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Ami Pramesh Modi Spiritual healer on Gratitude



Ami Pramesh Modi: Gratitude will help mental and physical healing


Spiritual healer Ami Pramesh Modi says that peace is what most people are seeking today. She adds that being grateful is the first step to happiness. “Basically, everyone is in need of mental healing as in today’s day and age, people are the most deprived of peace. For mental healing, everyone should focus on their own life. These days people are so involved in others’ lives that they have no time to be grateful. The day you start being grateful, you will experience both mental and physical healing,” she says.

To explain the concept of healing and its significance in one’s life, Ami says, “Healing itself explains its quality. Healing means hope, healing means confidence, healing means the courage to face life and its situations again. You yourself have the power to heal yourself. It’s not a person or a planet that can fix things, you have to heal yourself as there is no power bigger than you.”

She recently held a spiritual retreat as well. Talking about that, she says, “Our ShreeSava annual Sangh has been going on for the last 20 years. But this year the members that attended the Sangh gave us feedback that not only did they feel blessed, spiritually connected with god but this year’s program and play – love you zindagi, taught them small meaningful things that routine life wasn’t able to teach them. They are empowered to live happier lives!”

Relationships define us and here are few tips by Ami on how to resolve differences in relationships. “First, be grateful, stop comparing, stop complaining, value your parents and family. Adopt an approach where you don’t say why me, always say try me. All these tips are very normal but actually, all these are reasons for everyone’s unhappiness. So be mindful and apply these tips on a day to day basis and you’ll be most happy!”

The secret to a healthy relationship is simple, says Ami. “There needs to be a constant effort to maintain and nurture a relationship. Give time and love and never take anything for granted.  Each individual issue has a specific remedy but here are some general tips. The spiritual reasons behind the way things are are that stars are very important in a relationship. If you’re really facing a tough time, you should seek the help of whichever Dharm guru you believe in. One small tip, the wife should always be on the left side of the husband,” she adds.


The healer is currently based in Ahmedabad and is planning to expand to Mumbai soon. “We have been coming to Mumbai for the last 10 years but now we have a regular presence there. We provide solutions to vastu, aura, energy, studies, marriage, kids progress and all business-related problems,” she says.

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The Diary in the pages of History




“Finally I will get to know about the life in hiding that Anne Frank was doomed to lead for 2 years.”

“War couldn’t be good, but how bad it was, will be revealed now.”

“What could a diary of a 15-year-old in hiding possibly hold during the time of war, other than the misery and fear she and her family constantly lived in?”

Such were my thoughts before I started reading a much renowned diary, a diary that was published as a book posthumously, a diary that will always remain in the pages of history for its translucency, a diary that may or may not resonate with its reader but will stay in the heart for a long time. Yes, it is the diary of Anne Frank, it is “The Diary of a Young Girl”.

This review is not to tell you the story, this review is not to ask you to read this book, this review is solely for the purpose of letting me share my experience, my expectations, and my favorite liners from the diary, and then you may decide for yourself if you still want to miss out on this book cum diary.

“There’s in people simply an urge to destroy, an urge to kill, to murder and rage, and until all mankind, without exception, undergoes a great change, wars will be waged, everything that has been built up, cultivated, and grown will be destroyed and disfigured, after which mankind will have to begin all over again.”
– Anne Frank

When I started with the diary, war had commenced, Jews had started to develop the utter fear they would be forced to live in for next many months, but the Frank girls were still in their house leading a normal life- going to school, having fun-time with their girlfriends and boyfriends, nothing out of the line of a girl’s usual life, until a letter came to the house, asking for Margot (Anne’s older sister) to go as a laborer to a concentration camp.

And just as I had conjectured, the usualness remained only for a small fraction of time. As soon as the letter arrived, the fear took hold of the Frank family, and their never-ending misery started. Once in hiding, pages were filled in Dutch language, ink was emptied on diary’s pages, life was spilled out, truths were spoken, lies were bared naked by Anne’s pen. But all those truths and lies had the least to do with war, and most with her parents and sister and her own self and the others in hiding with her family and the people (including Miep) who were brave and loyal enough to let ‘The’ Jews hide.

Fair portion of the diary is about a young girl’s longing, her desires and dreams, her shortcomings, her opinions on parenthood and friendship and love and war and life in general. While reading, at some places, I had a hard time to believe that this was penned down in the diary of a girl who started writing that diary at the age of 13, and could continue only till 15. Such a tender age and such depth; this was yet another instance that maturity and growth come not with age but with experiences. And the life, that Anne had to lead for 2 years, was meant to ripen her prematurely.

Although, I had expected and wanted to read more after the last diary’s entry, but, unfortunately, shortly after the last entry, police raided their hiding place (it’s still unknown, and perhaps will always be, who betrayed those in the hiding), and everyone was sent to concentration camps, where each and every person in the hiding died (Anne’s mother, Edith Frank, due to starvation and both the sisters- Anne and Margot, due to typhus,) except Otto Frank (Anne’s father). Among all 8 in the hiding, he was the lone survivor of the war, and it was he, who took into his hands, to get Anne’s diary published.

The diary was an insight into Anne’s and her kins’ life for the world, but it was a revelation to her father, who, in an interview, mentioned, how he came to know his own daughter, in real, after she died, through her diary. I feel, somehow, we all are on the same page- we all think we know the other, but, do we really do? We all have more than one side to us; we show what we want to, and keep the other sides hidden, and we all know this. But, comically, we all want to think that we know the other wholly, that we have seen all the sides, but unlike Otto, most of us never even come to know that such was never the case. Is it fortunate or unfortunate for us, I cannot really say, but it certainly is discomforting.

“Who has inflicted this upon us? Who has made us Jews different from all other people? Who has allowed us to suffer so terribly up till now? It is God that has made us as we are, but it will be God, too, who will raise us up again. If we bear all this suffering and if there are still Jews left, when it is over, then Jews, instead of being doomed, will be held up as an example. Who knows, it might even be our religion from which the world and all peoples learn good, and for that reason and that reason alone do we have to suffer now. We can never become just Netherlanders, or just English, or representatives of any country for that matter; we will always remain Jews, but we want to, too.”
– Anne Frank

What turned out to be a revelation to me, related to writing, was the improvement with every diary entry. I had just heard of ‘The more we write, the better we become’, but this diary proves it. I could see it, I could sense it, I could observe it. The original entries were in Dutch, but the translation couldn’t be far from the original; it shouldn’t be. After all, straying away from the original makes the whole purpose of translation lose its purpose. The sentences were crafted with sheer brilliance. Not those long, mesmeric, complex yet beautiful sentences; short ones- but their formation was too good, considering the age of the diarist.

“If I haven’t any talent for writing books or newspaper articles, well, then I can always write for myself.”
– Anne Frank

Anne wanted to be a journalist, and someday, in her life, if she could live on after the war, wanted to publish her own book, wanted to become an author. (This I’ve gathered from one of her diary entries.) Sadly, she couldn’t live, but her dream did come true. This gives such a mixed feeling that I fail to decide if to celebrate the event or mourn it. I wonder how her father dealt with this his whole life after the war!

I cannot say that Anne, ever, wrote her diary with the idea of getting it published (though, it did occur to her once), yet she had the craft within her, which lurked through her writing. She already was an efficient writer, whose craft was being honed, I believe, by the extensive reading she used to do, and, of course, the regular diary-writing. I didn’t even think of ever reading those heavy books that Anne did during her times. Oh! How I wish she had survived and wrote more! How I wish she had just lived more!

What saddens you more, I believe, is to witness the high hopes of the victims when you know their ending is tragic.

“It’s really a wonder that I haven’t dropped all my ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. Yet I keep them, because in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart. I simply can’t build up my hopes on a foundation consisting of confusion, misery, and death. I see the world gradually being turned into a wilderness, I hear the ever approaching thunder, which will destroy us too, I can feel the sufferings of millions and yet, if I look up into the heavens, I think that it will all come right, that this cruelty too will end, and that peace and tranquility will return again.”
– Anne Frank

How could my heart not bleed after reading this? How?

the diary of Anne frank

It was natural that, once done reading TDOAYG, I was going to read and watch everything related to this book, and that is how I stumbled upon two miniseries based on Anne’s diary and a biography each. Last weekend I watched both of them- The Diary of Anne Frank (2009) and Anne Frank: The Whole Story (2001). I’ve attached their YouTube links for your convenience.

The former is the shorter one, and includes all the major turning points of Anne’s life. While, the latter one is longer and includes almost all the chapters from Anne’s diary, resulting to be a more comprehensive one of the two. Also, the reason I’d recommend you to watch the 2001 series is that it has an hour long phase after the original diary ends, after the Franks and others were arrested. That, apparently, is the dramatization of their life in concentration camp (as Anne’s diary discontinued after their hiding place was raided,) but the emotional impact that it has is incomparable to the rest of the series. (It does have some strong visual scenes, including partial nakedness and violence, so audience discretion is needed.)

Also, as I’ve read quite a few books about Jews and their sufferings by now, it’s time that I take a look at the person who had his fair share behind their misery, the person who will be remembered for the biggest holocaust ever occurred, the person who deplored a community so much that he did all in his power to decimate it, the infamous Adolf Hitler. My next read is going to be Mein Kampf (after Tharoor’sAn Era of Darkness: British Empire in India”). I always wanted to know what drove a human to the heights of cruelty and inhumanity. There’re always two sides of a story. It’s high time to listen to the other one.

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Prajakta Koli : Mostlysane




Prajakta Koli

They say, it’s good if the things happen according to your wish.And it’s even better if they don’t happen as you wanted them to happen.

Confused ?

Let me tell you a story of a girl.

The girl belonged to a normal Maharashtrian family.She was an average student as far as studies are concerned but a pro at arts and performance.Right from her childhood she had decided to become a radio jockey.Nothing, absolutely nothing changed her mind until she actually became a RJ.

It was not that she was under-prepared. She was so prepared for her RJ career that she used to record her voice samples in her Mom’s phone from as early as sixth standard.As soon as her college ended instead of planning vacations she was already visiting radio stations submitting her voice samples.She was even selected for internship is Fever 104 radio station.She joined there as an intern.

Today she is YouTuber with almost 1.9 M subscribers.They might be increasing as you read this blog.Meet Prajakta Koli aka Mostlysane.Her story is an amazing example of how one should not only rise from the failures but also kick it real hard that it never ever dares to show it’s face.

Prajakta Koli

As I told earlier Prajakta Koli always wanted to be a RJ.She was completely focused and was very sure that this is it.But when she actually joined as RJ she didn’t enjoy her work much and couldn’t perform well as it did not provide her the creative freedom she wanted.The night show given to her was pulled off air.What could be more disheartening than realizing that you suck at one thing you always wanted to do! She was still working as RJ as she didn’t have plan B.She had never given a thought towards what she would do if RJ thing didn’t work out!

But when one door closes, the other opens and probably there is a reason why few things don’t work out.

I know it sounds too cliché and dramatic, but that’s how it is.

Once Hrithik Roshan visited their radio station for a movie promotion.Prajakta is a die heart Hrithik Roshan fan.She just wanted to have a fan moment with him.So she rushed to him and made a small video with him to post on her instagram.When this happened everyone just saw a crazy fan girl,but Sudeep Lahiri who is with a network called as One digital entertainment,who had come with Hrithik noticed a girl who had potential of making funny videos on YouTube.He approached her and asked her if she wanted to make videos on YouTube.Initially she was like, ‘WHAT???  NO!!’ This happened almost in 2014 and YouTube wasn’t a popular medium back then.So she thought who does that!But then Sudeep kept on insisting and she kept on ignoring.Until one day she decided to give it a try.And in February 2015 she started her channel called Mostlysane and put her first video on YouTube.When the video went live she could see the audience reaction.People were commenting on the videos, there were views, likes and dislikes. In-short, there was response that she could feel and see, unlike radio. And this excited her (or eggsited her, as she likes to say.) She was sure that YouTube is definitely her thing.

But was it a happily ever after ?There’s always one thing you need to put in your life to make it a fairy tale and that is  immense hard work.And being a YouTuber too is neither a piece of cake.Everything might seem a fairy tale now, but it’s almost 3 years of hard work.It’s working on a bunch of creative ideas daily.It’s thinking about your content even on your vacations and never taking the audience for granted, it’s always expressing gratitude for the love you received, it’s responding to the messages and comments your audience give you, it’s never ever cheating on the content and keeping your words by bringing up the videos you promised to bring.

Today she is a full time YouTuber and India’s one of the top YouTubers in comedy space.She makes real talk videos, vlogs, comedy skits based on her daily observations. She has also used her channel to throw light on issues like body-shaming and cyber bullying.In fact she went ahead and made a song on body shaming.It’s called being shameless.Through it she has encouraged to accept our bodies as they are.She also enjoys blogging sometimes.

She was the recipient of the Viral Queen of the year 2018 award by the Indian WikiMedia.She was selected in the creators for change camp by Youtube. She was one of the four Youtubers to be selected to attend the townhall organized by Obama’s foundation held in Delhi, for young leaders in the country.Just to name few of her achievements.She is also invited at various events all over the country.

Prajakta Koli

And there is no turning back now.Today, Prajakta Koli states proudly that joining YouTube was the best decision she had taken.She is here to stay and rule.Youtube is not only her profession now, but also something which gave her new level of self-confidence and helped her in discovering herself.She owes it all to her Dumdums, that is her followers and subscribers, her family, friends and her team.

Anyone who is looking forward to make a career in YouTube or if you are currently facing a hopeless situation,here you go.Nothing can be as inspiring as story of this simple girl, Prajakta Koli, who stepped into something which she had no idea about during a rough patch of her life and also excelled in it.

Cover pic courtesy : mostlysane instagram.

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