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Purva Parag of Ek Bhram – Sarvagun Sampanna goes candid




Why Purva Parag loves being part of Kalwani’s  Ek Bhram – Sarvagun Sampanna?

Actor Purva Parag, who is seen in Dipti Kalwani’s  Ek Bhram – Sarvagun Sampanna, talks about her character, the show and the response that she has been getting.


What are the prominent shows you have done?

I did a film called Gafla, then I did a film based on Sonia Gandhi. Talking about TV shows, I have done many on Sahara and BBC channel. I took a break in between and after that long break, I did a film called Koyelaanchal with Sunil Shetty as the main lead. I have also done Hasee Toh Phasee. Then I had done cameos in Madaari and Barfi. In Son of Sardaar, I played Sonakshi’s mother.  Then, I came back on TV with Humsafar, Sarojini, etc.

What do you feel about the unique title of the show? 

I am getting such a good response, people are asking me what the show is about. Even when I heard the title, I was curious. The title is very interesting and I love it. In fact, I love the characters more than the title. When they narrated the story to me, I was highly impressed. The concept is so amazing, I love my character and Shrenu’s character. We have many scenes together, so we have done quite a few workshops together.


How did you get Ek Bhram – Sarvagun Sampanna?

I was out of town and I got a call from the team. I was not in a good mental state that I would be able to work but Dipti Ji called me personally after a month and said that you should come and you should try it. She called me and she was so sweet to me while talking, so I felt that I had to do this. I cannot say no to such a sweet person. I had met her when I was doing Humsafar, she was a lovely person back then as well. So that’s how we knew each other. So when this happened, I felt like this is made for me…this character, this role was made for me. They all were so loving that if in case even if I would have not got selected, I would have been happy for having such a lovely experience. So that’s how I got the show.

What are your character details in the show? Are you playing negative or positive or grey? What is your look at the show?

I am playing Zain’s mom in the show. I am the Saasu Maa of the Sarvagun Sampanna Bahu of our show, which is Shrenu. She does all her experiments on me. In real life, if you see if a bahu is Sarvagun Sampanna, the saas is happy. But what happens in the show is the complete opposite. My character has a lot of shades and you are in for a lot of surprises!


How much do you relate to your character? 

I don’t relate to my character at all. In real life, I am a very strong person. In this show, I am playing a typical mother, who is a homemaker, who is somewhat weak and is scared of her husband.  Being a mother, I can relate to her because even I am the mother of a son. But that’s the only factor I relate to. Otherwise, she belongs to a typical Marwari family and I belong to a family which is very open-minded, so the laws and rules, the mentality…everything is different. But I believe that you need to love your character then only you can play it convincingly. So whenever I perform any character, I never question it. I just accept it and that’s the reason I am able to do it so well.


Thriller shows work big time with audiences what do you have to say on that? 

It’s always nice to have something different in the show because even till today when a family show has been hit, it’s because it has a little bit of thrill in it. So, I feel lucky that Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna is a very grand show and it has that thriller element in it continuously with a very positive atmosphere. So yes, I do believe in the fact that whenever there is thriller or suspense in a particular story, it always attracts the audience.


How is it working with Shrenu Parikh and Zain Imam? 

Zain is a very cute person. He is someone who always has this smile on his face. So, it feels really great when he is around. Other than that, he is a very loving, caring and a down to earth person. Shrenu, on the other hand, is a very spontaneous girl. She is very creative, I have most of my scenes with her so I bond really well with her. We discuss a lot of things. Even if you suggest her something, she accepts it, so I really love that thing about her. She is beautiful, down to earth and she is doing really great in the show. If the leads of your show are like this then your show can go beyond limits.



How is it working with Dipti Kalwani who is the producer of the show?

Love and authority are two good qualities which Dipti has. She is very polite as a person and it’s a very beautiful thing. She takes care of everything and every one, our set is a reflection of her. The atmosphere of the set is like Dipti, everyone is very hardworking, polite and understanding. She talks with a lot of affection and love which makes us really feel good. So, I love her a lot as a person.

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Sukhmani Sadana enjoys a much deserved break in the US



Tv Host and Writer Sukhmani Sadana who wowed audiences with her role in Sacred Games and Manmarziyaan this year finally went on a holiday to the US and spent quality time with her brother. She first visited Texas and later several cities like Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Buffalo, Chicago, Arizona and Washington DC. “I needed a break because I had been continuously writing and acting for some project or the other for almost a year. And because I host travel shows, I thrive to visit different cities and understand its culture and traditions. I found my visits to the museums in DC very informative and I thoroughly enjoyed the grand fireworks on July 4. NASA in Houston was a learning experience since I just wrote a film script called Rocketry which is on this subject.” While she went to these beautiful places, she also visited the Niagra Falls and Grand Canyon with her family.

The actress reminisces how her culinary skills got better after her trip to the US. She says, “My brother taught me how to cook and I can now finally say that ‘maybe’ I’m a cook.”

Sukhmani was also seen in web series Love Bytes, Parchayee, Sacred Games and has worked as a writer on the scripts of Bollywood films like Creature, Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum, Phir Se and 1920 London. The actress who started off as a writer and model, worked in TV shows like Khotey Sikkey on Netflix, with Abhishek Bachchan in Anurag Kashyap’s film Manmarziyan. She enacts the role of Lovely, a sweet, homely dentist, who Abhishek’s mother wants him to marry.

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Bollywood film ‘Oxygen’ gear up for first-ever World Premiere




It is a proud moment for the entire ‘Oxygen’ team as the film has been selected for World Premiere in Caleidoscope Indian Film Festival of Boston, the USA from September 5 to 8, 2019.
Caleidoscope Indian Film Festival is organized by Indian Arts Boston Inc, a non-profit Massachusetts organization and is the largest Indian Film Festival of USA. It provides a unique platform for upcoming art-house and differentiated films from the Indian sub-continent to be discovered and appreciated by a mainstream global audience. Over the past five years, Caleidoscope has screened, even premiered several defining films of the Indian film industry including Chittagong, Teenkahon, Lipstick Under My Burkha, A Death in the Gunj, An Argumentative Indian and so on.
Directed by Shoib Nikash Shah, the film is a portrayal of the moral ambiguity of corruption among low paid government employees. The dilemma of low salaries and tempting deals offered to grossly underpaid and under-employed officials and the resultant struggle of honest officers with the established system forms the central plot of the film.
This would be the first-ever world premiere of the film Oxygen and the team is extremely happy since the Festival, which receives around 300 submissions every year from filmmakers around the world, has selected this film for the Competition round as well, apart from screening. Caleidoscope is one of the few festivals that provides monetary awards to filmmakers for its top competitive section.
On this occasion, we had a word with the female protagonist of the movie, Namita Lal of Lihaaf fame, who was absolutely delighted with the news. Sharing her excitement, she said, “I’m amazed to know that our film has been chosen not just for the screening but also have been invited to participate in the Competition round. Besides, for an international Film Festival to pick up a movie based on such a theme is also overwhelming.”

Showering light on the film’s theme, the director-cum-lead actor, Shoib Nikash Shah of Mantostaan fame said, “The film talks about environmental preservation and enlightens on ground level corruption which is the basic conflict around the globe and also about conservation of nature which is the ultimate need of the hour. Nevertheless, the film raises a lot of relevant questions throughout.” He expressed his gratitude towards the Festival organisers for selecting his film to premiere in a prestigious Film Festival.
The cinematography of the film, which has been shot in the beautiful and small region of Poonch and Surankot (J&K) has been done by Luxmi Chand Chauhan while the music has been contributed by Shubhdeep Singh. Produced by Rahat Kazmi Films, Nutzaboutme Pte Limited, Singapore and Shoib Nikash Shah, the shooting of the film completed in January but its release date is yet to be announced.
The film would be screened on September 7 at 2:30 pm in Rhode Island College and the entry ticket is free but available only on prior registration. For more details, please visit:

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Ullu App to showcase story about the stock market tycoon



Ullu App is leaving no stone unturned to provide content of different flavours to the viewers. After Halala, Panchali and MeToo, the digital platform is coming up with a series based on a terrorist attack on Peshawar’s Army school. Now we heard, they are making a series on the stock market tycoon.

According to our source close to the production house, “The series is titled ‘The Bull Of Dalal Street’. It is about the journey of a poor man, who comes to the city of dreams Mumbai and rose instantaneously to become one of the most influential brokers.”

When contacted Vibhu Agarwal, CEO at Ullu Digital Pvt Ltd, told us, “Yes, we are coming up with yet another interesting series. It is the story about a common man, who had risen to a position of prominence in the stock industry, his flashy lifestyle, multi-crore frauds and his fall from grace.”

‘The Bull Of Dalal Street’ will be co-produced by Falguni Shah’s Dreamzz Images Studio and directed by Deepak Pandey.

Seems interesting! Stay tuned to this space for more updates.

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