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TV actors on Sri Lanka, New Zealand violence: Important to unite and defeat these anti-social elements



TV actors on Sri Lanka, New Zealand violence: Important to unite and defeat these anti-social elements


Be it the Sri Lankans bombings in churches or mosques in New Zealand, there is so much violence happening in the name of communal harmony. Here is what these TV actors have to say about all this.


Shashank Vyas


First of all, every nation should unite and fight against terrorism. Plus the media should play a positive role in it. It’s all about bringing universal forces together to defeat anti-social elements once and for all.

Sahil Anand


I always stand against terrorism, be it Sri Lanka or New Zealand. In the future also, as an actor, if I am able to do anything, I will always be there. I don’t know who does this, who is manipulating them so much that they are ready to die for their so-called religious beliefs. If the whole world comes together and fights with these people, then we will defeat them. We know many ways to stop them but we are not able to do them as the government takes a lot of time to do anything. So, I suggest the whole world should come together and finish them off.

Asmita Sood


Respect each other’s religion and believe in peace and love, that’s what every community teaches. Politicians of state should take up more responsibilities and stop using religion/ community as their vote bank. Educate people more about living in harmony and take strict actions against radicals. Instead of fighting over faith and religion, people should focus on saving the earth and humanity and working towards global warming.

Rehaan Roy


The way these incidents are happening in the world these days is truly heart breaking and make you question humanity. For me, my first religion is humanity. But some people, to fulfil their selfish desires, brainwash others to take part in these terror attacks in the name of religion. I feel somehow the problem is in the education system. Basic education is a must for all.

Gaurav Sharma


These incidents are indeed painful and my heart goes out to all families who would have lost their loved ones. There is no religion that teaches violence or extremism. These issues can be solved if all religious gurus come forward and condemn this. Education is important as well.

Rohitashv Gour


In the name of communal harmony, there is a lot of violence which has started. This is one of the biggest problems which is on our head. I feel we should sit with spiritual leaders and do a positive meeting asking them for a solution. If we would be stuck in religious politics, then it is just going to get worse.

Ira Sone


Violence and mass killing in the name of communal harmony is lack of acceptance and understanding of the term “inclusion”. The way I see it, unpleasant and heartbreaking episodes like bombings in churches or mosques are a result of lack of proper education about faith and coexistence of a differenct belief system. To my understanding, dealing with the problem and the root cause of it is important. Promoting the importance of love and peace on a global platform is a priority. I wish to see more solid campaigns that writes and promotes how happy and loved people are, after all we practice what we see around us.

Delnaaz Irani


Whatever has happened is very sad, be it Srilanka be it New Zealand. My heart goes out to all their relatives, family and friends of people who have lost their lives. It is very sad that in the name of religion, people get into such ghastly acts. I just feel that one should work towards peace, unity and humanity. I don’t know how this change is going to happen but I think the change should be brought within oneself. If every person thinks that we will try to get peace from our side then I feel the world will be a better place to live in.

Bhanujeet Singh Sudan


Be it Sri Lankan bombings or New Zealand firings, this is not at all communal harmony, this is communal disharmony. These issues cannot be solved by fighting, we need to sit down and talk. It can only be solved through dialogue.

Malhar Pandya


Such sad and cruel incidents anywhere on earth are inhuman and must not occur. We are not empowered enough to stop them on our own but we should be responsible. We should not promote these acts in any manner, be it social media, print media or any other form. Rather we should support respective governments to frame strict rules and take corrective action.

Samir Onkar


Whenever I hear these kinds of news, I feel very sad and at the same time, I feel anger towards those who are responsible for these vicious crimes. Frankly speaking, I actually don’t know how should these issues can be solved. I can just pray to God and hope that it never repeats again.

Aniruddh Dave


It’s very painful to know that this happened. Blasts in Srilanka, that too in a church! I don’t understand why anyone would do this especially on Easter. Last month they attacked in New Zealand mosques and now this. Terrorists clearly have no religion or beliefs.

Aniruddh Dave shot in London

Sumit Kaul

Violence in the name of religion or race is not new. It’s just been taken to enormous proportions today because technology is more advanced and therefore the ability to harm a larger number of people becomes a possibility. Of course, technology has also provided for increased and better surveillance which helps prevent or stop many such attacks. Having said that, until we address the basic cause, it will always be a cat and mouse game. The main cause I feel is that the thought of yesterday will not work today because circumstances are different. Religious texts that promote a divisive thought need to be re looked at and adjusted to today’s sensibilities and circumstances. In fact, as my guru Sadhguru says, I think it’s time for us all to move from religion towards responsibility. Becoming spiritual is the only way out for society. We read about the idea of singularity, meaning that everything is essentially one. If that becomes a living real experience for you, if you see everyone as a part of you, you don’t need a religious text to tell you not to harm another. It will automatically be an extension of your humanity.

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