty Aussies.
Dravid’s contribution was immense in that tournament. Even he had the dream of holding that elusive trophy in his hand like Sachin. It did not come true. The attention and respect, he deserved never came his way, but he did not have any regrets about it. Like all great men he never showed any anger or  frustration on and off field too.

He is now currently coaching U-19 team India. Rightly so he believes the Game has jumped leaps and bounds, gone far ahead in no time. the chances of talent might get wasted are high because of the kind of recognition and limelight todays’ youngster are getting. One thing is sure in coming days time, we can expect couple of cool headed and temperamentally level-headed guys will represent Senior Team India.


Rahul Dravid is a complete man, a team man I must say. An Ideal role model for any youngster.

Facts about this gentleman:

# Rahul Dravid played 94 consecutive Tests since his debut in 1996, without missing a single match. This record was later broked by Gilly 96 matches.

# Dravid scored centuries in all ten TEST playing nations which was record then.

# Dravid has faced more deliveries and spent more time in the middle while batting than any other batsman in the history of Test cricket. Throughout his Test career, Dravid has faced 31,258 deliveries – a world record. No other batsman has faced even 30,000 deliveries

# 2000: Wisden Cricketer of the Year 2000

# 2004: ICC Test Player of The Year, ICC Cricketer of The Year.

# 2012: Don Bradman Award with Glenn McGrath

# 2015: Wisden India’s Highest Impact Test Batsman

# Was voted the sexiest sports personality in India in an online survey (2004-05). He beated the likes of Yuvraj Singh and Sania Mirza.

Indian Government:

#1998: Arjuna Award

#2004: Padma Shri

#2013: Padma Bhushan


At last what Vijeeta, his wife, said about Dravid  is culmination of Rahul Dravid, the gentleman.

“If I packed only two sets of informal clothes, he would rotate them through an entire tour if he had to and not think about it. He doesn’t care for gadgets, and barely registers brands – of cologne or cars. But if the weight of his bat was off by a gram, he would notice it in an instant and get the problem fixed.”

Rahul Dravid

Playing with his younger son, Anway


Rahul Dravid

Sharad Dravid, Pushpa Dravid, Vijeeta Dravid, Rahul Dravid (Left to right) with their sons Anway and Samit (left to right).

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Happy B’day to the King Of Trophies..!



M S Dhoni birthday

Dear Mahi,

Some say you had the share of luck which made you a successful captain, while some say you are just a cricketing freak, a few also feel that you have the tendency to pick your favorite players in the squad and benching the rest. Lastly, some of the so-called ‘fans’ even say that you are the cause of India’s dreadful performances in the foreign soils. Well, to say the least, I do not fall under the niche of such plastic fans. Undoubtedly, the name MS Dhoni, the small-town boy rising to be one of the prominent leaders of Indian Cricket is no freak and I do admire you for your gigantic fruitful contributions for the Indian team which made us prouder as a Cricketing nation. So, as a token of gratitude, I would like to portray your prosperous stature thereby falsifying such inglorious comments. At a time, when the Indian team lacked a genuine wicket keeping batsman, Dravid had to fulfill the job for the wicket keeper of the team. But it was MS Dhoni who revolutionized the stature of being a wicket keeper in the Indian team. In the initial days of your career, you simply defined aggression and pointed out the fact how brute-force while batting with apt hand-eye co-ordination can bring galore of boundaries without involving much of a feet movement. In fact, your innings of 183 runs off 145 deliveries with 15 fours and 10 sixes against Sri Lanka in 2005 was enough to define your class as a batsman. In fact, a player with 8551 ODI runs at an average of over 52 by himself, speaks of the genuine class. There was a time in 2007, post to the Natwest series in England, when Dravid resigned as the captain of the team, the fate of the Indian Cricket team looked to be in a state of jeopardy. It was you who shouldered the team and led right from the front as an example. In 2007 T20 World Cup, next to the woeful performance by the Indian side in the ICC World Cup earlier that year, none in the team went forward to take the responsibility to lead the squad. But there was one man, who led the team to a majestic triumphant march for the ICC World T20. It was you. Such incredible decisions in the ICC World T20 did reflect the potential in you to lead the country to further glories. And after the ODI captaincy was vested upon your shoulders, you shone to take the team to an emphatic CB Series win in 2008 in Australia. Indian team achieved distinct levels of success under your leadership and were crowned as the number one test team in 2009. Obviously, the team did not become number one solely under Dhoni’s captaincy. But it is a fact that Dhoni carried on with the baton quite brilliantly to take India to that stature. A lot has been talked about the retention of your favorite players. What some people fail to believe that you have immense faith upon your players. There was a time back in 2009-10 when Virat Kohli was repeatedly included in the playing XI despite his poor form and we all know how mature a batsman he has become now. Hadn’t he got those chances, he would not have been able to become the batsman he is now. Owing to Yuvraj Singh’s poor form, the selectors opted to drop him from the World Cup squad in 2011 but you stood by Yuvraj’s side and included him and the rest is history. There was a time when Rohit Sharma’s place in the team was thoroughly criticized but just like a shielding branch, you gave him chances, even promoted him to open the batting and it paid off, the guy now has two double centuries in ODIs. Also, you did show the respect you have for the seniors on a number of times. For instance, you asking Sourav to captain the side in his farewell test for 30 minutes or so on the final day. You did rely upon Sachin, Dravid, Laxman when India were having tough times. Still, due to lack of adequate pace bowlers and the lack of form of many of the players, India lost quite a number of matches overseas. But on that note, it got to be mentioned that India did win the Champions Trophy in 2013 on the English soils at circumstances when the cricketing sphere of the country was clouded by the stains of spot fixing scandals. From being a fearless, hard-hitting batsman, you changed your nature as a batsman and sacrificed your pinch-hitting instincts in order to cope up with the role of a dependable batsman for the sake of the team. It was you who defended the penultimate ball of the last over in the semi final of ICC World T20, 2014 against South Africa just to ensure that Virat Kohli strikes the winning shot. It was under your leadership that India, after performing rather poorly against Australia prior to 2015 World Cup, went on to win 7 matches on a trot in the tournament. And statistically too, you stand to be the only Indian captain with over 100 wins in ODIs, the next best captain after Ricky Ponting with 11 consecutive wins in World Cup matches. Haters will find many reasons to criticize but judging by the logical aspects of the game, your contributions to the Indian team is priceless to be brief. You held the baton and kept the team on the track when the team was through an era of change with players like Sachin, Dravid, Sourav, Laxman and Kumble retiring from international cricket. It would be somewhat foolish to describe your passion for the game. You preferred your national duty to personal issues and did not even see your daughter for over two months after she was born. That is the respect you have for your team and profession. You are a role model for thousands of small-town youngsters who dream big. You stand to be a reality check for them that dreams do come true. From being a Railway ticket inspector, you emerged to be one of the most successful Indian captains. Very few people in the World possess such knowledgeable cricketing brains and you are a hard core cricketing mind packed with sheer coolness. India would not have been the same cricketing nation if you were not there. Cricket hasn’t seen such a selfless leader as you who dedicates victories as team efforts and takes the entire blames on himself in case of failures. You deserve thorough respect from the billion fans, whom have had a thousand reasons to smile just because you picked cricket over all other priorities of your life. Thank You MS, now words are enough to express your contribution but, I want to Thank you right from the bottom of my heart for everything that you have, silently and selflessly done for Indian cricket.

Happy Bday From  

A Sincere MsDian



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” The Summer of ’17 “





Well the ‘Summer of ’17’ is something we all should make it a memorable one. We we all are through with exams or done filing Tax Returns and so, we all need something new and also take a break.

So, we at WildHat just decided to help you out with something which can be Fresh, Tempting and of course Cheap!

This Summer take a Hobby or Explore tour with us and you’ll surely never forget this Summer ever…..

We have a variety things to offer and at a suitable range.

Try Surfing with the Experts


West Coast Surf Zone

So, India we  do have a good number of beaches and of course we all love doing something new…. Surfing is something you can do and this sport will never let you down. On the western coast of India, the beautiful beaches, perfect waves and Summer breeze is the one thing which worth experiencing and Surfing? Is just a bonus.

Book a tour with us from a range of 2-15 days at the most reasonable package which will include everything, yes everything means, your food, accommodation by the beach, your Surf Lessons and local sightseeing.

Cycling like the good old days


Cycling is Exploring

Apart from the health benefits of Cycling, you could explore any place in the eco-way. It’s safe, it will get through any traffic jam, any street and climate and the best part is No License is required.

We have a bunch of places to choose from. You could cycle down the streets of Bangalore, Mumbai,  Fort Cochin , Goa, Konkan and Pondicherry

The best hill cycling routes we offer are in Munnar, Mahableshwar, Ooty, Codikannal, Mount Abu, Munnar, Leh-Ladakh, Kashmir, Kasool, Rushikesh and many more

Hiking and Trekking all the way


BackPacker Trekkers

Well walking is something we all do it every day of our lifes, wd even do it a lazy Sundays. So why not make it worth the walk and explore something new.

May be we could help you explore a city, a forest, the beach,  a hill or even a mountain.

We are walking our way to Munnar, Port Blair, Goa, Ratnagiri(MH), Mumbai, Fort Cochin, Ooty, Codikannal, Mount Abu, Leh-Ladakh, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pondicherry, And many more….

Well these are among the few tours we are offering and Guess what we also offer a DISCOUNT if you bring along your

‘Gang of Buddies’

Book a tour with us from a range of 2-15 days at the most reasonable package which will include everything, yes everything means, your food, accommodation by the beach or on the hill top, your Surf Lessons or your safety equipments along with the cycles and the local sightseeing.

Range starts off from Rs. 3000/-

So here’s what you can do, email us what you want and we’ll plan out a crazy-worth-it tour just for you!!!

You could leave a comment with your email ID what tour planning to do this summer and we’ll get in touch with you


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