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Sumit Kaul: I am surprised at the reactions I have got for my TikTok videos!



It was his desire to see himself in a comic role that made actor Sumit Kaul make TikTok videos. The actor says that he has always played serious roles in his projects and wanted to see how the audience would react to him doing comedy. “Most of the work that I’ve done has usually been of a serious character. Many times, they’ve been negative characters and now although I’m playing an extremely positive character in Nazar, he is very stern and strict in his demeanour. Although this part has given me the opportunity of playing a positive as well as an emotional character, I have always wondered what audiences would think when seeing me in a comic role. It was this wonder that led me to TikTok, a platform that I have used to present a different side of me as an actor,” he says.


Talking about the response that he has got, he says, “I have been pleasantly surprised by the wonderful reactions I have got from audiences. There are several messages which say that they like my performances in serious roles but just love my TikTok videos. I was introduced to TikTok by Simran who plays my daughter in Nazar. In fact, our TikTok videos together have become some sort of a rage and I receive numerous compliments and encouragement for them. Several fans constantly write to me saying that they wait for the daily dose of our TikTok videos,” he says, adding, “In fact, I have seen a sharp rise in my Instagram followers since I started doing the same. That only goes to show that audiences are craving for good content and anyone who is willing to creatively present it Is lapped up by them.”


Sumit says that he is grateful to be part of social media. “I’m definitely thankful for this medium because without it I would have to depend on somebody else to have confidence in me as a comic actor. I’m not fond of talking about my personal life on social media and that has meant a limited following for me. But the TikTok videos have given me an alternative method of keeping my fans and followers engaged and entertained on my social media pages. It allows me to keep my private life private and yet engage with the audience,” he says.


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No idle play on the set of Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna



Not every set sees across hierarchy gelling off camera. But if you go on the set of Dipti Kalwani’s Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna you will see the cast is engrossed in a game of chess. Actress Tina Philip who is playing the role of Ishani Vyas says,” We have a great team of actors and on and off the camera we are having a great time. If someone comes to our set they can see it during the off period. Parikshit Sahni, Ayub Khan, Zain Imam we all play the game of chess on the set. I share an extremely warm vibe with Parikshit Sahni. He calls me My English Lady off camera. Since my childhood I used to play chess and whenever I used to get some time I used to go to Carter road in Mumbai where one can see the live size chess board in the form of a table. In fact, the cast of Sarvagun Sampanna is extremely creative and positive. There is not a single dull moment on the set.”

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Gym; A place to work out or meet new people?



From meetings friends to having affairs and even finding your one true love, the gym has become quite a hotspot for a myriad of activities today. Here is what our TV think about this trend.

Sumit Kaul:

I have always seen the gym as a place to exercise. Its possible others may use it for other purposes, but I personally feel every activity needs an ambience and gym provides a good ambience to work out. My interaction in the gym is mostly with my trainer. I maintain a cordial relationship with everyone else. Having said that, I can imagine that some others may use the gym for networking or making friends. To each his own, but I think it’s a waste of time, money and space if you do anything other than working out at the gym.

Ramman Handa: 

Fitness is something that has become a passion for people nowadays and acting as a profession has fitness as a basic requirement. So, gym business has become very advanced and the infrastructure for the gym involves a very hep environment. Certainly, along with the fitness regime, people do network and modern gyms with good interiors give them a place to chill as well. And there’s no harm in meeting as many people as you can irrespective of the place where you meet them. I workout in my building gym only and certainly I have got to know so many people residing in my building through the gym. Also, this has helped me to expand my business. My WhatsApp has a gym friends group and at times we all party and plan our workouts together.

Asmita Sood:

Although I have heard about such incidents from my friends, I myself don’t entertain any “friendly” advances from anyone in the gym. I barely get 15 days in a month to work out due to my hectic work schedules thus I prefer devoting my energy sincerely to my body and not chit-chatting. I talk only to my trainer and I guess that is enough!


Shubhaavi Choksey:

 I honestly don’t have any views or options about this topic as it is none of my business what someone else wants to do or is doing. It is their life and their prerogative. As for me, I workout alone in my gym due to my timings and before the gym was in our building, I would only go there with my husband.

Bhanujeet Sudan Singh:

For me, a gym is a place where I go to work out and I do that for almost 2 and a half hours. When I workout, I don’t even realise who is next to me, I just need my machines and empty space. I don’t need any company. But I have seen that people start connecting and talking and at times, they come to me and start talking as well, while I am working out, which I find really irritating. I have seen girls and boys meeting and asking each other out at the gym. I don’t think it’s a big thing just as earlier people used to meet at parties and have affairs, now it happens at gyms too.

Nishant Malkani:

Any place of gathering where women and men come together, there’s always wandering eyes and search for the right partner. Everyone in today’s time is in search of the right partner, a gym is a place where a lot of good looking people come together. They are excited and have a lot of adrenaline rushing through them. It’s a place where people meet and if they hit it off, there might be no looking back. But this could happen at any place, be it a club or at a house party. Though, off late people actually, take gym memberships on the basis of the kind of crowd that comes there.


Sahil Anand:

You cannot blame just the gym, networking and meeting people happens everywhere. It can be a workplace or a party anywhere. I don’t network much with people because I know if I will bond, I won’t be able to work out.

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Karan Deol pens a poem for his dad Sunny Deol on Father’s Day



Karan Deol pens a poem for his dad Sunny Deol on Father’s Day

On Father’s Day, many celebrities are posting sweet messages for their fathers. Actor Karan Deol who is making his debut with Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas directed by his father Sunny Deol not only shared a sweet throwback picture but also wrote a poem for his dad.

Many people look up at superheroes,
Mine is my dad.

From seeing you push on from your ups and down,
You always managed to turn things around,
Looking at you turned my frown upside down.

A single word won’t do justice to what you mean to me,
But from here on now I’m not that kid anymore I’ve got you’re back indefinitely.
I owe my life to you cause without you I would never have had anything,
My ray of sunshine through everything.
Cause no matter how big the problem you never gave up,
And always came out of it with your head up.

I don’t think there ever will be anyone as tough,
Dad because of you I’m a fighter and I promise you I’ll never give up. #HappyFathersDay @iamsunnydeol

Karan wrote on his Instagram.

This morning, Sunny Deol too posted a picture with dad Dharmendra on Instagram. ‘My Life, My Happiness, My Strength ‘, he captioned the picture of him and Dharam ji.

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