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The Real Gentleman in Gentleman’s Game!



Rahul Dravid

There are two kinds of batsmen in this world.

1. The one who know where is their off stump

2.The ones who don’t know.

And he belongs to rare breed, the one who fall into the first basket.

Cricket is gentleman’s game that is what I have heard over the years, at least since I am born.
The realization of this came in 2001 Australia-India series, where this Gentleman scored absolutely magnificent 181 in Kolkata Test, one of the innings regarded highly in calmness , composure and perseverance.
At the other end there was stylish , flamboyant , artist who was doing all his magic tricks with the golden wrist , Hyderabad Kalian, very very special Laxman scored fabulous 281*( highest test score by that time by Indian later Viru broked it).
It made us believe as an Indian cricket fan , that nothing is impossible. If you have will and right approach to things you do, you can defeat even untouchables.’The untouchables’, yes that was the word associated with mighty Aussies those days.21 test wins on the thought. Only Windies had better record than them, then.
So much has been written and said about that innings!
It changed whole together the attitude and approach of Indian cricket.


START Brick By Brick:

Rahul Dravid

The hanky, slim, shy Karnataka batsmen who Debuted in England 1996 tour at the LORDS. Does anyone remember?  I doubt, most us might not. Let’s see the other story of the same day. On same match another young rookie made his debut in completely different style of batting. Character named Sourav Ganguly! He made astonishing century (131). Debuted at other end was Rahul Dravid, who made 95 on the same day. Unfortunately missed century on his first match by mere 5 runs.
Unlike many occasions very few notice Rahul’s contributions to team India.


The wall story:

Rahul Dravid
Not sure when it was exactly associated with Dravid, but it is worth the name, ‘The wall’.
It was inaugurated by Sachin in the presence of Venkatesh Prasad, Srinath, Kumble and other KSCA players in 2008.
It is made up of 10000 bricks which symbolizes Rahul Dravid’s more than 10k runs in Test matches.

It had a digital display which would tell us live status of his run tallies as he was still playing that time.
Coming back to nick name The Wall. It is Truly magnificent conceptualization by skyline group.

Jammy the name would have suited the most of the starry superstar in the team those days, but It was for our own Rahul Sharad Dravid.
His dad used to work in Kisaan Jam , hence the name Jammy.He has the characteristics of jam which binds two portion of bread , roti whatever we eat with it.
He used to play like that, holding an innings together on his own, absorbing all the pressure at the top, so that VVS, Sachin, Sourav later on Yuvi, Mahi, Raina can have all leisure to play in their natural style.

He was genuine team man in all the senses. If you remember Dada needed an extra bowler to play in 11, but never wanted to scarifice a batsman for that cause. What he did was, he turned to his deputy for advice. Actually to say that dada had gone for a advice would be a bit anxious.
The result was Rahul Dravid became Keeper and stood behind the stumps.This man did whatever his team asked him to do. You need these kind of players on your side.


Everyone knows India went on to reach finals of the World Cup 2003 and eventually lost to mighty Aussies.
Dravid’s contribution was immense in that tournament. Even he had the dream of holding that elusive trophy in his hand like Sachin. It did not come true. The attention and respect, he deserved never came his way, but he did not have any regrets about it. Like all great men he never showed any anger or  frustration on and off field too.

He is now currently coaching U-19 team India. Rightly so he believes the Game has jumped leaps and bounds, gone far ahead in no time. the chances of talent might get wasted are high because of the kind of recognition and limelight todays’ youngster are getting. One thing is sure in coming days time, we can expect couple of cool headed and temperamentally level-headed guys will represent Senior Team India.


Rahul Dravid is a complete man, a team man I must say. An Ideal role model for any youngster.

Facts about this gentleman:

# Rahul Dravid played 94 consecutive Tests since his debut in 1996, without missing a single match. This record was later broked by Gilly 96 matches.

# Dravid scored centuries in all ten TEST playing nations which was record then.

# Dravid has faced more deliveries and spent more time in the middle while batting than any other batsman in the history of Test cricket. Throughout his Test career, Dravid has faced 31,258 deliveries – a world record. No other batsman has faced even 30,000 deliveries

# 2000: Wisden Cricketer of the Year 2000

# 2004: ICC Test Player of The Year, ICC Cricketer of The Year.

# 2012: Don Bradman Award with Glenn McGrath

# 2015: Wisden India’s Highest Impact Test Batsman

# Was voted the sexiest sports personality in India in an online survey (2004-05). He beated the likes of Yuvraj Singh and Sania Mirza.

Indian Government:

#1998: Arjuna Award

#2004: Padma Shri

#2013: Padma Bhushan


At last what Vijeeta, his wife, said about Dravid  is culmination of Rahul Dravid, the gentleman.

“If I packed only two sets of informal clothes, he would rotate them through an entire tour if he had to and not think about it. He doesn’t care for gadgets, and barely registers brands – of cologne or cars. But if the weight of his bat was off by a gram, he would notice it in an instant and get the problem fixed.”

Rahul Dravid

Playing with his younger son, Anway


Rahul Dravid

Sharad Dravid, Pushpa Dravid, Vijeeta Dravid, Rahul Dravid (Left to right) with their sons Anway and Samit (left to right).

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IPL madness is here!



IPL is just around the corner and our favourite actors tell us how they feel about the tournament and who they are supporting this year.
Ssharad Malhotra: IPL is one of the coolest cricketing franchises and I’m so looking forward to all the KKR and Mumbai Indian matches. Yes, if time and my work schedule permits, I would love to and go witness the hysteria live in action.
IPL is a mix of glamour, fame, money and cricket as well. It serves as a complete entertainment package.
I support KKR all the way. The first and foremost reason is that I belong to Kolkata (hometown ) and secondly the team’s face and the owner is Mr Shahrukh Khan who happens to be my all time favourite Bollywood actor.
Rohitashv Gour: I am not very excited for IPL as when it starts, the television shows’ TRP starts dropping. It’s only a means of glamour and money. I have never supported IPL and I think that all of these matches are fixed so there is no point in spending time on it. I am not at all excited for IPL.
Rohit Purohit: I am very excited about IPL as I love cricket. I will definitely try to go to one of the matches. Yes, there is glamour and a lot of money in IPL but I don’t think it has changed the meaning of the game. In fact it has taken it on a different level altogether after all it has given India so many amazing players. So many players have got the opportunity and chance to come out in the limelight due to this platform. And since I am from Jaipur, I always support Rajasthan Royals and then comes the number of Mumbai followed by CSK.
Jason Shah: IPL is definitely very entertaining. It has changed cricket in a lot of ways. People play better cricket now. I personally don’t watch it anymore as most of these games are match-fixed and most of the times the matches are turned around and it seems uncanny. So, I  sometimes watch here and there and keep up with it. I think it has does  not have to do with the performance overall. It’s a different ball game,. I support Mumbai Indians but I am not a die hard cricket fan.
Bhanujeet Singh Sudan: I don’t take IPL as a cricket match. Rather, it’s an event which happens everywhere. There is a match happening and there is also dance happening, superstars coming, parties happening. If you really check out the details then it’s not a match but an event. It’s a means to make money. I have always support Mumbai Indians. I am excited for it. 
Jasmin Bhasin: I am excited for IPL. I support Rajasthan Royals as I belong to Rajasthan. I don’t get time because of my hectic schedules so I haven’t thought of going to watch live matches. But if I get the time then I generally watch it in bits and pieces. Yes, it’s true that IPL is a mix of glamour and money and then comes the performance.
Tinaa Dattaa: I am very excited for IPL. I support KKR and I try my level best to follow the matches of KKR. Yes, I believe that the IPL game  has become more of a glamour and money affair then real cricket. But when people watch it then it’s worth it. It’s both a mix of entertainment and cricket. So I am excited about it. 
Kishori Shahane Vij: Yes, I am very excited for IPL. I don’t think that the real meaning of cricket has changed but a lot of new talent have got the limelight under IPL. IPL has provided a platform for new talent, thus performance has to be at the peak. There is glamour and money and there is nothing wrong in that as everyone wants to be rich. I am supporting Mumbai Indians as I have always adored Sachin Tendulkar and he is the ambassador of Mumbai Indians and the second reason is because I like Nita Ambani.

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The Tennis Premier League next season to come in December!



After Cricket, Hockey and Football Premier Leagues, now it’s the turn of tennis. India’s first TPL. – by Mrunal Jain and Kunal Thakkur has garnered a great response from the audience. Being aired on Sony Liv, the first season is already on and the second one is being planned in December. Mrunal says, “The response has gone beyond expectations. Now we are getting ready for Season 2. It will be bigger and better as hard work never goes in vain. We are planning it in a big way so watch out for our new brand ambassadors.” Adds Kunal Thakkur, “The next season will have top-notch players and more celebrities. We hope to make this a platform where our young players will rub shoulders with the global best.” Season One saw names like Leander Paes, Ankita Raina, Shashank Khaitan, Vishal Bhardwaj, and Himesh Reshammiya grace the league. Kunal also says that Irrfan Khan is his favorite celebrity who plays tennis and he hopes Khan recovers fast and joins him on the court.

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Sahil Khattar: I can anchor anything



Sahil Khattar: I can anchor anything!

Sahil Khattar, who is currently hosting Pro Wrestling League and has anchored Dance India Dance in the past, says that he loves being a host. The actor adds that he is quite a pro at it now. “When it comes anchoring different genres, I can anchor anything from a baby shower to a funeral. I enjoy it the most as you get to be yourself while hosting an event,” he says.



In fact, he finds it very thrilling as well. “There’s a thrill and kill in doing a live show. The thrill is that if your impromptu senses are high and if the idea you get is liked by the audiences, you will be on top. But if the same idea takes you down, you will be gone before you know it. If there’s no mistake then it’s fine, the response comes in right there, so that’s the thrill,” he says.


Talking about hosting PWL, he says  “There is lot of fun in doing Pro Wrestling League season 4 because I hosted the last season as well. This year, the new thing is that we are travelling to Ludhiana, Chandigarh and Delhi. The wrestlers are very experienced. I am more confident now and I understand the game well. A lot of people tell me that I have eased up and they are liking it, so it leaves a mark on people even when you leave,” he says.

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