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” The Summer of ’17 “




Well the ‘Summer of ’17’ is something we all should make it a memorable one. We we all are through with exams or done filing Tax Returns and so, we all need something new and also take a break.

So, we at WildHat just decided to help you out with something which can be Fresh, Tempting and of course Cheap!

This Summer take a Hobby or Explore tour with us and you’ll surely never forget this Summer ever…..

We have a variety things to offer and at a suitable range.

Try Surfing with the Experts


West Coast Surf Zone

So, India we  do have a good number of beaches and of course we all love doing something new…. Surfing is something you can do and this sport will never let you down. On the western coast of India, the beautiful beaches, perfect waves and Summer breeze is the one thing which worth experiencing and Surfing? Is just a bonus.

Book a tour with us from a range of 2-15 days at the most reasonable package which will include everything, yes everything means, your food, accommodation by the beach, your Surf Lessons and local sightseeing.

Cycling like the good old days


Cycling is Exploring

Apart from the health benefits of Cycling, you could explore any place in the eco-way. It’s safe, it will get through any traffic jam, any street and climate and the best part is No License is required.

We have a bunch of places to choose from. You could cycle down the streets of Bangalore, Mumbai,  Fort Cochin , Goa, Konkan and Pondicherry

The best hill cycling routes we offer are in Munnar, Mahableshwar, Ooty, Codikannal, Mount Abu, Munnar, Leh-Ladakh, Kashmir, Kasool, Rushikesh and many more

Hiking and Trekking all the way


BackPacker Trekkers

Well walking is something we all do it every day of our lifes, wd even do it a lazy Sundays. So why not make it worth the walk and explore something new.

May be we could help you explore a city, a forest, the beach,  a hill or even a mountain.

We are walking our way to Munnar, Port Blair, Goa, Ratnagiri(MH), Mumbai, Fort Cochin, Ooty, Codikannal, Mount Abu, Leh-Ladakh, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pondicherry, And many more….

Well these are among the few tours we are offering and Guess what we also offer a DISCOUNT if you bring along your

‘Gang of Buddies’

Book a tour with us from a range of 2-15 days at the most reasonable package which will include everything, yes everything means, your food, accommodation by the beach or on the hill top, your Surf Lessons or your safety equipments along with the cycles and the local sightseeing.

Range starts off from Rs. 3000/-

So here’s what you can do, email us what you want and we’ll plan out a crazy-worth-it tour just for you!!!

You could leave a comment with your email ID what tour planning to do this summer and we’ll get in touch with you


You could get in touch with Us


Phone numbers : +91-991-6377-040, +91-775-8811-899

Whatsapp : 91-991-6377-040


Well we are a group of people who love what we do, and thats 'traveling'. Its a job that never gets boring to do. At WildHat, we specialize in all kind of Adventure tours all around India and its neighboring countries. Our tours are Simple. Adventurous. Real. That's our motto. Our tours are for people who are really interested in seeing the real life of India at the basis cost. Trust me, with a low budget we still do not compromise anytime thats worth it. Trust us, we'll leave you amazed, just give us a try.......

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1 Comment

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    March 26, 2017 at 11:45 PM

    Nice one…..

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IPL madness is here!



IPL is just around the corner and our favourite actors tell us how they feel about the tournament and who they are supporting this year.
Ssharad Malhotra: IPL is one of the coolest cricketing franchises and I’m so looking forward to all the KKR and Mumbai Indian matches. Yes, if time and my work schedule permits, I would love to and go witness the hysteria live in action.
IPL is a mix of glamour, fame, money and cricket as well. It serves as a complete entertainment package.
I support KKR all the way. The first and foremost reason is that I belong to Kolkata (hometown ) and secondly the team’s face and the owner is Mr Shahrukh Khan who happens to be my all time favourite Bollywood actor.
Rohitashv Gour: I am not very excited for IPL as when it starts, the television shows’ TRP starts dropping. It’s only a means of glamour and money. I have never supported IPL and I think that all of these matches are fixed so there is no point in spending time on it. I am not at all excited for IPL.
Rohit Purohit: I am very excited about IPL as I love cricket. I will definitely try to go to one of the matches. Yes, there is glamour and a lot of money in IPL but I don’t think it has changed the meaning of the game. In fact it has taken it on a different level altogether after all it has given India so many amazing players. So many players have got the opportunity and chance to come out in the limelight due to this platform. And since I am from Jaipur, I always support Rajasthan Royals and then comes the number of Mumbai followed by CSK.
Jason Shah: IPL is definitely very entertaining. It has changed cricket in a lot of ways. People play better cricket now. I personally don’t watch it anymore as most of these games are match-fixed and most of the times the matches are turned around and it seems uncanny. So, I  sometimes watch here and there and keep up with it. I think it has does  not have to do with the performance overall. It’s a different ball game,. I support Mumbai Indians but I am not a die hard cricket fan.
Bhanujeet Singh Sudan: I don’t take IPL as a cricket match. Rather, it’s an event which happens everywhere. There is a match happening and there is also dance happening, superstars coming, parties happening. If you really check out the details then it’s not a match but an event. It’s a means to make money. I have always support Mumbai Indians. I am excited for it. 
Jasmin Bhasin: I am excited for IPL. I support Rajasthan Royals as I belong to Rajasthan. I don’t get time because of my hectic schedules so I haven’t thought of going to watch live matches. But if I get the time then I generally watch it in bits and pieces. Yes, it’s true that IPL is a mix of glamour and money and then comes the performance.
Tinaa Dattaa: I am very excited for IPL. I support KKR and I try my level best to follow the matches of KKR. Yes, I believe that the IPL game  has become more of a glamour and money affair then real cricket. But when people watch it then it’s worth it. It’s both a mix of entertainment and cricket. So I am excited about it. 
Kishori Shahane Vij: Yes, I am very excited for IPL. I don’t think that the real meaning of cricket has changed but a lot of new talent have got the limelight under IPL. IPL has provided a platform for new talent, thus performance has to be at the peak. There is glamour and money and there is nothing wrong in that as everyone wants to be rich. I am supporting Mumbai Indians as I have always adored Sachin Tendulkar and he is the ambassador of Mumbai Indians and the second reason is because I like Nita Ambani.

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The Tennis Premier League next season to come in December!



After Cricket, Hockey and Football Premier Leagues, now it’s the turn of tennis. India’s first TPL. – by Mrunal Jain and Kunal Thakkur has garnered a great response from the audience. Being aired on Sony Liv, the first season is already on and the second one is being planned in December. Mrunal says, “The response has gone beyond expectations. Now we are getting ready for Season 2. It will be bigger and better as hard work never goes in vain. We are planning it in a big way so watch out for our new brand ambassadors.” Adds Kunal Thakkur, “The next season will have top-notch players and more celebrities. We hope to make this a platform where our young players will rub shoulders with the global best.” Season One saw names like Leander Paes, Ankita Raina, Shashank Khaitan, Vishal Bhardwaj, and Himesh Reshammiya grace the league. Kunal also says that Irrfan Khan is his favorite celebrity who plays tennis and he hopes Khan recovers fast and joins him on the court.

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Sahil Khattar: I can anchor anything



Sahil Khattar: I can anchor anything!

Sahil Khattar, who is currently hosting Pro Wrestling League and has anchored Dance India Dance in the past, says that he loves being a host. The actor adds that he is quite a pro at it now. “When it comes anchoring different genres, I can anchor anything from a baby shower to a funeral. I enjoy it the most as you get to be yourself while hosting an event,” he says.



In fact, he finds it very thrilling as well. “There’s a thrill and kill in doing a live show. The thrill is that if your impromptu senses are high and if the idea you get is liked by the audiences, you will be on top. But if the same idea takes you down, you will be gone before you know it. If there’s no mistake then it’s fine, the response comes in right there, so that’s the thrill,” he says.


Talking about hosting PWL, he says  “There is lot of fun in doing Pro Wrestling League season 4 because I hosted the last season as well. This year, the new thing is that we are travelling to Ludhiana, Chandigarh and Delhi. The wrestlers are very experienced. I am more confident now and I understand the game well. A lot of people tell me that I have eased up and they are liking it, so it leaves a mark on people even when you leave,” he says.

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