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Shweta Rohira has a blast at Pratyush 2019



Shweta Rohira has a blast at Pratyush 2019

Actor Shweta Rohira was invited to judge the annual intercollegiate festival, Pratyush_2019 at IES College of Management and Research in Bandra. The actor had an amazing time judging the dance competition and fashion show at the festival.

“The performances were super amazing. I chose a winner just because I had to but everyone was so good. All the dancers had their own style and individuality,” she says.

The actor had a blast dancing with the students after wrapping up the event. “I loved being part of the festival and it reminded me of how I used to participate in the fests at my college. I love supporting students are they are the future flag bearers for various fields,” she says.


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Gurbani Gill: I am a huge foodie



Gurbani Gill

Actor Gurbani Gill gets candid about her love for food.


Are you a foodie?

I am like a huge foodie. Every time I come to food courts or street food shops, I have to really control myself as I get very attracted to food. But I have to stick to my diet. I always reward myself with delicious food or say cheat meals at times. but I control myself too.


What is your food routine or your diet? (in detail)

In the morning I have a healthy breakfast, I drink a smoothie made up of banana, strawberries, cinnamon and Slim milk. After that, I have toast with avocado spread on it and boiled eggs. At lunchtime, I eat brown rice with chicken or dal.

I don’t have a heavy dinner. I eat boiled eggs or salad or just a glass of milk. Throughout the day, I drink lots of water and juices. Fruits, yoghurt and juices are an essential part of my diet too.



What food do you carry while shooting or you eat the food on set?

During the shoot, I take a one-time meal with me depending on the schedule. Usually, it contains salad with a lot of protein with chicken in it or rice with chicken in it. In addition, I carry juice or flavoured water with vitamin C in it. I also carry fruits.



Which food do you keep with you at the time of dubbing or shooting in order to keep yourself energetic? 

I always have a protein bar and a bottle of water with me to keep myself energised.


What is your favourite cuisine?

I just love Italian. The tangy taste of pasta and the crunchy bread makes my mouth water. It just melts in my mouth.


Name a dish cooked by your mother which you like the most?

Chole Puri and Aaloo Ke Parathe cooked by my mother.


First Cooking experience?

I decided to bake a cake when I was 11 years old. The instructions said to put teaspoons of baking soda and I misread it to be cups of baking soda in the cake mix. The cake turned to be very fluffy in the microwave and part of it was over baked. So, I took out the good part and served it to my grandmother.


 As a cook, how would you rate yourself?  

6 on 10.


Have you ever cooked for your family?  

Yes, I used to cook for my parents. Back home, I used to make rotis. I have grown up cooking at home.


With whom would you like to go for a date from the Bollywood industry and which dish would you like to cook for him or her?  

Hrithik Roshan and I would love to cook Chicken Caesar Salad.


What is your food philosophy or food funda?

It should enhance your health


Name your most favourite two dishes.  

Lasagne and Pasta


Name your most favourite sweet dish or dessert.  

Gulab Jamun


Name your most favourite drink. 

Banana and Strawberry Smoothie.



Which is your favourite restaurant in Mumbai and your hometown? Why is it your favourite?  

In Mumbai, I like Yoghurt Studio as they have a variety of Yoghurt. In my hometown, I like Olive Garden as it has unique dishes.


Favourite Mumbai street food you indulge in on your cheat day?

Paani Puri


What is your favourite street food abroad?  



Which is your favourite dish when hanging out with friends?  

Chips and Salsa

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Actor Sharad Kelkar’s voice was heard in Baavle Utaavle! 



Popular maker Rajan Shahi who has been immensely successful with the family drama genre has come up with a new show Baavle Utaavle. Through this show, he has reunited with actor Sharad Kelkar with whom he worked in Kuch Toh Log Kahenge. In the first episode, Sharad’s baritone voice is used for the narration of Baavle Utaavle. Sharad’s impressive voice dubbing of Mahendra Bahubali in Rajamouli’s magnanimous Bahubali had impressed everyone. His powerful voice matched Prabhas’s massive personality in the film. The first episode of Baavle Utaavle started with the strong baritone impactful voice of Sharad Kelkar. Producer Rajan Shahi said, “I was looking for a voice to introduce the concept of the show at the beginning of the episode. I always believe the first impression has to be impactful. So I thought of Sharad to do it and he agreed. Sharad and I have had a long association and it was nice of him to lend his voice to Baavle Utaavle.” The show has Paras Arora and newcomer Shivani Badoni playing the leads.

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Manmarziyan actress Sukhmani wows viewers on the red carpet at Nykaa Femina Beauty Awards




Model-actress-writer Sukhmani Sadana, who wowed audiences with her role in Manmarziyaan this year, impressed onlookers with her glamorous avatar. Recently, she was spotted at the Nykaa Femina Beauty Awards 2019 and the actress looked ravishing in a greyish white metallic gown. Amidst a bevvy of Bollywood beauties, the actress stood out with her dress and style so much so that she got many compliments from Bollywood actresses like Tapsee Pannu, Surveen Chawla, Daisy Shah, Raveena Tandon, RJ Malishka and Ahana Kumbra. She said, “I love stepping out on the red carpet. Special thanks to my stylist and make-up artist for this stylish avatar. I am happy that so many people loved my appearance and this just makes me more confident on the red carpet.”

Sukhmani was also seen in web series Sacred Games and has worked as a writer on the on the scripts of Bollywood films like Creature, Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum and 1920 London. The actress who started off as a writer and model, working in TV shows like Khote Sikey, worked with Abhishek Bachchan in Kashyap’s Manmarziyan. She enacts the role of Lovely, a sweet, homely dentist, who Abhishek’s mother wants him to marry.

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